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Mar 15, 2021
Hello Khan187, which CC3 did you buy, 3,4, 6GB that support AA wireless and where did you purchase it? if you don't mind. I also, would like to know the audio quality when you are in a phone call. I have a YT7260B and the phone quality is bad, people repeat to themself and sometime they hear me little noisy, I am planning in getting a Teyes CC3. thanks
I bought the 6gb with 128gb. And it’s the best thing I have ever bought. The phone quality sucks on all of them but this is much better. I went on AliExpress and searched teyes. Which car do you have? Also buy the dash cam with it!!! And it comes with a reverse camera for free with the unit.

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    My CC3 can do wireless Android Auto, tested and confirmed