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Hardware Development TEYES CC3

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Aug 22, 2008
My friend , where do you se asking for eta? I just asked because is difficult to undestend russian. Don't ask for update rulles is apllied only if this was a rom thread, wich is not.


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Dec 15, 2014
My friend , where do you se asking for eta? I just asked because is difficult to undestend russian. Don't ask for update rulles is apllied only if this was a rom thread, wich is not.
The new update with update log is here https://cc3.teyes.ru/en/update.html , the one who have installed the previous update, can now update from the CC3 radio itself by tap on the FOTA button.
In my opinion , they update gimmicks instead of structural software problems like the button mapping bug and the google contacts issues for some users who want to use that feature.
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Nov 25, 2014
have a couple of questions about cc3
1. A have non canbus car. I want to put the Google assistant under the button on the steering wheel. When I select the microphone icon. Assistant teyes is on. How to change it to google assistant ?
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Gundabolu SC

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Sep 9, 2013
Hey guys,

I have the navifly unit and have a quick question about the Car Link app. The Android auto interface has huge black bars on either side. There is also no settings to tweak the DPI. Are there any known work around to tweak DPI of the Car Link app?

Thank you.


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Mar 15, 2011
So, i installed my teyes cc3 + rear camera, and have a few questions:

1) Is everyones rear camera colors washed out ? I tested it on sunny day, and the colors were really out of order, is there a way to calibrate colors ? I know there is little colors tools where you can calibrate assistant lines, but those options are really not enough.

2) After latest update, camera app is gone, and there is cam rec app, which requires activation, and when opened says to contact the seller, wtf, are they selling car tablets, or drugs ?

3) Main screen car driving widget shows 4-7 km/h less speed than speedometer, how does it get the speed ? Can this be calibrated ?

4) Is there a built in task manager ? Like when you press a square navigation button on phone, and it shows you all opened apps, and you can close them.

5) Can teyes obd app clear errors, or only show them ? If it can only show them, does anyone know a good app that can clear errors via obd ?


Jan 18, 2010
Hi all,

I have a problem that the app can not display over reverse camera screen. My previous HU work properly with youtube vanced but CC3 can not. Are there anyone get the problem?



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Mar 15, 2011
Are you sure the vehicle speedometer is correct? Did you change tire size on the vehicle? Use the GPS on your phone to see which speed is correct first

Yes, im pretty sure speedometer shows correctly, just wondering how does the car widget in teyes meassure the speed.

Also the teyes car widget is buggy, when using split screen, it always covers part of the first part of splitted screen.


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May 4, 2010
Are you sure the vehicle speedometer is correct? Did you change tire size on the vehicle? Use the GPS on your phone to see which speed is correct first
I don't have teyes, but usually these android head units get speed through gps

Right. If you have a CAN bus it will first try to get the speed from the CANbus controller (Can sometimes be switched off in the settings).
If that does not work, or if you don't have a CANbus, it will be derived from the GPS. GPS is more accurate.


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Feb 5, 2021
Hi, I have this Unit in Chile, and made last update by July, but have two problems right now:

1.- Teyes TPMS (I bought together with main unit) the one that includes valves and ISB device to attach to radio. Os not working properly.

2.- How can i start recording with rear camera?

Maybe next question can solve all of the problems:

3.- How i can reset my unit to factory set-up?


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Jul 22, 2010
Hi everyone, I have Teyes CC3 on my Hyundai Santafe. I got a problem with the power and car battery. My Teyes CC3 still keeps using power from car battery even after I turn off my car. I hear the "heartbeat" sounds from speaker after my car totally off. Don't know what wrong with my installation. My car battery lost 100% power just 2 days. I must recharge it then. Please see my video to hear the sound. Thank you.


  • 20210801_091959.mp4
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Mar 15, 2011
Right. If you have a CAN bus it will first try to get the speed from the CANbus controller (Can sometimes be switched off in the settings).
If that does not work, or if you don't have a CANbus, it will be derived from the GPS. GPS is more accurate.

My car doesnt have CAN, so maybe it gets speed from gps. Where do you have glued all the antenas (gps, wifi, 4g) ? I have glued all antenas right under front car panel. I will add sim card for 4g mobile internet later, maybe that will increase speed accuracy in car widget.

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    Hello everyone, l always get an ignition reboot on CC3 recently. Anytime l start my car the radio take some time to start. It wasn't like that when l first install it, may you tell me what to do for the radio start without reboot when l start the car please?
    Check https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/teyes-cc3.4189041/page-60#post-85674211

    There is a setting to determine whether to reboot or sleep when you turn off the car.

    However, if it was working properly before, it could mean that someone may have changed this setting or, in another forum, it has been suggested that low car battery voltage level could be an issue. If there is no specific reason for a low voltage level, the other forum suggested perhaps the car battery isn't in the best shape. Depending on where you are, some car stores can check/load test the battery. In Canada, Canadian Tire does this. In the United States, I think there are several that do this, such as AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts.
    Did my 4th try and now I understand how the onboard Bluetooth works. Now the Scantool obdlink mx Bluetooth can be detected but only by Torque which I have the paid version for a long time. Then my Zus tpms also can be detected too.

