The Best CM12.1 CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM For Lenovo A6000/Plus UPDATE 20 (Stable)

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Mar 6, 2017
Queen City of the South
After successfully installing TWRP for kitkat , i downloaded the rom and tried to install it . But when i try to install the rom , the setup shows error on both rom and Gapps . Every time i swipe to install , the device reboots suddenly and reboots again into recovery mode first page . :( please somebody help me ASAP

This ROM is Lollipop based, not KitKAt. So, you should use TWRP for L.


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Nov 12, 2017
set custom ringtones

how can i change ringtone to any song in gallery. because in settings it does nt give option to change directly from gallery.

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    * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. 
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM.
    * Before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, after-market firmware distribution of Android 5.1.x (Lollipop), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

    CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google parts. CyanogenMod does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    The source code for CyanogenMod is available in the CyanogenMod Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to CyanogenMod, please visit Gerrit Code Review. You can also view the Change-log for a full list of changes & features.

    -I will not support users and answer questions from users which:
    • have flashed mods
    • modified system files
    • didn't follow my instructions word by word
    • are unfriendly
    - Root is now disabled by default on CM12.1. To enable it go to Settings>Developer Options>Root access and set to Apps only or Apps and ADB.
    -for most of the apps and games try to update to last version because lollipop use ART run-time different from kitkat
    -before report any Bug read the Instruction and Notices Sections Carefully
    -check frequently for bugs fix, patches, under update section
    -if you are new user you can post here
    -XDA is community and that is meaning sharing ideas thoughts and help each other
    -hit thanks button below if you find my work useful.

    • Lenovo A6000, Lenovo A6000 Plus [Tested]
    • Lenovo K30T,Lenovo K30W [not Tested] might work withe sensor issue
    • Lollipop Firmware
    • TWRP Recovery
    • ZCamera
    • Mxtech Videoplayer
    • Performance-------------------------------------great
    • Battery Backup----------------------------------great [update 3 & up]
    • boot-loop , glitch, crash------------------------none
    • Functions not working, disabled--------------none
    • download [], [open_gapps-arm-5.1-micro-,,,,,.zip] at your phone storage
    • plug in your phone at PC
    • download [] if you are in kitkat based rom or [] for lollipop based rom
    • extract it to desktop , double click [Flash-TWRP_A6000.bat] and reboot to recovery
    • in TWRP recovery >> wipe > advanced wipe > wipe: cashe, dalvik, data, system
    • install [], [open_gapps-arm-5.1-micro-,,,,,.zip] reboot
    • first login take 2 minutes, setup your accounts
    • to install Xposed Framework download [Xposed Lolipop_Extract to flash.rar] extract, install the zip from recovery while apk at your android
    • if for any reason you want to revert back to kitkat based rom, download [ED300_KitKat Firmware For Lenovo] and flash it
    • Google
    • CyanogenMod
    • Flour_Mo
    • SevenMaxs
    • StuepD
    • Testers [Dude66, H.R]
    • Kernel Tree -------------- Repo
    • Vendor Tree ------------ Repo

    Useful Softwares
    • Xposed Framework for lollipop
    • obb on SD -Xposed Framework Model- [moving Big obb games files to External SD]
    • Qihoo security
    • Screen On [saving your power button]
    • Easybackup [backup contacts,messages.log]
    • ES explorer [File Manager]
    • UC Browser
    • ZCamera
    • Mxtech Videoplayer
    • Rar [open all archive files]
    • videos playback freezing in web browser--------------------------------------------------------------[fixed update 1]
    • UMS (mass Storage) not detected in PC Though MTP, PTP working-------------------------------[fixed update 1&7]
    • TWRP Kitkat Recovery for Lenovo a6000 [] here
    • TWRP lollipop Recovery for Lenovo a6000 [] here
    • The ROM [] here or here or here - thanks to averagegeek and Apostate234 for the uploads
    • Google Services Updated [open_gapps-arm-5.1-micro-,,,,,.zip] at website choose ARM, 5.1, micro here
    • Xposed Framework for lollipop [Xposed Lolipop_Extract to flash.rar] here
    • KitKat Firmware For Lenovo a6000 + TWRP Recovery [ED300_KitKat Firmware For Lenovo] here

    -if you want to squeeze more performance and battery life that's what custom kernels do
    -we have here Prometheus Kernel the main thread here
    -you need to flash Kernel Modules zip first
    -after every update you have to re flash Kernel Modules and the custom kernel zips

