Tethered device is crawling along at around 0.20Mbps

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May 1, 2014
Not sure if anyone is even reading posts on the Note 8 but here goes :)

I've had this phone for a few years. It was running stock Android 9. I have the base unlimited plan from Verizon on this phone which means no tethering. So I thought.... I'm in the market for a new phone so if I brick this one, no big deal. I read that once rooted, you could enable tethering with any unlimited plan so after some Googling, I found a site that walked me through installing a rooted copy of Nougat.

Once it was on there, I was able to enable tethering and I attached my kid's iPad and away she went..............at 0.20Mbps. I remember a LONG time ago that you could bypass this artificial speed limit on tethered devices by messing with the DUN/TTL stuff but I think Verizon caught onto that. Then I tried a NetShare and PdaNet and while they DID solve the speed problem, some apps on the iPad (Roblox for example) give me a network error (guess it doesn't like going through a proxy that those 2 apps set up?). I also read that using a VPN connection can solve this problem too but a friend of mine messed with VPN stuff on his phone and I just remember him complaining about connection problems with apps from time to time so I'm trying to avoid that scenario.

At this point, I'm thinking about just going back to Pie and using NetShare and telling my kid that only YouTube will work when tethering unless somebody can point me to some settings I can mess with, now that I have root access, to speed up a tethered device.

TLDR: With my fancy root access, can anything be done to speed up a tethered device THAT DOES NOT involve having to mess with buying a VPN account?

PS I can't help but feel Verizon is intentionally slowing down my network speed on this old Android phone. In the 2 years I've been using my Note 8, surfing the internet on 4GLTE has gotten noticeably slower as time goes on. My speed tests always come back around 5Mbps and my wife's iPhone 11 (or 12?) FLIES when she's surfing the internet.