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Nov 9, 2020
I am currently using TrCamera Christmas release, as it currently is the most accurate in terms of colors. However, no matter which mod I use, the colors get a blueish tint. You can see it happening in this example, comparing the preview (which has the best color reproduction) with the picture taken without AWB (which gets even colder colors).


Photo without AWB:

Otherwise, I found this mod to be the best in terms of sharpness and detail.


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Nov 5, 2012
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It might be unpopular, but Im rather fond of Ver 6.2 for the Nokia 7. it reproduces colors better than my realme X2 and almost as good as my Nokia 9pv. For what it does, I think the g7 is a solid phone. 2 years in Im not ready to upgrade but I may to stay current with OS's. Im just sad it wont get anymore updates for OS from Motorola. Phaaawkers...

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    I have tested many of the GCam apps available from the Google Camera Port hub here
    The best working one for my Moto G7 Power XT1955-4 is the GCam MOD from the developer arthur.

    Test the different settings to choose what is working best for you, especially you can dig in the Advanced settings.

    For example you can:
    - use the H.265/HEVC format for video;
    - get a RAW+JPEG control on your main screen
    - get HDR+ (HDR+ and HDR+ enhaced)
    - get a Night Sight shortcut for night shooting on the main camera view
    - adjust many noise reduction parameters
    - change and test the AWB (Default, Pixel 2, Pixel 3)
    -change the JPEG quality 90%, 95%, 97% and 100%
    - change the HDR+ Enhanced frames: Default=8, Medium=14, High=18, Very high=24

    and many more! :) :) :)

    You can download the latest version of the GCam back.rider apk from here
    Other versions made from other developers can be downloaded from Google Camera Port hub
    EDIT August 2020:
    From some time I'm using GCam modifications made from Parrot043, it was working pretty well with Android 9 before, and now with Adnroid 10 after I upgraded my Moto G7 Power to Q.
    Strongly recommend you to test the Parrot043 GCam modification
    If you still use Android 9, than you need GCam version 7.0.x
    If you are with Android 10, then version 7.3.x or bigger is for your OS
    Very low light sample made with the default G7 Power camera app and the GCam at 5:30 at the morning

    Default Cam G7 Power

    GCam G7 Power
    There is a new version of the GCam MOD GCam_6.2.030_N7P_test1.apk which have the best results according to few tests below ...

    Bellow are some day shooting examples with HDR+ and no HDR+ made with the latest version 1 of the GCam, the previous one 1.3a and version 6.1.021_N7P_test2.6a of the GCam MOD from back.rider555 made with MOTO G7 Power
    My personal opinion is that the latest version is the best one according to AWB and details!

    back.rider555 thank you for your work!!! :)

    All 3 versions have the same setup, I'm attaching also my setup as a attachment below the images.

    Latest version GCam_6.2.030_N7P_test1.apk NO HDR+

    Latest version GCam_6.2.030_N7P_test1.apk with HDR+

    Previous version GCam-6-2-024-N7-P-test1-3a NO HDR+

    Previous version GCam-6-2-024-N7-P-test1-3a with HDR+

    Older version GCam-6-1-021-N7-P-test2-6a NO HDR+

    Older version GCam-6-1-021-N7-P-test2-6a with HDR+

    The latest version GCam_6.2.030_N7P_test1 with my MOTO G7 Power have the best results as a AWB colors correctness. Also the image details are perfect!
    Which version are you using flug ??

    Details are in the post above the photos. But in short I have both of these installed (using appcloner as outlined upthread):

    Parrot043's most recent 7.0 version, PMGC_7.0.009_HDR_Version_V13.apk
    oJoseHenrick's Gcam_7.0_oJoseHenrick_V2.apk

    In the night tests I did & posted above, I didn't see a lot of difference between those two versions. However as soon as I started taking daylight photos, particuliarly with enhanced HDR+, oJoseHenrick's version was clearly superior. Parrot043's version would massively oversaturate enhanced HDR+ photos taken in daylight conditions.

    There might be some setting with Parrot043's version I have wrong, but for now oJoseHenrick's version is my main camera & generally working best.

    Link to imgur set showing HDR+ vs extended HDR+ in bright-sky outdoor scene (extended much better); Parrot043 HDR+ very overexposed for some reason:
    @lubo777 can you please tell me exact settings you have as i dont really have a clue. Just need it for good pictures and portrait mode. Thanks in advance

    I recommend to test NOT the latest GCam MOD from back.rider version 1.3a but a bit older version which have better picture details and less noise GCam 2.6a
    This was reported on the XDA page of the GCam MOD and I can confirm it.

    Bellow are the settings I use: see the attachment.
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