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May 16, 2013
Another strange issue: The display wont turn off. Using the back button or knock off will turn the display off for a second and turn back on. Same goes for letting the display time out. Any fix ?

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Nov 20, 2013
he meant about the new optimized libs for qualcom processors. nto the normal art runtime

If you re read its optimized dalvek OR ART. unless there is a new version of art, there is only one.

Art works fine BTW I use it on dhos. Last time I tried to use the dalvek patch, it was bootloop city. Was a few weeks ago when I tried.

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Dec 29, 2008
Hi ,
it's normal the download is very very slow ? ~10ko/s
Hum sorry it's correct now ... My connexion have smoke weed i know xD

Nice rom , work's good with ota :p

For people , what you use ? furnace or paek ?
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Nov 20, 2013
Hi ,
it's normal the download is very very slow ? ~10ko/s
Hum sorry it's correct now ... My connexion have smoke weed i know xD

Nice rom , work's good with ota :p

For people , what you use ? furnace or paek ?

Whichever you prefer. I'm currently using furnace

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Dec 29, 2008
I don't know exactly for autonomy etc ... Actually I use furnace too 1.4b . I try and I would see but its cool to have different opinions .

Just for the fun . I don't have the biggest but nice .


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Feb 2, 2009
Google Search FC's

I am also getting some force closes on google search. Here is a log of the crash:

