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May 20, 2009
I tried to search this clock for manila about 1 month on this forum, all of TFL3D thread but I just get nothing.
Plz, people !!! Help me where can I get this clock for manila. It looks really wonderful and his 15 tabs icon as well.
Plz, check this video here
Waiting for your helps.
Huge thank! Really really thank
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Jul 20, 2008
sorry but where I find the software to use the panorama?
I find the 3 manila file but I can not find the software to be installed for use in diamond

No need to install any software.
Just copy the 3 manila files and the files of your favourite background to your windows folder (using total commander), restart manila and there you go.


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Oct 25, 2007
manila didnt work the word title was in the middle of the screen any ideas im all for them... it didnt over write the original file but the original file over wrote the mod any ideas

ya that totally didnt work. that took over my whole screen with the word title and i couldnt touch any of my tabs so i had to uninstall it i havethe htc touch pro for alltel if that matters

Does Panorama background work with XBmod Rhodium Manila? Because it f*cked up my whole manila. I had no problem with standard manila, but now I can't even open start menu and I cant see any slider icons on my manilla only a darker home tab and it's like i tapped the home slider icon but with a "Title" tag, not "Home". I hope you can understand :)
Does it work for anyone?

I have the same problem as those three. Haven't seen a solution posted yet, does anyone have one? I did some research and I believe the issue is with the 5c9aa261_manila file.


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Jul 19, 2007
Yea I was wondering as well, does the naked panoramic work with wm6.5 TF3D V2??? Id like to install this, but like many others dont want to run into serious issues where it'll mess up my phone!! But this stuff looks bad ass an I appreciate the time an skills put into this....just hope itll work for me an correctly! THANK YOU!! :D

P.S- Im using an HTC Fuze


Aug 2, 2009
Hey Nisse is it possible to have that awesome panoramic background thing in the Touch HD's 480x800? That would completely rock my world. :D


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Jun 3, 2007
Background in All Tabs

Hi Guys!

I have a noobie question. I had read this thread, but I have no answer about that. My problem is, that i cant install the manila files for "Background for all Tabs". I have these two files, one "4a087e41_manila" and "5c9aa261_manila". When I copie this two files to \windows\ then I get an overwrite message. I cklick "yes" and activate TF3D but now, TF3D dont start, only a big white bar in top of and the image from the "4a087e41_manila" is shows, but not TF3D. Can anyone help me, pls.

Thank you so much.

With best reguards


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Mar 22, 2009

Panorama Background
For 640x480 screen!


Moving panorama background when sliding through the menu
Thanx to D-MAN666, 6Fg8, sztupy

I've made 2 versions
Panorama standard (Shaded screen when sliding)
Panorama Special (Custom slide shade with clock and date, like seen here)

Just copy the Manila files to windows folder on your phone
And dont forget to download your language file if u use Panorama Special..!

(Thanx to D-MAN666)

Don't forget the Panorama Image (not included in above zip's)
The Panorama Background Image consists of 3 manila images that are put together to one wide image

There are both non-CFC and CFC Compressed Images


If u want to make your own Panorama Images I've med some Templates to make it easier
Panorama Templates
Use CFC GUI to make the manila files

XDA Members Panorama Backgrounds

Panorama Earth By basbroens
Panorama's By antz_77
DualNeuron By NisseDILLIGAF
Mountain By kotsur
Naked & Vista By crystal_orb
Girls & Cars By damogwai

pls help :) how can i install it ? i downloaded the naked and vista wallpaper. but if i copy them to phone, manila customizer dont see them. where is the problem ? how can i obtain the missing files ?
pls, someone... write a manual :)


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Nov 9, 2008

I've modified the manila files to have a nice sunset scene. Everything worked out GREAT. It was beautiful scrolling back and forth and seeing the image.

I've run into an issue, however, and I was hoping you recognized it and could help fix it. When I turn the screen off, then turn it back on, the entire screen jumps for a split second, then the device is unresponsive for about 20 seconds or so.

I'm running MightyRom 6 (wm 6.5) with no other modifications to touch flo.

Actually, I think I may have inadvertently solved this one on my own. When I was having this issue, I had custom icons installed. I decided to uninstall them this morning since they changed the wait icon back to 6.1 stile and the close and ok buttons were tiny. After that, I tried this mod again and everything seems to be running smooth.
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Nov 9, 2008
Hey does anyone else notice a line going up and down between the pics when scrolling through tf3d? It's there in some tabs, but not there in others. Any fix? Should I make the pics 513x512 or something?

Does anyone read this thread anymore?

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