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Feb 4, 2015
Hi guys,

I don't know if I can post here this kind of questions but I will give it a try. BTW, first post on the forum but I'm a old "viewer" and follower.

So, I have a Samsung Ace S5830. In my opinion it's a crap of phone. The battery doesn't last nothing at all and it's so slow and resources low phone... But it's what I got so I was wondering I want to get the stock FW away (because of all crap of touchWiz or something like that).

I search around here on the forum but the offer is huge right now, too much really, and I ended up not knowing wich one to choose.

I really want some FW that improves battery life, with "standard" apps compatibility and most important even a FW that gives me a more "pure" experience of a Android OS.

Thanks and sorry for the long post.


Rui Freitas


Senior Member
Apr 8, 2015
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Pls help, as you can see my S5830 doesn't load. It connects to Odin fine and says pass but doesn't reboot. It just flash's when I turn it on. I have no recovery and boot straight to this in download 1432585953694.jpg

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    Edit:Btw this thread is inspired by jusada, who made me realise XDA isn't just for seriousness LOL

    Teh memberz:
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    A little intro to this thread:
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    - Depending on who you are, we'll troll you or help you
    - Flaming is only used as a last resort
    - Memes are heavily used in this thread
    - ETA members are a force to be reckoned with
    - No "OP is a gay fag" jokes allowed
    Thread Has been cleaned Guys.

    Have Fun.:cool:
    Sorry for late reply. I was enjoying my time on the regatta, it was great, but almost no wind today :(
    Thank you all for your support. Now I know that my works means something for some of you.
    User is banned for one month thanks to my buddy colossus. Let me know if you spot some suspicious accounts. He already made one puppy account.
    For your information - I won't respond for such attacks. I'm not a 12-years old kid to argue about everything. So if you think that trolling mod is cool I can assure you that it's not.
    Anyway let's back to our usual way of using this forum.
    Oh yeah, first it was for Gio only... Sorry, I forgotten ;D

    you are so good!!!!!!!!!
    3. I was doing a lot of things bad. Making ETAs, unifinished releases just to be better than other guys on XDA etc. It won’t happen again.
    And... Speaking against your own words again?
    5. I removed my account from XDA and I won’t create a new one. Also I won’t create topics for our works. If someone wants, fell free to make one. Earn some thanks, cheers
    Quoted from

    Anyway, don't bother about it. Welcome back, lets make a lot of good roms here.
    Lol.... Wat r u tryin 2 do? :p

    CyanogenMod 7.1-cooper-KANG-RC1 Android 2.3.7
    Firmware: 2.3.4 KPH
    Overclocked @ 921Mhz
    Dta2sd: enabled
    8gb class 2 + 600mb ext4 partition
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