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Jun 9, 2021
New member will probably be gone from xda as soon as query is answered anyway....
That is not me and I am a member of lots of forums. But I am disappointed that a forum is so unwelcoming to a new member especially from senior members.
There is no excuse to be belittling someone on their first post. To say I do not mean to be rude and then be rude is a common mistake of people as if the preamble excuses the latter. Think about it. Anyway glad I have found the forum and hoping for a more positive experience and contribution on a positive note.


Aug 27, 2019
I had on order a navifly unit on aliexpress Navifly SoulNavi store. Received message not suitable for right hand vehicle is this correct?
There is no reason it shouldn't work on RHD for my vehicle. There is even an option in the car settings for it. The only concern would be physical - if the frame needed isn't symmetrical and they don't have a RHD version available then yes, it is incompatible.

I recently got around to pairing my phone bluetooth to my Navifly 7862 and it deleted all of my contacts from my google account - so beware of that relatively major bug. Luckily I had a backup file but I know many other users with Joying experience the same bug without a recent backup and lose data.


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Jun 9, 2021
Thanks coaster19.
My unit should be delivered next week. The only thing I could see is the hazard switch position is different.
The prado also has a 6v reversing camera which maybe a problem but that would be same for both lhd and rhd drive models.


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Mar 4, 2019
I have a Peugeot 508 2012 R/H Drive.
I fitted a 9" Navifly Android 10 Unit with buit in Apple Carplay.
It is very slow to connect my iphone wirelessly and it is also very slow to connect when i use a USB, sometimes not connecting.
I have tried different cables so im confident its not the cable.
I was expecting fast connection when I used a cable.
Anybody had this problem ?


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Jun 9, 2021
My unit has arrived and installed. Despite seller worrying about unit not being suitable for RHD vehicle all good. Only minor problem is the steering wheel volume controls are back to front. i.e. + decreases volume and - increases volume.


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Nov 29, 2017
Redmi K20 Pro
My unit has arrived and installed. Despite seller worrying about unit not being suitable for RHD vehicle all good. Only minor problem is the steering wheel volume controls are back to front. i.e. + decreases volume and - increases volume.
There is a factory setting to change the polarity of the volume controls. I can recall exactly where the setting is, but it won't take long to find it.


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Jun 9, 2021
I have found the AM radio performance not up to scratch. The power lines cause a annoying tone of about 1 kHz on abc Victoria which is the signal used by power companies for network comms over power lines. Never heard of this before on other radios. The supplier has offered a return because of this after I sent them a recording of the problem. I am disappointed as other than this the unit is perfect. The attached recording s in my garage. The tone is louder depending on proximity to power lines, transformers etc. but is always there in the presence of power lines.


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Jun 9, 2021
Navifly accepted return of the unit as they had no answer as to the problem. They have provided excellent service in this regard. I was provided with a return local address including postage. They ok'd the unit as being returned and ok for refund at the local address even though it had not been shipped back to them in China at that stage.


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May 14, 2021
Yes, but it is disabled again on every restart. I used the CC2 software on my Joying sc9853i and enabled GoogleAssistant again (and again and again) using a "boot script" that started with 30 seconds delay. Next to that: all voice "actions" are directed to T'eyes voice which is hugely annoying. Even with GoogleAssistant it is still hugely crippled as T'eyes defaults in everything to T'eyes voice
Also: It is really a demotivation strategy from T'eyes as you can't use any voice software (without hacks), even not T'eyes voice itself, if you did not activate T'eyes voice either. T'eyes is another supplier that does closed-source, protective actions on their hardware. Something many people blamed Fyt/Joying for. T'eyes even takes it a step further. But they do deliver a nicer looking product with good support. And they need to feed their family as well.
So I reflashed my Joying firmware again to my Joying unit.
I use CarWebGuru (paid) as launcher, GorillaSoft folder music player pro for music, Magic Earth (90%) and OsmAnd+ (10%) for navigation, and DAB-Z for (DAB) radio. I hardly even see the other software behind it and even removed some. Why would I install good looking radio, music, video apps if I don't use them anyway. And I don't see added benefit of T'eyes voice over Google Assistant, be it that Google Assistant does not make calls on my Joying unit.

