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Tesla Style Headunits

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May 12, 2021
Hello I have a problem, I accidentally did a factory reset of my ford edge 2012 and when I start it does not have the edge system and I can not control the AC or the radio from the steering wheel, the image of the vehicle does not appear, I need to download the OS from the ford edge 2012, someone knows where I can download the file to pass it by usb. please can you help me please!


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May 18, 2021
Bought one for my cruze, and im facing a problem with the screen, but also looks like software problem. Smetimes start to move the screen alone. I tryed to update the firmware, but facing the same problem. Does anyone have any idea what could possible be?


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Jul 19, 2010
The Km on speedo and Celsius on temp control. My other Cruze has one as well, it sounds awful but has settings for the climate control and speedo, while my other unit sounds killer but no settings. Everytime I've tried to update it, I get this:View attachment 5172063
change the speedometer to mph and temp to degrees f
go to settings>factory settings> pass is 8888> protocol parameter settings> temperature units / speed unit.

bonus tip you can turn the ac controls off (for if they dont work in your car)
go to settings>factory settings> pass is 8888>air settings

still desperately want to remove that bar and the top bar all together and just get a stock tablet look and still keep my canbus actions like steering wheel buttons etc


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May 24, 2021
Hello everyone I just got my new tesla px6 head unit for my 2007 toyota LC 100. I got lots of issues after installing it. Backup camera, climate control, no sound, and the Airbag are not working. When I select the vehicle type the are about 8 different types of land cruisers, I tried all the LC 100 but none fix my issues. Any suggestions where to start? Thank you View attachment 5188471
I bought the same one for my subaru Forester.
I was playing around with changing the settings and now I can't control the A/C. What a mess!
It is a not-high-technology car (MT), so only auto air conditioning.
To get it to work properly, I needed to match the protocol settings as well as the car model settings.
I tried the protocol settings from the top down, and reboots, set_reboots, ・・・・, and it worked.
I won't play with it anymore, I'll leave it like this. Hope this is helpful to you.


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Jul 16, 2013
It's separate. Here is an image of the antenna outlined in red. You can probably just solder a longer one on.View attachment 5108677

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Finally got around to doing the Bluetooth!... I know, I know... LOL. It now has it's own antenna behind the facia panel so has a very strong signal.
The thing is that these units don't appear to let you pair anything :-( Seems that the bluetooth app is separate from the android system and only works with the phone app.
I installed a BT TPMS app ( same as I have on my phone ) and it just doesn't see the monitors.
I installed a Bluetooth analyser and it doesn't see anything, like it doesn't have access to the onboard bluetooth adapter. Damn it!


Mar 12, 2013
Can someone answer some of my questions regarding my screen? I have a PX3 1080x1920 screen for my Opel Astra. It is currently running android Kitkat. Is there any way to update to a newer android version? I also can't seem to find MCU version as in MTCD/E. I can't find my car in the cartype selection screen so I selected the closest option to my car but now my blinker and parking sensor sounds are not working. There seem to be multiple themes available, but they can only be activated by using other cartypes. Any way to change this? And finally Can I swap the PX3 chip for a PX5 or 6?

See the images for more context


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Sep 11, 2014
Hi everybody, I've got one of these for my Chevy Cruze (it's an older one with Android 7 I believe) and was wondering if there is a way to disable the pop-up that takes the lower half of the screen up when you're bluetooth connected phone receives a phone call? I would have thought one easy way of doing this was going into the bluetooth connection profile on the phone and un-checking "Phone" from the list, leaving Media selected for audio playback to keep working, but for some reason that does the opposite of what you want and causes media output to the stereo to not work so audio playback (Spotify, etc.) stops working.

Also, does anyone know of any tweaks I might be able to make to improve performance? Maybe disable some background apps or something to free up CPU? Thanks.


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Apr 2, 2011
I installed it... Had a quick look.. Didnt face any issue other than the washed out look. It went once I changed the contrast /brightness on the system. It seems like there are more default apps that my previous rom. I couldn't copy the black apps without removing them first due to space issue. Will do a test the day after.. Taking my other car tomorrow...
How did you change the color and contrast? My colors suddenly look washed out. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance


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Jul 16, 2013
Just a quick post to recommend the 'HERE WeGo' Navigation app for the older/PX3 units.
It's lightweight and feels far more 'snappy' than Google maps, Sygic or any other Nav app I've tried.
The interface looks almost built-in for the 1024x768 screens. (y)

P.S. I use custom header and AC control bars if you were wondering, I like to see what is playing and GPS speed no matter what app I have running.

PPS... the current Playstore app is the one I use (y).


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Jul 16, 2013
Also... for anyone who has the Aircon bar at the bottom that never updates itself?
I use Tasker with the Autoinput plugin to tap the buttons automatically at startup.


Apr 17, 2007

Desperately looking for some help here, I think this is the right place for this device:

IMG_6989 Large.jpeg

It's a small screen device but all other signs point to it being part of the "Tesla Style" type of devices. I'd like to know the basics:

Are there any third party ROMs available?
I'm trying to theme it with Nova and KLWP, but when setting the live wallpaper, eventually the wallpaper gets set back to a dark grey to act as the background for the built in apps like radio and phone etc. How can I prevent this happening? I'm guessing this is down to eventcenter.apk.
There is a floating home button that won't stay disabled no matter what!

Is there anything I can do to get more control over this device? Thanks

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    Looking to root mine for more themes mine was only shipped with 2. Not sure which firmware to go with? I want to be on the latest firmware I can get on. Any help much appreciated

    Here's my unit info:

    You have already the most fresh firmware (april 2019). You can google about using ADB wifi to get root for your device. But You need to know theme numbers to add to customer.xml for selection. Or You can download Phoenix Radio stock firmware with unlocked themes. Also You can buy custom firmware with unlocked themes and more features.
    Make your choice :)
    I've been working on my 7.1.1 HU to get it to look and work how I like it but without using 3rd party software.
    This keeps it as fast and slick as possible... boots instantly from sleep with radio or music playing before I've started the engine.
    It uses a page of the top bar for 'what's playing' and GPS speed even when using maps or whatever. You can still scroll left<>right to bring up the shortcut icons as normal.
    Also changed the Radio to show the station name in large rather than frequency (which is now in the top bar)
    Big thanks to ShIvADeSt for the help on the top bar programming :good::good:
    For completeness, I'll show you the images ive changed on my unit, and list the mods done so far.

    1) Changed the stereos 'boot screen' to the attached BootScreen.jpg
    2) Changed the stereos 'home screen logo' to the attached ZXWLOGO.png
    3) Modified EventCenter.apk to fix multiple typos and spelling/grammar mistakes
    4) Modified MusicPlayer.apk to remove 'Lyrics', make a single colour, fix some spelling/grammar mistakes, enlarge font sizes, change font colours, change player control buttons and their positions
    5) Currently trying to work on editing the TPMS app, but having issues when trying to install/update it after the mods.

    PS: If you want to have a go at the modded MusicPlayer, you can checkout the git repo I setup, and build it using apktool

    where is this option?

    There is no such option. Need root and manually change some files.
    There are some small updates.

    First: Rooting via Kingroot is possible.

    Second: I've managed to get the SystemApps and found the Bundle ID's com.choiceway for the launcher and com.szchoiceway for other apps like radio. But google it, did not bring any results :mad:
    Further I was able to decompile the settings APK and extract all factory Pin codes. For now, I won't post it public, to keep the risk that the manufacturer maybe changes them, as low as possible. But if you are interested in them, you can PM me anytime. If interest is increasing, I will post them here of course.