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Jun 17, 2018
Big problem Following the update of 06/15/2021: I no longer have access to the rear camera "CAM REC", its access has become chargeable!
and the windows of the new mode overlap (see my video).
Have you encountered this problem. thank you in advance


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Aug 23, 2010
The mechanic who puts the Teyes CC3 in my Toyota RAV4 XA40 (made in Canada, 2017) is convinced that CANBUS must be used so that I can connect and use the steering wheel buttons as well as have a connection to the car's computer.

So far, Teyes support in WhatsApp could not solve the problem, despite the resets of Teyes CC3 suggested by them and made by me, the installation of the latest versions of their software, etc. etc. More than a month.

Finally, they agreed that CANBUS was needed and suggested: Raise(RZC)

Does anyone know where I can get this CANBUS model?

I asked Teyes to send me and they haven't answered since ... :(
You can find decoders on eBay. Some of them will program it for your car make/model on request.



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May 12, 2021
Does anyone have an updated carlink apk file. I updated the software to the latest june version however I am still using an old APK file from April. There was a newer one posted here a few weeks ago but that crashed when I plugged in my android phone. Older one still works fine just wanted to see if there was a newer one. Thank you.


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Nov 26, 2012
Does anyone have an updated carlink apk file. I updated the software to the latest june version however I am still using an old APK file from April. There was a newer one posted here a few weeks ago but that crashed when I plugged in my android phone. Older one still works fine just wanted to see if there was a newer one. Thank you.
What did the Teyes reseller say when asked for the zlink apk


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Apr 23, 2009

I recently updated the latest cc3 software and noted that the ms9120 service needed to cast screen to external monitor does not run automatically… or rather maybe it wasnt there..

So instead i had to install a seperate ms9120 app i got from the net for it to run and it does not autostart on reboot or wake… any workaround for this?

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    At the moment it is not available at 4pda and i'm not sure it will be. For now it is exclusively available here and you are not allowed to share direct links to firmware or reupload it somewhere.
    Thanks...just downloaded and extracted files to thumb drive, but update doesn't seem to be taking. I get like 4 lines of text, and then says update complete...but nothing has changed and Google still crashes. Attached a photo of what I get during update. Any advice?
    All good...got it to work. My dumb ass was unzipping the folder that I unpacked from the rar file and that seemed to be the issue
    Is safe to install? All languages are aviable? Can i edit config.txt to match my settings safe?
    There is no need to remove anything or damage the board. Unclip the plastic cover from the rear side of the screen, unclip the ribbon cable from the board and put a small piece of Sellotape over the two end pins on the right of the cable as you look at it. This way you can easily remove the tape if you change your mind. You need good eyes or a magnifying glass!

    microphone tracks.jpg
    Hi all, does anyone know how to change the boot animation for the latest 15.06.2021 update? Flashing the bootanimation.zip doesn't seem to change it anymore
    yes, oem is now dynamic partition so you can't make any chages to it anymore. also do not try to replace any file via root.
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    Teyes announced another CC3 update for April 2021, here is the translated changelog.

    The following important updates are expected to be released for the CC3 software at the end of April.
    The new version will add the following features:

    1.Added Cam REC software. With this application, you can record from a rear view camera. The recording files are saved to a flash card.

    2.Added TEYES YAHU, the world's first 3D music player for the automotive industry (due to technical complexity, work may not be completed in April).

    3.In the device settings, a function has been added to change the screen brightness depending on the time of sunrise and sunset.

    4.The system version has been updated. Fixed the issue of crashing the Google Play app in some areas.

    5.Added setting for the sensitivity level of voice commands. If you feel that certain keywords easily trigger voice commands, you can lower the sensitivity level. In addition to Russian and English, a voice control function has been added for 7 countries.

    6.Added CAR LINK software which supports Android Auto via wired connection and Car Play via wired and wireless connection. Please note that CARPLAY only supports this feature on CC3 devices released in 2021. Android Auto has no limits. For CARPLAY wired connection, you must use the original iPhone USB cable. When using CARPLAY wirelessly, make sure the mobile phone is connected via Bluetooth.

    7.Updated EQ software and added a phase switch. The volume and sound effects of the subwoofer change according to the volume of the head unit.

    8.Added a new layout for the main screen, as well as automatic switching between day and night modes. From the home screen, you can directly speed dial, view driving data, compass and GPS information. The 4 main music players can be switched with one key. Redesigned and increased image size when viewed in picture-in-picture mode.

    9Optimized software for making Bluetooth phone calls. Added a choice of avatars in favorite contacts. Opened data synchronization with the main interface.

    10.Added TEYES RADIO and private internet station. Musical compositions can be downloaded and shared through the site mp3.teyes.ru

    11.Steering Wheel Key Customization Tutorial has been added for multiple languages.

    12.Added automatic OTA update function. In the future, we will provide 2 update methods: manual download update and automatic update.

    13.Added multi-finger touch control function. To find out how to use this feature, please see the personal settings section.

    14.Added the ability to slide the application menu to the right side of the screen. Swiping from below returns to the previous level. The function is supported no matter which interface you are in!
    Upcomming CC3 update screenshots:


    Why would someone want to use Android Auto if they are already running Android on their head unit?

    I'm asking as I have an Android head unit and am fairly satisfied without using Android Auto. Just want to understand better to see benefits of AA so I can decide whether or not to switch to it.
    Could be a holiday thing maybe?
    LOL, this is 9th of MAY, WWII Victory Day in CIS and some other countries
    Thank you Corpdecker, will wait for your feedback before I attempt to purchase, Are you using car play / Auto? How you are operating the CC2p module, is it by using hotspot from your smart phone or you are using a 4G SIM?
    I don't use the Android Auto / Car Play stuff, that's one reason I wanted an Android unit was so I could run the apps directly on there. On my PX6 unit, and what I plan to do initially with the CC2+ and CC3 units, is use Tasker to enable it's hotspot whenever it connects to the Blutooth of the car radio, which will automatically connect to my phone's hotspot. This works well and prevents me from having to manually enable and disable the hotspot every time I get in or out of the car.