Everyone should decide for him/herself, but don't cripple you unit only for good looks. But that's my point of view and you can decide for yourself.
I have no problem using Google voice with my fyt unit by Hengcheng, the Pro S9. They were extremely helpful for the first 3 months answering questions but now they ignore me. I didn't have to install anything but they had to give me an update because Google kept giving me the verifying login info screen.


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Jan 27, 2012
I have a Teyes CC3 6GB 128Mem installed in a 2020 Nissan Murano. Everything works for the most part. I can't change the SWC from what they set, but it works for vol, next and pick-up phone. Everything else works.

What I really want to do is use iGo as my GPS app and set it to be the default in the Teyes interface. I seem to be limited to Google, Waze and their Yandex. IGo will work, but is not the default, so it can't show on the main screen or respond as the default.

I have heard there is a modification you can make that is posted somewhere on 4pda, but I can't find it in Russian. Does anyone know how to set another app for the GPS, weather it be the modification from 4pda or some other way? It seems Teyes has locked this down.
Are you in the US?
Did you have any fitment problems with the cc3 on your Murano?

Their website states that it does not fit the murano with the ac module below the radio.


Nov 16, 2007
Are you in the US?
Did you have any fitment problems with the cc3 on your Murano?

Their website states that it does not fit the murano with the ac module below the radio.
Yes, I'm in the US. The fit is actually perfect, even the Nissan dealer asked how and where did I get this thing.

The only issues that I have are the weather stays in Celsius even when set to Fahrenheit. Also with the latest firmware from January and the canbus set to raise - nissan - murano - H or L I do not have the dynamic backup lines or the door open icon on the radio.

Other than that and a few small items, everything works great and looks great.
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    Made a quick video showing Android Assistant working and boot time etc.
    Now, please broaden our knowledge ;)
    It would be nice to know what these restrictions are.
    Well I am making phone calls with Google assistant. Originally when I tried to voice dial, I was getting an error along the lines of "I don't know how to do that yet"

    I had never used Google Assistant so I thought nothing of it. However, I later found access to default Android system settings and saw the option for two dialers. I changed the default dialer and then again thought nothing of it. at the same time I removed a few permissions from some software that was adding dodgy overlays on my screen. They were irritating so I wanted them gone.

    A few days later I tried assistant to request a destination for Google Maps. It worked, so I then tried a phone call and to my suprise it worked.

    I still don't use it much but it was mildly interesting as I had heard that the bigger resellers crippled a dialling and a few other things.