    -you can easily flash the updates from the recovery without reinstall the ROM
    -no optimization is just uninstall the tweaks !! it doesn't has any updates !! flash it after the update

    +UPDATE 1--------------21-01-2016:
    • Fixing videos playback freezing in web browser
    • Fixing UMS (mass Storage) not detected in PC through Universal UMS by GokulNC !! do not use hard method cause instability !!
    • replace stock camera withe lenovo camera for better quality
    • Bugs found:
      -lag and slow performance during surfing internet----------------------[fixed update 2]
      -chrome crash------------------------------------------------------------------[fixed update 2]
      -camera panorama crash-----------------------------------------------------[fixed update 6]
      -camera Ext-storage issue----------------------------------------------------[fixed update 10]
    +UPDATE 2--------------22-01-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 1
    • Fixing lag and slow performance during surfing internet
    • Fixing Chrome Crash
    • Bugs found:
      -lag playback for HD Videos on Media Player and Web Browser ----------------------[fixed update 3]
    +UPDATE 3--------------5-02-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 2
    • Fixing lag playback for HD Videos on Web browser
    • Fixing lag playback for HD Videos on Media Player
    • Battery Backup Optimization
    • Smooth Performance Optimization
    • Bugs found:
      -insufficient ram for multi tasking apps------------------------ [fixed update 4]
      -some apps lagging----------------------------------------------- [fixed update 4]
    +UPDATE 4--------------12-02-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 3
    • Sim tweaks
    • Ram Management added to the Optimization
    • more Battery, Performance tweaks added
    • two version of the updates - the one without optimization is safe default you can use your own tweaks -can easily switch between them
    • now the update wipes dalvik and cash
    • the first boot after applying the update take up to 5 minutes depending in your apps
    • Bugs found:
      -lagging after days of heavy use----------------------------- [fixed update 5]
      -lagging after connected to internet------------------------ [fixed update 5]
      -some report sim not detected-------------------------------[fixed update 5 & 7]
    +UPDATE 5--------------21-02-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 4
    • Fixing lag after days of heavy use
    • Fixing lag after connected to internet
    • try these steps should fix sim detection bug here or here
    • Bugs found:
    +UPDATE 6--------------27-02-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 5
    • update Telo and God Kernels
    • add support to custom kernel modules
    • fixing WiFi, Fm, Sound, custom Adreno frequency issues in custom kernels
    • fixing invisible pattern dots in settings
    • add headset icon in statue-bar through headphones indicator -in app>> enable notification
    • fixing panorama crash in lenovo camera
    • fixing music playback issue for some media types
    • WiFi and Network optimization
    • ad-blocker removed due to web browsing lag- you can reinstall it from store
    • Bugs found:
      -stuttering music playback ------------------------------ [fixed update 7]
      -lagging and instability----------------------------------- [fixed update 7]
      -hotspot and tethering----------------------------------- [fixed update 7]
    +UPDATE 7--------------04-03-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 6
    • for best experience make clean install of the rom before applying update 7
    • kernel modules separated from updates due to lags and conflicts
    • custom kernels updated to build 3
    • replaced 000wlan by builtin in custom kernels
    • [No] will uninstall the optimization and restore Default CM camera [it hasn't any updates]
    • Universal UMS replaced by built in UMS
    • fixing lagging and instability
    • fixing stuttering music playback
    • fixing sim detection - if you still have issue after applying the update it's due to firmware, reinstall lollipop stock rom then install the CM12.1
    • fixing LTE issues
    • fixing hotspot and tethering
    • Bugs found:
      -many issues have been found in telo kernel ------------------------------------------------ [fixed update 8]
      -in custom kernels hotspot crash the WiFi
    +UPDATE 8--------------12-03-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 7
    • kernel modules updated to build 2
    • custom kernels updated to build 4
    • revert telo kernel to 5.33 due to issues and instability
    • optimized for more stability performance and battery backup
    • Bugs found:
      -in custom kernels if you turn on hotspot you have to reboot the phone to make WiFi working again
    +UPDATE 9--------------21-04-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 8
    • easily switch between 2g 3g 4g through Network switcher
      Network switsher > phone information > set preferred network >
      gsm only [2g] , wcdma only [3g] , lte only [4g]
