The Great Fusion Greenlighted! - Can you help us with testing?

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Jul 20, 2007

Our game "The Great Fusion" has been Greenlighted and we will be soon on Steam.
Originally the game was developed for Android and iOS, but some months ago we re-build the game with a new SDK to make it compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac

If you have not heard about the game, you can see screenshots, trailer, description and coments at google play store :

I´m are not here to promote our game, I came here looking for testing help.
We have just created a test build for Windows, Mac and linux and we want to share for free until we finally publish on Steam. You should not find any bug as it is near a final release, but we would be glad if you report them in the case you find any.

Here a the download links.




This pre-release version of the game will stop working the day that we publish on Steam platform.

We will offer a Steam key of the game when released for anyone that finds any kind of bug :)

Thanks in advanced.
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