    If it is important, I will try to recall exactly what I did. I feel it is permanent as I have had the unit reboot a few times since and I haven't needed to modify any settings.
    How are you finding the Navifly?
    I really don't have any complaints. I have the 4GB / 64GB 1280x720 unit. For the most part it just works and did so out of the box.
    • I have only trialed bluetooth pairing to my Xiaomi Mi 9tPro and to the ODBII unit and both worked first time. Don't know about anything else. Can't seem to push files from my phone to the HU with bluetooth. Only tried a few times and didn't investigate further. I just assumed that the failed send was from the crippled BT stack and accepted it. I just used cloud storage instead.
    • The unit is very responsive and I haven't noticed any lag with apps or the screen.
    • Screen touch is accurate and it didn't need any calibration.
    • Radio app is a bit ordinary looking but it works. Voice nav doesn't work for me with radio on. See a previous post about that.
    • I use MS Launcher and that works great for me. Simple and clean.
    • I use Pulsar music player for MP3 tunes.
    • For Nav, I use Google Maps, Waze and also have Zenauto installed and use that for voice dialing. I still haven't decided if I want to use Zenauto as a launcher. The price is steep because it also has its own maps included which I don't want or need.
    • Navifly aren't big on info based on my dealings. There is a basic app that runs through the key points of the major apps, which whilst useful, isn't comprehensive.
    • It took a while to get settings sorted as I wasn't 100% sure of their meanings. There were just a few niggles that I really can't even remember that settings sorted.
    • I auto set up phone hotspot when I detect the HU's bluetooth and it connects everytime to both bluetooth and wifi.
    • Parking my car outside on the road about 30m away from my inside wifi router (one external wall but otherwise reasonable line of site) I get about 50% range on wifi 2.4 ghz. 5ghz at that distance is too patchy and drops out.
    • Wifi antenna is external to the unit and is just a little nub. I didn't think to see if I could unscrew the nub before I installed the unit. It might be possible to unscrew. If so, a new antenna with extension lead could be hooked under the dash for improved wifi.
    • 5ghz and 2.4 ghz wifi from my phone wifi hotspot is solid and fast enough that I haven't bothered with a speedtest.
    • GPS is terrific. Always 18+ satellites and locks on fast. Accuracy about a few metres. Very impressed with it. I set the antenna under the dash behind and centre of the glovebox on my car.
    • Sound quality is a massive improvement over my OEM head unit although I didn't really buy the HU for that purpose. I really just needed good GPS and maps.
    • Screen is very clear and easily readable. Highest settings is just bright enough in the daytime. Auto brightness dim when turning on the headlights is just dull enough. I use a muted coloured wallpaper on the launcher to assist with this.
    • Button colour are adjustable and I think the brightness is, too. Don't quote me on the button brightness, though.
    • Screen gets finger print smudges like you would not believe. I keep a microfibre close handy. You will need one, too. If anyone knows of where to get a good matt screen protector that doesn't drop brightness and is cut to fit these screens, please give me a link.
    • there are 3 usb out via two different connectors from the unit. They either must all run in usb 1 or all in usb 2. No mixing. Change speed in settings. Speed for USB2 seems fine.
    • The unit does get warm as I noticed when I was playing with it during installation but I have not noticed any slow down. I have not had a crash / reboot yet and there is low to mid 30c and high humidity where I am.
    • I have not bothered with adding an external mic yet. Apparently callers on the other end of calls hear me as good as any other handsfree bluetooth car unit.
    • I can be doing 100km/h and click the mic button and tell Google Assistant to add a stop or go somewhere and it hears me so that is suprisingly good. I was expecting to need to add an external mic and bought one and an additional gain adjustment to fine tune it. seems that will just sit on the shelf.
    • I don't use android auto or carplay and haven't even tried. To my way of thinking it actually defeats the purpose of a head unit with Android. If people want the AA interface, why not just run it locally on on the HU? Can anyone give me understanding on why connecting via AA on the phone is a better result?
    • Apparently Carplay is wireless by default. AA by wire default. But there are some ways to get it wireless with an additional piece of software.

    I'm going to go to the beach soon, so I will take a short video and upload it if you like. I also have a new USB extension lead that will flush fit into my console so I will need to remove the HU again at some stage, if you need me to look at anything, let me know.

    I can't think of anything else right now.
    is there firmware support from Navifly?
    Does it release updates of fw and mcu and where is possible to find it?
    Do you think it is a reliable radio?

    Reliabilty is not the strongest selling point of any of those Chinese units.
    I guess they are more or less basically the same for any manufacturer over the several resellers: FYT as manufacturer in this case.
    I also guess that the "mini"-assembly the resellers do, like TN/IPS/QLED screens can differ, but not so much.

    The greatest difference could be in support: service desk, firmwares, broken parts, etc.
    And I really have no clue there about Navifly.
    As I don't have a Navifly I did not look at all for their firmware. And for that matter: Neither for firmware from Kingsbeat, Navifly, Zhan, etc.
    And when it comes to firmware: All FYT compatibles on the same CPU, with/without DSP, in the same aspect ratio* can, with some tweaks, run each others firmware.
    Now with the new models and new firmwares having protection in the apks, coupled to the MCU it gets more difficult.

    *: not resolution, but aspect ratio: FYTs screen layouts in the apks are terribly old-fashioned and fixed: 1024x600 / 1280x730 =>16:9; Other layouts like 1280x480 or "Tesla style" really require a different firmware. FYT currently can only accomodate the several resolutions if the screen has the same aspect ratio. That is also one of the reasons the FYT apps themselves do not support split-screen. A feature they so much like to advertize, but doesn't work for their own apps. A few new developed apps do support this finally.
    so..i decided to buy this Navifly CC3 HU on Aliexpress,

    Nice, I am very happy with mine. The navifly does not seem to have all restrictions that I am hearing from other units. But it does have some restrictions.

    From China to Australia, mine landed on business Day 5 or 6.