02-06 13:21:10.117: E/InputDispatcher(791): channel '42be5538 com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/com.google.android.velvet.ui.VelvetActivity (server)' ~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!
02-06 13:21:10.157: W/MediaFocusControl(791):   AudioFocus   audio focus client died
02-06 13:21:10.157: W/InputDispatcher(791): Attempted to unregister already unregistered input channel '42be5538 com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/com.google.android.velvet.ui.VelvetActivity (server)'
02-06 13:21:10.157: I/MediaFocusControl(791): AudioFocus  removeFocusStackEntry(): removing entry for [email protected]
02-06 13:21:10.157: W/TimedEventQueue(245): Event 2 was not found in the queue, already cancelled?
02-06 13:21:10.157: I/OMXNodeInstance(245): OMX_FreeBuffer for buffer header 0xb755ca00 successful
02-06 13:21:10.157: I/OMXNodeInstance(245): OMX_FreeBuffer for buffer header 0xb7542818 successful
02-06 13:21:10.157: I/OMXNodeInstance(245): OMX_FreeBuffer for buffer header 0xb754ff60 successful
02-06 13:21:10.157: I/OMXNodeInstance(245): OMX_FreeBuffer for buffer header 0xb75513e0 successful
02-06 13:21:10.157: I/OMXNodeInstance(245): OMX_FreeBuffer for buffer header 0xb75c6c78 successful
02-06 13:21:10.157: I/WindowState(791): WIN DEATH: Window{42be5538 u0 com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/com.google.android.velvet.ui.VelvetActivity}
02-06 13:21:10.167: I/OMXNodeInstance(245): OMX_FreeBuffer for buffer header 0xb759b548 successful
02-06 13:21:10.167: I/OMXNodeInstance(245): OMX_FreeBuffer for buffer header 0xb753d440 successful
02-06 13:21:10.167: I/OMXNodeInstance(245): OMX_FreeBuffer for buffer header 0xb75bfdf0 successful
02-06 13:21:10.167: I/ActivityManager(791): Process com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox:search (pid 9573) has died.
02-06 13:21:10.177: D/Zygote(243): Process 9573 terminated by signal (11)
02-06 13:21:10.177: W/ActivityManager(791): Force removing ActivityRecord{42184f58 u0 com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/com.google.android.velvet.ui.VelvetActivity t160}: app died, no saved state
02-06 13:21:10.247: I/ActivityManager(791): Start proc com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox:search for service com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/com.google.android.sidekick.main.remoteservice.GoogleNowRemoteService: pid=9730 uid=10022 gids={50022, 3003, 1028, 3002, 1015}
02-06 13:21:10.307: I/ActivityManager(1221): Timeline: Activity_idle id: [email protected] time:17390282
02-06 13:21:10.437: W/GAV2(9730): Thread[main,5,main]: Need to call initialize() and be in fallback mode to start dispatch.
02-06 13:21:10.717: I/ActivityManager(791): Timeline: Activity_windows_visible id: ActivityRecord{424663b8 u0 com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/com.google.android.launcher.GEL t1} time:17390692
02-06 13:21:12.197: E/qcom_sensors_hal(791): hal_process_report_ind: Bad item quality: 11 
02-06 13:21:13.157: V/audio_hw_primary(245): out_standby: enter: usecase(0: deep-buffer-playback)
02-06 13:21:13.417: V/audio_hw_primary(245): stop_output_stream: enter: usecase(0: deep-buffer-playback)
02-06 13:21:13.417: V/audio_hw_primary(245): disable_audio_route: enter: usecase(0)
02-06 13:21:13.417: V/audio_hw_primary(245): disable_audio_route: reset mixer path: deep-buffer-playback
02-06 13:21:13.417: V/audio_hw_primary(245): disable_audio_route: exit
02-06 13:21:13.427: V/audio_hw_primary(245): disable_snd_device: snd_device(2: speaker) refcnt=0
02-06 13:21:13.427: V/audio_hw_primary(245): stop_output_stream: exit: status(0)
02-06 13:21:13.427: V/audio_hw_primary(245): out_standby: exit
02-06 13:21:13.467: V/audio_hw_primary(245): start_output_stream: enter: usecase(1: low-latency-playback) devices(0x2)
02-06 13:21:13.467: D/audio_hw_primary(245): select_devices: out_snd_device(2: speaker) in_snd_device(0: )
02-06 13:21:13.467: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> send_audio_cal, acdb_id = 15, path =  0
02-06 13:21:13.467: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> send_adm_topology
02-06 13:21:13.467: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> send_audtable
02-06 13:21:13.467: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> AUDIO_SET_AUDPROC_CAL
02-06 13:21:13.467: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> send_audvoltable
02-06 13:21:13.467: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> AUDIO_SET_AUDPROC_VOL_CAL
02-06 13:21:13.467: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> send_afe_cal