    • Alternative to double tab future add [screen on] to wake up the device by waving your finger twice in top right corner after activate the app
    • optimize phone mic gain
    • Ram management Tweaked
    • kernel modules updated to build 3
    • kernel Adiuter added to kernel modules
    • telo kernel updated to build 5 :
      -based on 5.33 withe 5.54 enhancements and fixes add [hot-plug governers, exfat, cpu governers, zRAM compression,Thermal Driver]
    • God kernel updated to build 5 :
      -based on R1 withe R2 enhancements and fixes [radio issue fix, add faux sound]
    +UPDATE 10--------------03-05-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 9
    • reducing screen blink - now it rarely happening
    • camera storage bug fixed though storage location is inverse
    • balance between performance and battery backup
    • kernel modules updated to build 4
    • telo kernel updated to build 6 :
      -add [ overclock cpu speed, KSM]
    • God kernel updated to build 6 :
      -add [mako hotplug, KSM]
    +UPDATE 11--------------20-05-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 10
    • fixing compatibility issues withe plus models
    • restore smooth experience
    • kernel modules updated to build 5
    • telo kernel updated to build 7
    • God kernel updated to build 7
    • Bugs found:
      -lag in multitasking ------------------------------ [fixed update 12]
    +UPDATE 12--------------03-06-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 11
    • fixing flicker in camera and flashlight
    • reduce lag
    • restore the default screen dpi
    • optimizing dalvik cache
    • replace zram patch by default built-in
    • minor fix in God kernel
    • kernel modules updated to build 6
    • telo kernel updated to build 8
    • God kernel updated to build 8
    +UPDATE 13--------------01-07-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 12
    • reduce screen blink
    • ksm is off by default to save battery
    • improve performance
    • optimize memory
    • kernel modules updated to build 7
    • telo kernel updated to build 9
    • God kernel updated to build 9
    +UPDATE 14--------------15-07-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 13
    • fixing apps lagging when connect to internet
    • optimize performance for online games
    • in call mic and mic recorder boost
    • kernel modules updated to build 8
    • telo kernel updated to build 10
    • God kernel updated to build 10
    +UPDATE 15--------------01-09-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 14
    • fixing apps lagging on high temperature
    • fixing some issues withe mic recording
    • reverting back to 320 dpi as default resolution
    • kernel modules updated to build 9
    +UPDATE 16--------------26-10-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 15
    • fixing high temperature on playing games
    • little optimization
    • kernel modules updated to build 10
    +UPDATE 17--------------09-12-2016:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 16
    • update Telephone networks apn
    • Fixing Internet lag
    • improve overall memory buffer
    • kernel modules updated to build 11 with :
      -support to Prometheus Kernel
      -fix wifi hotspot crash
    • telo and god kernels replaced with Prometheus Kernel support
    +UPDATE 18-------------- 19-01-2017:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 17
    • more stability improvements
    • more performance improvements
    • more battery backup improvements
    • more compatibility to lenovo a6000 plus
    • fixing many minor bugs
    • more testing in daily life conditions - thanks for dude66
    +UPDATE 19-------------- 27-02-2017:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 18
    • fix boot loop
    • download Update 19 From here
    +UPDATE 20-------------- 01-05-2017:
    • Include all the fixes of UPDATE 19
    • new compiled kernel
    • download Update 20 From here
    • [optional] download No_Optimization 16 From here
    • [optional] download kernel modules 13 From here
    • YouTube videos showing the ROM thanks to Element24 and shukat here, here or here
    XDA:DevDB Information
    lenovo-a6000, ROM for the Android General

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Lollipop
    Based On: CyanogenMod 12.1 32x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2016-01-12

    Created 2016-01-11
    Last Updated 2017-05-01
    next update 8 for ED300-CM12.1 coming 12-3-2016,
    due to returning to work i will stop developing Support,
    hopefully i will continue supporting ED300-CM11, ED300-CM12.1, and release New ED300-CM13, at end of the summer,

    Update 13 ...........
    Coming .........

    *thanks for all the feed back
    *sorry for not answering the private messages really have no time
    *sorry i can't fix bugs for other roms i have no time -you can search the web may it help-
    *as for making cm13 -right now I'm busy- hopefully at the end of the summer
    Update 15...........
    Coming .........
    update 7 is here check the main thread for bugs fixed and changes log
    -read carefully the changes log
    -thanks to Element24 and Granik24 for testing