Tesla style Head Unit for Captiva GT6-EAU

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Sep 5, 2022
I bought a Head Unit from China via aliexpress from aotsr and there is no after service, no service manual... They expect us to be able to install it like if it was plug and play. It is not.
I am new in this forum and with this device. So I have questions.

There are very little information on these devices. Why or where can I get information? I Know I have a GT6, but on google, I get nothing...
It look like the Head unit is working mostly fine. There are few thing where i need info.

I have a Chevrolet Captiva from 2013.
It look like the air conditioner is showing information, but the key/button on the screen does noting. Same for the option to disable the proximity alert. It look like I missed to wire a cable. But I do not know witch one. Can someone give me a hint?
On the head unit, at the bottom, there are buttons that are working. On the left side of these button, there is a small sign that should light up when seat belt are not fasten. It does not work. Did I missed to wire a cable too?

What does mean those information:
  1. I know MCU means microcontroller unit, but what is it used for? Is it MTCD or MTCB/C?
  2. APP
  3. Panel-Chip
  4. BT
in this photo?


For a Captiva 2013 released in asia (Korea), what "Car Model/AC" should I choose? What does mean the options:
  • Captiva LO
  • Captiva MID
  • Captiva Hi
How to know witch one to select?

How can I upgrade? Where do I find the Upgrade? What is the process?


What are all the options and what do they do?
  • Bit Depth (8bit or 6bit). How to choose and witch one to choose?
  • Airbox => what is it? do I have one?
  • can baudrate => how to know what is the right speed?
  • reverse with Protocol => What is it?
  • Original witch AMP => What is this?
  • Reverse AC controller => I think it is related to the air conditioner in the car. But I do not know what it means.
  • Google APP => I figure it out => authorize and show the Google Play store.
  • Encoder air conditioning function => What does it do?

OneKey Install menu => What does it install? and where can I find those apk?


In system menu:
  • What is "Factory AMP"?
  • What is "SWC Prev/Next Button Negative"?
  • What is "SWC Vol UP/Down Negative"?

I know there are many questions in this post, but I am a newbee