02-06 13:21:13.467: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> AUDIO_SET_AFE_CAL
02-06 13:21:13.467: V/audio_hw_primary(245): enable_snd_device: snd_device(2: speaker)
02-06 13:21:13.477: V/audio_hw_primary(245): enable_audio_route: enter: usecase(1)
02-06 13:21:13.477: V/audio_hw_primary(245): enable_audio_route: apply mixer path: low-latency-playback
02-06 13:21:13.477: V/audio_hw_primary(245): enable_audio_route: exit
02-06 13:21:13.477: V/audio_hw_primary(245): start_output_stream: Opening PCM device card_id(0) device_id(15)
02-06 13:21:13.477: V/audio_hw_primary(245): start_output_stream: exit
02-06 13:21:13.477: V/SearchControllerCache(9730): creating SearchController
02-06 13:21:13.477: W/Binder(1127): Caught a RuntimeException from the binder stub implementation.
02-06 13:21:13.477: W/Binder(1127): java.lang.NullPointerException
02-06 13:21:13.477: W/Binder(1127): 	at android.inputmethodservice.IInputMethodWrapper.setSessionEnabled(IInputMethodWrapper.java:280)
02-06 13:21:13.477: W/Binder(1127): 	at com.android.internal.view.IInputMethod$Stub.onTransact(IInputMethod.java:129)
02-06 13:21:13.477: W/Binder(1127): 	at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:404)
02-06 13:21:13.477: W/Binder(1127): 	at dalvik.system.NativeStart.run(Native Method)
02-06 13:21:13.477: W/InputMethodManagerService(791): Got RemoteException sending setActive(false) notification to pid 9573 uid 10022
02-06 13:21:13.517: I/VS.Container(9730): create_speech_recognizer
02-06 13:21:13.557: I/VS.G3EngineManager(9730): create_rm: m=HOTWORD,l=en-US
02-06 13:21:13.567: I/VS.G3EngineManager(9730): Brought up new g3 instance :/system/usr/srec/en-US/hotword.config for: en-USin: 5 ms
02-06 13:21:13.577: V/audio_hw_primary(245): adev_open_input_stream: enter
02-06 13:21:13.577: V/audio_hw_primary(245): adev_open_input_stream: exit
02-06 13:21:13.577: V/audio_hw_primary(245): in_standby: enter
02-06 13:21:13.577: V/audio_hw_primary(245): in_standby: exit:  status(0)
02-06 13:21:13.587: V/audio_hw_primary(245): in_standby: enter
02-06 13:21:13.587: V/audio_hw_primary(245): in_standby: exit:  status(0)
02-06 13:21:13.587: V/audio_hw_primary(245): in_set_parameters: enter: kvpairs=input_source=6;routing=-2147483644
02-06 13:21:13.587: V/audio_hw_primary(245): in_set_parameters: exit: status(0)
02-06 13:21:13.597: V/audio_hw_primary(245): start_input_stream: enter: usecase(4)
02-06 13:21:13.597: D/audio_hw_primary(245): select_devices: out_snd_device(0: ) in_snd_device(44: voice-rec-mic)
02-06 13:21:13.597: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> send_audio_cal, acdb_id = 62, path =  1
02-06 13:21:13.597: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> send_adm_topology
02-06 13:21:13.597: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> send_audtable
02-06 13:21:13.597: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> AUDIO_SET_AUDPROC_CAL
02-06 13:21:13.597: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> send_audvoltable
02-06 13:21:13.597: D/(245): Failed to fetch the lookup information of the device 0000003E 
02-06 13:21:13.597: E/ACDB-LOADER(245): Error: ACDB AudProc vol returned = -19
02-06 13:21:13.597: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> AUDIO_SET_AUDPROC_VOL_CAL
02-06 13:21:13.597: D/ACDB-LOADER(245): ACDB -> AUDIO_SET_AFE_CAL
02-06 13:21:13.597: V/audio_hw_primary(245): enable_snd_device: snd_device(44: voice-rec-mic)
02-06 13:21:13.597: V/audio_hw_primary(245): enable_audio_route: enter: usecase(4)
02-06 13:21:13.597: V/audio_hw_primary(245): enable_audio_route: apply mixer path: audio-record
02-06 13:21:13.597: V/audio_hw_primary(245): enable_audio_route: exit
02-06 13:21:13.597: V/audio_hw_primary(245): start_input_stream: Opening PCM device card_id(0) device_id(0), channels 1
02-06 13:21:13.607: V/audio_hw_primary(245): start_input_stream: exit
02-06 13:21:13.697: I/SearchController(9730): #onHotwordDetectorStarted
02-06 13:21:14.677: V/BufferedAnalyticsState(1385): Not ready for upload, 137 seconds left.
02-06 13:21:15.447: W/GAV2(9730): Thread[GAThread,5,main]: Service unavailable (code=1), will retry.
02-06 13:21:15.447: W/ActivityManager(791): Unable to start service Intent { act=com.google.android.gms.analytics.service.START cmp=com.google.android.gms/.analytics.service.AnalyticsService (has extras) } U=0: not found
02-06 13:21:15.467: I/GAV2(9730): Thread[GAThread,5,main]: No campaign data found.
02-06 13:21:15.987: E/qcom_sensors_hal(791): hal_process_report_ind: Bad item quality: 11