    Guess the in built apps are made for teyes accessories only and will not work with others. Anyway better than not totally not working. Hope the bluetooth pairing can offer more clarity to the user rather than that message indicating it is successfully connected but the connection icon still shows its not paired.

    Hope the next update on the firmware will open up more so the head unit will attract more vehicle owners to get it. Its really a very nice head unit with a brilliant screen and offers great sound too with the right speakers of cos.
    Don't think I have a power button on top left of screen or I may be missing something obvious.
    The "!" mark doesn't seem to do anything, anyone know what this is supposed to do?
    What the... It looks that those buttons are under the panel, Those 2 holes are for the mic and the reset of the device. Something is clearly wrong with that oem panel.
    It looks like the Ford Ranger bezel is not wide enough for the CC3 so they have done a hack job https://www.aliexpress.com/item/100....store_pc_groupList.8148356.22.79d45441N03VSk
    Pity you did not pick this up before ordering or told about it as it means you have no home, power or back buttons which are all used to control the unit. I am always using the home button as I cannot get the unit to startup at the home screen. Not sure what you do to get to the home screen.
    Edit: Just installed a patch by Gordgelin that starts Teyes at home screen I will see how it goes.
    It actually looks like the bezel covers the edges of the screen. The normal touch panel buttons are usually immediately below the two microphone/reset holes.

    You can try installing a software home button from the Google Play Store but I'm not sure how that will work. Here's one I found:

    Either they messed up the bezel or there wasn't enough room or something...

    I have one of my steering wheel buttons mapped to Home and another mapped to back/return.

    I think the icon with the exclamation mark means that there is no SIM in the unit. With my SPro/CC2 head unit, which is Android 8.1, the icon shows up in the status bar at the top of the screen. I used the System UI Tuner, which is hidden but available on the SPro/CC2. I'm not sure about the CC3. As well, I'm not sure what that strip on the left-hand side of the screen is...is it part of the launcher or a system component? For this, there are a bunch of apps in the Google Playstore which either unhide or allow access to these System UI Tuner features or functions. You can try looking for them:

    Don't know anything about these apps. You should research or try them yourself. Post your experiences for others. Hopefully, one of these work. It was very annoying for me. I access data for the head unit through a hotspot on my cell phone.

    FYI, the System UI Tuner allows you to show/hide various items. On mine it looks something like this. I don't think all of these options were available and I think I turned off "Mobile data". This is something you modify once and then forget about it. It will likely be different for the CC3 if it can be accessed at all:

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    Teyes announced another CC3 update for April 2021, here is the translated changelog.

    The following important updates are expected to be released for the CC3 software at the end of April.
    The new version will add the following features:

    1.Added Cam REC software. With this application, you can record from a rear view camera. The recording files are saved to a flash card.

    2.Added TEYES YAHU, the world's first 3D music player for the automotive industry (due to technical complexity, work may not be completed in April).

    3.In the device settings, a function has been added to change the screen brightness depending on the time of sunrise and sunset.

    4.The system version has been updated. Fixed the issue of crashing the Google Play app in some areas.

    5.Added setting for the sensitivity level of voice commands. If you feel that certain keywords easily trigger voice commands, you can lower the sensitivity level. In addition to Russian and English, a voice control function has been added for 7 countries.

    6.Added CAR LINK software which supports Android Auto via wired connection and Car Play via wired and wireless connection. Please note that CARPLAY only supports this feature on CC3 devices released in 2021. Android Auto has no limits. For CARPLAY wired connection, you must use the original iPhone USB cable. When using CARPLAY wirelessly, make sure the mobile phone is connected via Bluetooth.

    7.Updated EQ software and added a phase switch. The volume and sound effects of the subwoofer change according to the volume of the head unit.

    8.Added a new layout for the main screen, as well as automatic switching between day and night modes. From the home screen, you can directly speed dial, view driving data, compass and GPS information. The 4 main music players can be switched with one key. Redesigned and increased image size when viewed in picture-in-picture mode.

    9Optimized software for making Bluetooth phone calls. Added a choice of avatars in favorite contacts. Opened data synchronization with the main interface.

    10.Added TEYES RADIO and private internet station. Musical compositions can be downloaded and shared through the site mp3.teyes.ru

    11.Steering Wheel Key Customization Tutorial has been added for multiple languages.

    12.Added automatic OTA update function. In the future, we will provide 2 update methods: manual download update and automatic update.

    13.Added multi-finger touch control function. To find out how to use this feature, please see the personal settings section.

    14.Added the ability to slide the application menu to the right side of the screen. Swiping from below returns to the previous level. The function is supported no matter which interface you are in!
    Hi. earlier you said taht you dont't recommend buying Teyes for people outside Russia and now, that Teyes focuses on European region. What about other countries from Europe other than Russia? I'm from Poland and I own Ford Focus mk 3 (2011-1015)
    I am in France, and my CC3 gives me complete satisfaction on my Ford Focus 2. I do not see what the restrictions would be due to the development by the Russians
    Upcomming CC3 update screenshots:


    I want wipe dalvik cache.but I dont know how
    unpack this to usb stick and plug into HU usb port, just like usual firmware update. it will clear cache
    Could be a holiday thing maybe?
    LOL, this is 9th of MAY, WWII Victory Day in CIS and some other countries