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Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

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May 28, 2010
OK guys I've confirmed that the verizon note 7 tempered glass works!!!!! I will up load pics once i get near another camera. I will post later today. But this is the best one. I have ordered many from Amazon and returned them all. Its made for the black note 7. It only has adhesive at top and bottom. Its seems to have a slightly smaller curve angle which allows the top and bottom adhesive to hold it flat in my opinion. Works great /Users/JohnnyKilroy/Downloads/20160826_174850.jpg

Awesome! Can you post pics? Where'd you buy?


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May 28, 2010
Is there a best recommendation for Note 4 screen protection? I just got a Note 4 and am worried about the huge screen real estate (and how much more fragile that makes it for breaking).


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May 5, 2008
Google Pixel 2 XL
Though this topic is for Tempered glass protectors, but I am asking it here anyway. I am looking for a durable Plastic protector. I bought the Spigen one just two weeks ago, but in this very short period of time it has like a hundred scratches over it, especially on the bottom half of the display, where I use my S Pen and fingers mostly, would not have mind, but the problem some scratches are even visible when the display is on, you know those tiny little ones from which the display light is leaking and that's really annoying and disturbing to see.

Anyone? The Spigen one I bought by the way was this, http://www.ebay.in/itm/271894766712?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649


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Apr 22, 2012
I had a cheap plastic screen protector replaced with a glass one in India. They put it on without a single bubble or dust particle under and it was a massive improvement. It took a few days to realise that the cut outs weren't specifically for the Note 4 - there isn't one for the camera. Ordinarily this wouldn't worry me as I hate selfies but for the few times I'd use it, the photo's are a mess - the screen protector is about 1-1.5mm away from the screens outer edge and above the camera this edge is JUST at the outer edge of the lenses frame, so there's a really odd diffraction.

With the Tech 21 case I use, the little gap at the edge of the screen is preferable to one that goes right out and catches the case. If I could find something similar I'd cut off the area near the camera lens - has anyone used any random protectors that aren't specifically for the Note's? (discounting the N7 one mentioned above)


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Aug 27, 2013
I have the feeling that it's the beginning of the shortage for the Nillkin H+ for our Notes.
H+ is the one with the curved edges and it's getting increasingly difficult to find, H is still in abundance. Last time I bought an H+ was about four months ago it it cost me about €7, I just bough the cheapest one I found and it was €13!..
I ended up with Nillkin because of its clarity. It leaves a very big gap around the edges, but it's very resistant against fingerprints and it's very clear.


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Feb 20, 2012
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 8
2018 yet there's still no perfect TG installed in Note 4. [emoji21]
Huh? I installed Inskin tempered glass on my note4 two years ago. Better than all the others I tried. No faults really... Easy to install, oleophobic coating, no bubbles, great touch sensitivity, affordable price.

Unfortunately their Note 8 version is a different story...!
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Jun 6, 2016
Huh? I installed Inskin tempered glass on my note4 two years ago. Better than all the others I tried. No faults really... Easy to install, oleophobic coating, no bubbles, great touch sensitivity, affordable price.

Unfortunately their Note 8 version is a different story...!
Inskin TG has no halo effect? And can you upload picture of you screen? If it's not too much. Thank you.

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    I decided to grab Tech Armor's Ballistic glass protector on Amazon, thankfully it's not one that overhangs the curve. I have to wait until Saturday for my Spigen Tough Armor to show up and see how well they look together.

    But so far, no complaints. The glass covers the sensors and front camera, but doesn't impede their function at all from what I've tested.
    Numerous people here in Australia have been fitting a screen protector with NO HALO or other issues .
    But as we all know it can only do that by covering the 'screen" area which Does NOT include the Bezel area.
    The "Screen" and "Bezel" are 2 different things !! ( even though they are 1 covering piece of glass). I doubt even iloome will be able to build 1 that fits on the N4 the same as they did for the iphone 6 for a number of reasons I wont elaborate on here.

    The one people are using is this-
    Nillkin Amazing H+ Anti-Explosion Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    I see a few people a 1/2 dozen or so pages back in this thread are also using this SP.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>The pics and text below by forum member - Davesday<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Here are some pictures of the Nillkin Amazing H+ Tempered Glass that is applied on my Note 4

    As you can see, it doesn't cover the entire screen area because can only stick to the flat side of the screen to prevent getting the halo effect around the curved edges. You may not like the end result because it sort of becomes a 'double curved edge' glass LOL! But with the case on, its not too bad. The 2.5D curved finish on the Nillkin does help make swiping easier edge to edge and will not hinder the use of home button/finger print scanner. The glass itself is thin enough despite being 0.3mm thick.

    If you have a white Note 4, the glass may not be as obvious as with the black Note 4.

    In terms of screen clarity, its a 100% to my eyes. It doesn't seem to create glare. I was using it in the sun or directly underneath bright LED lighting, it didn't bother me. The 'finger feel' is exactly like the original screen. There's an oleophobic coating and you get that 'oily smooth' feel. Feels exactly like real glass, knocks like real glass too. Have been using it for the entire day, happy to report it doesn't collect finger print or grease at all. Minimal face oil after a long phone call but a simple wipe in the pants pocket and its crystal clear again.

    Overall I'm very happy with the Nillkin. Makes me think what additional benefits the more expensive brands like Spigen bring to the table. Or maybe with time, the vendors could bring a full 100% coverage solution.
    I thought post 178 showed that the tech armor glass was ok. I was about to order one as the one i bought from "redpeppercase" on ebay was mentioned that it left a halo all around.

    Perhaps he didn't get the same TS that I did? They have 3 versions. Perhaps I got a rare good one? Perhaps he just hates TS as he didn't post pics of it being "junk"? Who knows...
    Mine is still working perfectly, I've even gotten used to the gap between it and my case (Spigen ToughArmor), well, until Iloome's curved version is released anyways.
    Here's some more pics of it, pardon the crappy lighting.






    Damn, I've got more dust than I thought...

    Just received the screen protector I'll apply it later on today or tomorrow and post pics.
    Here is my reply from a Bear Motion vendor on amazon. For less than $10 you bet I'm buying one.