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    [TEMP UNMAINTAINED][ROM&KERNEL][nightlies][4.4.4][OFFICIAL] VanirAOSP & Commotio

    Vanir AOSP & Dorimanx kernel
    Fast and Smooth


    Brought to you by: bart452

    Join the community

    Welcome to VanirAOSP. Our mission is to deliver a clean optimized version of Android with subtly improved versions of the features you love to as many devices as possible. we've tried to incorporate and improve our features in a way that makes them more cohesive to improve the overall user experience while correcting any performance regressions and improving functionality..

    What to expect
    - This is not a McCopy ROM. What goes into our build is well thought-out and not a bunch of stuff duck taped together because we could.
    - Maximum optimization. We do our research. We test hard. We build -fstrict -O3 globally and include a massive array of code optimizations and memory leak fixes that we write ourselves and eventually submit to AOSP or Linaro.
    - Originality in our source. We generate a lot of new commits being features or general code improvements. We are open source to share and improve the community but we also try to make sure we offer a unique experience.
    - Aesthetics.. hopefully in your opinion :p

    -Stock mode - ability revert to stock AOSP code with the exception of a few custom features we chose to keep active
    -Enhanced performance.. longer uptime with less slowdown
    -Custom written CRON and init.d.
    -UI and graphics improvements
    -Custom navbar, navring, and hardware key features
    -Improved notification handling
    - Lockscreen notifications
    - Rewritten Halo
    -Usability improvements like power reboot menu and sound
    -Animation control
    -Improved Vanir keyboard
    -CM's profiles & quicksettings
    -Additional quicksetting tiles
    -Immersive desktop
    - A combination of immersive mode and expanded desktop
    -Statusbar mods
    -Clock & battery mods
    -Lockscreen blur and other mods
    -Busybox, embedded root, init.d, cron etc
    -Yatta yatta yatta
    -More to come when i feel like updating the op

    Install instructions:
    Boot into Recovery
    Wipe cache and dalvik cache (when first time flashing, do a full wipe)
    On first time installing a 4.4.x rom format everything exept internal storage
    Flash Vanir
    Flash Commotio
    Flash Gapps

    Team Vanir
    Linux foundation

    Kernel source

    Kernel & STweaks
    - Download kernel
    - Only for hammerhead audio based roms (like madhdi), download audio patch
    - Flash the kernel in recovery
    - Reboot and profit

    FM radio support
    - Use SpiritFM 1
    - Available here

    Bug reports
    - Report here with a logcat


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Vanir AOSP, ROM for the LG G2

    bart452, PrimeDirective, Dorimanx
    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2013-10-22
    Last Updated 2014-09-07

    Because of my limited time, I won't update anything and pause the development for a while, my study has my highest priority right now.
    I'll continue this work when I find a place to live near my university.
    Thanks for all your support.

    Kind regards,


    - Dorimanx 6.8



    Kernel 6.8

    *Merged HUGE update to SCHED CORE and RCU code from 3.10.y Android MSM CAF.
    Apps open faster, many bugs fixed, CPU cores working great, and much more.
    *Merged many Suspend updates to get rid of wakeup problems.
    *Merged updates to Interactive CPU gov.
    *Fixed PowerSuspend code messing with LCD panel wakeup... should fix all sods.
    *Added ability to set max 3 cores online in STweaks (Triple Core)
    *Merged many USB updates, that include better file transfer and bug fixes.
    *Merged GPU (KGSL) updates.
    *Patched with 3.4.102 main stream patch.
    *Fixed sound noises when using old decoded files or low sample rates.
    *Merged Sound Driver updates.
    *Merged HDMI updates.
    *Merged MMC Updates.
    *Merged Power Manager updates and timekeeping!
    *Fixed old bug in suspend code.
    *Updated ONDEMAND CPU gov + Tuning.
    *Merged NET and WIFI updates.
    *Uploaded one more build for VS980 without knock code support. i hope it's will work for people without ROM that support Knock code.


    Kernel 6.7 STABLE for 95%

    *Restored all MMC updates from CAF.
    *Restored all Qseecom updates + new fixes from CAF
    *Merged many new sound driver updates from 3.10.y CAF.
    *Merged NET fixes and other misc system updates.
    *Restored CMA updates and ARM updates.
    set 16MB allocated for drivers only to speedup kernel operations.
    *Restored all GPU commits to fix GPU power controls and many bugs.
    *Restored Wireless TV driver updates.
    *Restored CPU code updates and cleanups.
    *Restored OCMEM updates and cleanups.
    *Restored GPIO updates.
    *Restored IOMMU updates.
    *Restored SCHED CORE updates.
    *Merged update to Intelliactive CPU GOV by faux123
    *Merged sound driver control updates to ver 3.5 by faux123
    and fixed sound controls lock for LG sound driver.
    we dont loose STweaks tuning after using Faux Sound App any more.
    So what you set in STweaks is now sticking till reboot. no matter what.
    *Merged update to Interactive CPU GOV.
    *Merged small camera driver update.
    *Merged small LED control fix. help with stuck leds, no more...
    *Restored Audio Policy config file with new controls and sample rates
    and support for offload and compression and latency fixes.


