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Dec 3, 2011
Navi Mumbai
Lol good idea but what about my alarm? :( :(

De mi para ti desde mi GT-S5830L

Does your 'vibrator' have a timer? Just throw your alarm clock out and set a timer in your 'vibrator'. It will wake you up within seconds :rolleyes:

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Any Honey Singh fans here? :rolleyes:

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Jun 2, 2012
War mode reactivated

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Shall I go get this: uploadfromtaptalk1352612776985.jpg
For extra firepower sir?

I am the son of a potato.

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    Edit:Btw this thread is inspired by jusada, who made me realise XDA isn't just for seriousness LOL

    Teh memberz:
    @K.A- Don Corleone

    @side_effect - Captain Jack Sparrow

    @SMillerNL - Xygomorphic X-ray Fish

    @CallMeVentus - The DoTA 2 fan

    @Prawesome - The always active troll

    @Shaaan - The newbie troll/The awesome dev

    @southernknight - Son of a potato

    @scoffyburito - The Italian Troll

    @PulseDroid - The Forever Ignored

    @eagleeyetom - Level 9999 Eagle

    @Deadly - He's deadly, don't confront him

    @SpaceCaker - You do not want to know how high his theme level is

    @masterex567 - DROIDACE

    @Venomous Viper 119 - The trolloholic VIPER

    A little intro to this thread:
    - Basically this is off-topic
    - Depending on who you are, we'll troll you or help you
    - Flaming is only used as a last resort
    - Memes are heavily used in this thread
    - ETA members are a force to be reckoned with
    - No "OP is a gay fag" jokes allowed
    Thread Has been cleaned Guys.

    Have Fun.:cool:
    Sorry for late reply. I was enjoying my time on the regatta, it was great, but almost no wind today :(
    Thank you all for your support. Now I know that my works means something for some of you.
    User is banned for one month thanks to my buddy colossus. Let me know if you spot some suspicious accounts. He already made one puppy account.
    For your information - I won't respond for such attacks. I'm not a 12-years old kid to argue about everything. So if you think that trolling mod is cool I can assure you that it's not.
    Anyway let's back to our usual way of using this forum.
    Oh yeah, first it was for Gio only... Sorry, I forgotten ;D

    you are so good!!!!!!!!!
    3. I was doing a lot of things bad. Making ETAs, unifinished releases just to be better than other guys on XDA etc. It won’t happen again.
    And... Speaking against your own words again?
    5. I removed my account from XDA and I won’t create a new one. Also I won’t create topics for our works. If someone wants, fell free to make one. Earn some thanks, cheers
    Quoted from

    Anyway, don't bother about it. Welcome back, lets make a lot of good roms here.
    Lol.... Wat r u tryin 2 do? :p

    CyanogenMod 7.1-cooper-KANG-RC1 Android 2.3.7
    Firmware: 2.3.4 KPH
    Overclocked @ 921Mhz
    Dta2sd: enabled
    8gb class 2 + 600mb ext4 partition