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Jun 2, 2016
Can someone please update the situation on xperia z5 compact performance issue? I have to reboot my device every 2-3 days for it to perform better. I think the issue is with the ram management of the device, only after I reboot the device cached ram gets free otherwise at the end of second day I am only able to run one app with all the other gone out of memory. This is truly pathetic. From what I heard about xperia z3 compact, it had no such problem. Hope this update fixes everything.

I really hope sony fixes the ram management issue, that's the only thing which has been bugging me, everything else works absolutely fantastic! With the return of stamina mode I can't ask for more.

It seems after doing a fair bit of research that, sony is using the zram aggressively. Which basically means that they are caching more and more app in the background without releasing it even after the app is closed. With continued use for two days or so cached app data takes all the ram. It's not a major issue, it could be fixed with a simple fix though. I am really hoping this update will fix the bug.


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Apr 13, 2014
First impression of 6.0.1 is not good. The phone became more aggressive at unloading apps (I know someone above just said the opposite is the problem for them) so the Spotify, Calendar, Keep widgets survive about five minutes before being unloaded. So previously I never had free RAM, and now I have 300-400MB free and lose my widgets.
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Jun 4, 2016
Woooow, what incredible difference! Bluetooth problems gone, heating/battery problems gone, camera lag / autofocus problems gone, fingerprint sensor problems gone. Now is by far the best phone I ever possessed. Way better than iPhone 6 where I'm coming from.
I flashed customized IT over customized UK, keeping all previous settings and apps. Everything is working flawless, definitely worth waiting the update.

I have all these problems and have updated to Marshmellow. Would rooting the device with a clean Android 6.0 help?

My wife is going crazy with the camera coming from an iPhone.

It takes me almost 10 minutes of fiddling to scan a check into USAA whereas my iPhone/iPad can do it in 30 seconds.
GUI often hangs and doesn't show incoming calls
Overheating just being in sunlight on a warm day which prevents camera from working

The phone is kind of a joke. I love Android's freedom but this Sony model let us down big time. Any advice?


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Nov 25, 2015
I've tried it now and while all seems to be as fluent and responsive as one can expect, i am pretty disappointed by the comeback of stamina. I loved it back on LP because I could throttle the entire phone's performance as to not go for full power settings every time I just open the browser which helped a big deal in keeping cool and extending battery to two full days of medium usage. I think one could even put up a whitelist of apps which are allowed to go for full power, not sure tho.
The new stamina is nothing like this. It is not customisable as to define exactly what should be restricted and what not and it does not give the general cpu control option which we used to have.

What's left of the update is a more secure OS which I appreciate and is worth updating and a few minor graphical tweaks here and there which are almost not worth mentioning.

Eagerly waiting for cm13 with a fixed camera output...


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Oct 28, 2010
Exactly. Flashed 224. Afterwards flashed a Kernel and an updated version of TWRP via fastboot. Last beta supersu via recovery.

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