    Kernel 6.6 STABLE!

    *Merged new updates to Alucard/Nightmare/Darkness CPU Govs.
    *Merged new updates to Alucard HotPlug.
    *Reverted MSM/INTELLI/CPUFREQ LIMIT usage of LCD Notify for suspend!
    Suspected as the SOD maker! now it's will use powersuspend as was with 5.9
    *Installed patch 3.4.101 from main line.
    *Restored Random number generator and sync it with 3.16.y kernel code.
    *Fixed AC3 decoded files, noise when playing music. i dont hear any noise!
    *Restored MSM/INTELLI HOTPLUG and CPU-BOOST tuning.
    *Restored Thermal Tuning.
    *Restored CPU boost commits.

    This kernel has all that was restored in 6.5.4 and more fixes.


    Kernel 6.3/4/5.1 (Deleted bugged)

    *Reverted LCD panel update that came from LS980 LG source update.
    *Fixed MSM HotPlug Resume function.
    *New Update for WIFI to allow to use hidden SSID connections.
    *Patched with 3.4.100 main line patches.
    *Reverted some commits of MMC updates...(suspected as wakeup bugs)
    *Fixed and perfected MSM/INTELLI/CPUFREQ-LIMIT wakeup/suspend code!
    This should fix the wakeup BUG. No problem here...
    *Small correction in STweaks script. Profiles will be RESET on first BOOT.

    To all users! please delete this folder with any ROOTED file explorer or via ADB
    then REBOOT install 6.5 kernel. or install, delete, reboot!
    Suspected as problem maker from older kernel wrong perm set.
    *Reverted 2 CPU commits that can be responsible for performance loose.
    *Restored ability to use only ROM thermal Control for people that want more speed,
    in cost of possibility to damage the screen with too high temp over time!
    Playing heavy games, but it's will allow to run games more smooth... (THIS IS DEFAULT LG SETTING!!!)
    See Thermal Controls in Main tab in STweaks.
    For others! i strongly suggest to use DUAL Thermal Protection! as set by DEFAULT.
    *Set Thermal control to use sensor 0 (ZONE0) for cpu temp check.
    Correct your readings path in monitor apps!
    *Fixed broken suspend for ALL hotplugs! they didnt sleep! for 6 builds or more!
    Now they are OFF after 10sec of screen OFF. and when turned ON, in less than 400Msec cores are online! and wakeup is fast and smooth.
    *Merged new Sound updates.
    *Added KNOCK CODE Support for VS980! as it's the same as LS980
    *Reverted some MMC updates, possible SODS problems for some models.
    *Reverted Seecom Updates. lets use STOCK.
    *Reverted CMA Updates, all was OK with MEM before.
    *Merged updates for WFD (Samsung video over WiFi to TV)
    *Merged New update to Audio Policy to include new sound formats and rates!
    *Merged new sound driver updates.
    *Reverted Crypto updates.

    This build made to restore stability and usage.
    I have went back to 5.9 and added only good stuff that i trust.


    Kernel 6.2 STABLE.

