The status of Android 3.1 Honeycomb on the Nook Color

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Jul 29, 2010
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I don't think the devs will release honeycomb mostly because ics has got most functions of honeycomb, and they'll see it as a waste of time

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im hoping they will because it is always nice to have some options, plus i read somewhere that ics looks weird when it is set to our screen density and resolution but ether way im just glad we are able to finally have a tablet experience instead of a modified phone experience

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    Since many people asked what I was doing these days:

    The Nook Color running a healthy mix of Android 3.1 Honeycomb from the Xoom and Android 3.1 from Google's SDK.
    As can be seen towards the end the Launcher application suffers from some drawing issues. The same issues can be observed in Google's SDK 3.1 emulator. The emulator and the nook both are doing software UI rendering instead of the new in 3.0 hardware accelerated UI rendering. Sadly the PowerVR SGX530 drivers that are (publicly) available right now are lacking some features to activate the hardware UI rendering on the nook. (like support for EGL_SWAP_BEHAVIOUR = EGL_BUFFER_PRESERVED
    and the GL_OES_EGL_image_external extension). I started patching around those issues, which is hard without the access to the Android source, and can confirm that the nook's hardware is more than capable of running 3.0/3.1 hardware accelerated even though the source might need some patches if we don't get updated drivers for the SGX530.

    So the status right now is: software UI with redraw issues or hardware UI with a working home screen but tons of more issues in other applications.

    Other than that sound, wifi and opengl works. (no DSP/video decoding so far)

    So who's up for solving the redrawing issues?

    Possible solutions are:
    • getting our hands on a newer SGX530 driver than
    • unpacking, patching and repacking Launcher2
    • ?
    • waiting until Google releases the 3.1 AOSP source

    -Rafael Brune
    Not really. I don't mean to sound too frustrated, but it is almost irrelevant that 3.2 adds 7" support, since that has not been a problem (the big thing that i understand that it might fix, is the system being forced to have the tiny 120DPI).

    A system dump from a non Omap 3 device will do us almost no good at all; certainly not much better (and in some cases worse) than the SDK builds we can already get. The compiled OS'es are compiled for specific hardware; if it is different than ours (Tegra 2...), we cannot use it.

    Actually I would like to have a system dump of the xoom 3.2 - so if someone can hand me one that would be great, otherwise I'll try to manually patch the 3.1 dump I have to 3.2 with the official update file.

    Also what I actually did for 3.0 and 3.1 is mixed up the xoom dump, the sdk image and hardware drivers from the original nook images and cyanogen mod 7 into one tasty blend. The only thing really hard to get running with using the xoom dumps is hardware video decoding since that is really deeply compiled into the android binaries and tries to use the tegra hardware, patching that into using the omap hardware and drivers is not an easy task. (not that any of the other things are easy to do but this is a few steps more intense).
    Thanks, Mr. deeper-blue. With the recent CM7 (nightly 86) debacle on SGX/DSP/HW Overlay front, the only serious hope remains with your Android 3.1 port for NC (though I'm afraid it will have better chances with kernels 2.6.36 and newer). Anyway, yours is a noble and daring effort, I will follow it religiously in my blog.

    lol, here we go again....The SGX, DSP, and HW overlay work fine in CM7. There is no debacle except for the one inside your head.

    If you don't like CM7/Gingerbread that's fine. Please don't use it. Surely you can understand my frustration to have someone constantly spread FUD about the work that myself and others have done. What aludal wants is hardware flash acceleration and hardware accelerated skia. This isn't going to happen on Gingerbread and it is not a reflection of how well our SGX, DSP, and HW overlay are working.
    +1 !

    Keep up with the excelent work !!! :)

    ok all of you guys are real downers when you pretty much say "give up, source is the only way" now i know thats not what your literally saying but thats what im getting from your posts

    good job dude, i would love to see a beta for this if its as stable as honeycomb v4(knowing your work it will be) a side from a few graphical errors(im assuming the same ones from the first SDK port) i think it can and probably will be a daily driver for most people here

    Completely agree, there are a couple of interesting apps in the market that take advantage of HC and would be great in the Nook.

    If you ask me waiting for AOSP don't look as such a good idea, since it's release is not so sure.
    @Modded Darts :

    We landed on the moon? No way!

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