    *Big update to Random Generator (Entropy) from 3.16.y kernel!
    This allow fast random data generate used by kernel or APPS/ROM
    *Merged updates for KSGL (GPU) Driver.
    *Merged many new updates for Sound and HeadSet drivers.
    *Reverted USB Audio drivers to STOCK, after reports that it's was broken.
    *Big update for MMC (internal storage) driver from CAF and Nexus 5.
    *Merged updates for qseecom driver.
    *Merged new ZVD LG Source update for LS980 Knock Code support!
    and new touch screen firmware. all new ZVD base ROMS can use this kernel.
    Others use OLDER NO Knock build.
    *Merged big update for LowMemKill driver from CAF and Nexus 5.
    Now it's much more smart and relaxed, not killing apps without need.
    you may see less free RAM, but it's all under control!
    *Fixed some NET bugs i have found.
    *Merged updates for ARM code from CAF.
    *Merged many new updates for Ondemand GOV, it's rewritten!
    and much more smart and efficient!
    some controls removed as they are no longer needed.
    *Tuned Touch Boost driver.
    *Tuned new Ondemand.
    *Found working wget binary and restored AD-Block update via STweaks and kernel version check!
    *Fixed some small bugs in STweaks scripts.
    *Improved deepsleep power usage and performance when active.
    *Possible fixed the strange CPU HANGS in some different conditions.
    *Found out that if one of the CPU cores overheat too much! it's shutdown and will not work any more till reboot, this is hardware protection!
    so if you see that one of your cores have 0Mhz when it's online. you burned it too much!
    reduce MAX cpu temp in STweaks for 2C less.. and REBOOT.
    Now all CPUS can handle high temp! this why Default profiles and lower have 78C max.


    Kernel 6.1

    *Updated LINARO 2014.07 toolchain for kernel building, personally compiled by me.
    *Updated with patch 3.4.99 from main stream.
    *Updated Qseecom driver from CAF, responsible for secure communication from ROM to Kernel.
    *Updated Crypto driver. faster and with less bugs!
    *Major update for USB Audio driver.
    *Merged major update for sound driver from CAF and Nexus 5,
    now we have high performance hardware decoding support!
    and that help to reduce CPU usage when playing super heavy sound files!
    for example i can play FLAC 192khz/24bit file (350mb just 9:00min)
    and when screen is OFF, CPU is at 300Mhz one core!
    and playing without any problem! when screen is ON it's jump to higher freqs
    but again much less than was.
    So playing music now use less power! and quality is great!
    *Merged new CODEC support for WMA,MP2,ACC via DSP processor.
    *Tuned max CPU temp on boot to prevent reboots when CPU is too hot,
    for some models / low quality CPU chips.
    *Tuned Ondemand GOV to provide balanced power/battery save.
    as people reported higher drain. now should be good.
    don't expect high score in bench apps, no need to post this junk.
    *Tuned Touch Boost driver to provide better performance.
    *Merged updates for modem driver.
    *Merged updates for BT driver.
    *Merged updates for Interactive CPU gov.
    *Merged update for reboot code.
    *Allowed higher speaker gain in STweaks! up to 15. (use in your own risk!)
    *Boot D800 with older INIT till new one will be available from LG.
    *Tuned MSM Hotplug to balance performance.
    *Added new Button in STweaks under Force fast charge,
    it's allow to reset battery fuel gauge, and allow recalibration.
    if you think that % that you see is not right, push that button, and it's should
    drop/rise or stay as was, than it's OK.
    after this allow full charge and discharge. don't play with this button too much.
    it's reset battery calibration in kernel.
    *Fixed Profiles backup/restore function in STweaks.


    EDIT: don't be fooled by the zipname, I forgot to change it again.
    EDIT: download link fixed

    - Dorimanx 8.0.1+


    Kernel 8.0.1

    *Fixed possible BUG that make SOD on charge, phone alive but screen is black.
    *Merged CPUFREQ fixes that improve performance.
    *Added new tweak to STweaks Hotplug tab. now cpu boost duration can be tuned.

    Kernel 8.0

    *Merged updates for CPUFREQ and SCHED CORE code.
    *Merged HUGE update to Power Manager and QOS Code.
    *Merged big update to ARM code and CPU code + L2 CACHE speedup fixes.
    *Merged update to MEM code power suspend.
    *Merged updates to USB code.
    *Merged Updates to CRYPTO code.
    *Merged HUGE update to CPUIDLE code.
    *Fixed Force Fast Charge code. now will charge fast.
    *Merged HUGE update to Kernel IRQ distribution Domain.
    *Merged update for Security Keys code.
    *Fixed PowerSuspend delaying screen wakeup.
    *Merged HUGE update to FileSystem code and Kernel System code.
    *Merged NET code update.
    *Tuned MSM and Intelli HotPlugs now will hold steady on idle. not jumps.
    *Reduced Debug code that slowed kernel by 10%.
    *Fixed stuck SuperSU service on boot.
    *Added new control to STweaks, that allow to use faster kernel workqueue
    or more power saver.
    *Fixed power drain in IDLE/Suspend.


    Kernel 7.9

    *Updated with 3.4.104 main line patches.
    *Fixed BoostPulse for Intelliactive + Interactive CPU Govs + code updates.
    *Updated LINARO kernel builder self made to 2014.09 build.
    *Updated MSM RQ STATS code to better support Default HotPlug
    Now much more relaxed and stable on CPU control.
    *Fixed Force Fast Charge code from resetting low power mode when battery is full to FAST Charge and by this can BUG the kernel and prevent wakeup.
    Now code is more smart and stable.
    *Merged HUGE update to CPUIDLE code that responsible for CPU sleep and power up on need from IDLE to full power and fast back to idle.
    Code is very complicated and many bugs are fixed with this huge port from 3.10.y tree.
    *Merged HUGE update to Power Mode Domains, this code responsible for powering down drivers on deepsleep and waking them on wakeup.
    Many bugs are fixed and many new things added that make this code a lot faster and safe.
    *Merged updates to persistent RAM driver.
    *Merged code updates to SCHED CORE.
    *Merged performance boost code for Cortex A15 CPU that we have!
    If you was thinking that all was fast, well you will be surprised to see how fast it is now!
    *Merged serious update from TEGRA 3.10.y kernel for CPUIDLE relaxation.
    this code will help to save power when CPU is not loaded, so kernel will idle much better and not looping useless CPU cycles. when there is nothing to do.
    *Merged SMP and Unalligned patches to speed up the code process.
    *Merged CGROUP protection patch.
    *Fixed App Debug button in STweaks. (not really needed for kernel debug)

    This download links also includes:
    - F2FS kernel
    - F2FS recovery

    see first post for instructions

    all versions

    - Dorimanx 7.8


    Kernel 7.8

    *Merged many updates to Audio Driver and to USB Audio driver.
    *Merged updated to CORE, ARM, SMP and MEM. performance is great, and RAM leaks destroyed.
    *Merged update to GPU driver, GPU mem leaks removed.
    *Merged updates for WIFI.
    *Merged updates to Qseecom driver.
    *Merged updates to alarm driver.
    *Merged updates to MMC driver.
    *Merged updates to Diag driver.
    *Fixed old bug in kernel/fork.c
    *Merged NET updates.
    *Merged latest Seccomp driver.
    *Merged updates to android binder.
    *Merged updates to OTG driver.
    *Fixed many bugs with profile selection and hotplug activation.
    All profiles will be reset on first boot, and /data/.dori folder cleaned.
    *Made some code cleanups in kernel and ramdisk.
    *Fixed Cortex script and other ramdisk scripts.
    *Merged headphones detect fix.
    *Merged ARCH updates.
    *Updated audio policy + enabled USB Audio, Sound is great!
    *Improved CPU thermal config.


    Kernel 7.7

    *Reworked Intelligent Thermal Driver.
    It's now bug free and working great, can be stop/start and tuned.
    *Merged updates for Sound Driver headset detection code.
    *Fixed Default HotPlug not starting after switching from other hotplug via
    STweaks. now all OK.
    *Tuned MSM HotPlug to be less aggressive, will not pop all cores for nothing
    on freq jumps.
    *Restored default LG voltage for touch screen. was 2.7v as min, now 3.3v
    It's should help with touch response and knock code/knock ON. Possible even make the wakeup faster.
    *Merged fix for WIFI driver, less power used by wifi driver when it's OFF, but driver is waiting to be turned ON.
    so now one less routine running even when WIFI is OFF.
    *Merged more conservative load calculation for default hotplug driver.
    its help default hotplug to decide if to turn cores ON or NOT on low load request.
    and by this save power. it's still not WOW but better than was,
    other kernel hotplugs are still much better.
    *Merged update to diagnostic driver for ROM/KERNEL operations.
    *Made some cleanups in ramdisk and adaptations to new changes in kernel.

    all versions
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