The Ultimate Custom X10 Rom

The Xperia Rom Debate

  • I would like the CyanogenMod rom ported to the xperia range

    Votes: 360 59.5%
  • I would like the Stock Android rom ported to the xperia range

    Votes: 118 19.5%
  • I would like a custom rom just for the xperia range

    Votes: 98 16.2%
  • I would like some other rom ported to the xperia range

    Votes: 29 4.8%

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Senior Member
Feb 23, 2009
And this UI
Aug 24, 2010
I'm not sure this is the right place to put this, and please don't freak out, you Windows Mobile haters, but I would like to see the X10 be able to dual boot Android and Windows Mobile.

A a windows mobile ab that? :p

I would like a clean rom too...
But for launcher I would like launcher pro plus...really like the widget's like the sense ui

Titanium backup, vignette and barnacle wifi tether is irreplacable for me

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Senior Member
Oct 18, 2010
alright....something i would like to see in a custom ROM....well for one the notification bar should include quick launch, or quick settings kinda like how the captivate or the my touch does. the abliliy to change your home wallpaper and the UI wallpaper. a custom home would be nice. but it would need to have the option of sliding as well as tap open. kinda how zeam does fact zeam launcher built in would be nice. not the newest version tho cuz i forgot they removed a sliding drawer. oh also, we need to have a name for this project. a newly designed lockscreen. i mean c'mon its the X10. we're famous for having a lockscreen no one else has, (except lockbot) even our ambient time screen is custom. oh on some versions of linux, there is something called sky dome. so when you change desktops on it the screen zooms out and there is a panoramic view, top to bottom, left to right. it would be a neat animation if when ever you opened and app or changed screens on the home you would see the window fold away and fold back in. oh i love the feature on cyanogenmod that allows you to change all the pixels to whatever color you like, like red for night viewing.

so to consolidate my rantings
-quick seettings in notification
-sliding app drawer
-name for project
-custom lockscreen
-skydome animations
-Change all wallpapers
-notification bar color changer

all in all, lets make it the kind of UI where a year later you find your newest 'favorite customization' :)


Senior Member
Apr 16, 2010
Kingston, ON about just plain old vanilla Android 2.2 That sounds pretty sweet to me. And if you could make the camera flash work that would be nice too. After all, beggars can't be choosers.


Senior Member
Aug 5, 2008
It seems many users simply want the cyanogen rom on their phones and who can blame them with a simple stock version heading up second place.

As a friend of mine is keen to create some impressive phone tools and apps for the android platform in a general sense I think it would only be right to try and complete or at least get a x10 rom off the ground with his help as he can use this as a test bed and we get a rom that a mad scientist would have in his/her pocket.

Clutter free will be the main ethos as I think the x10 ten has more than enough useless eye candy but at the same time I'm itching to bring a cool aspect to the beautiful x10 as I think it and its users deserve something to be proud of.

I'll come up with a handful of project names of which we can vote on and also create a short-list of the cool ideas that users have mention and lets see if we can make it kick ass.

I have a full time Job as a Designer/Animator and he's a 24/7 coding monkey so please bare with us.

Now cooking roms isn't too different from making scrabbled eggs right? ;)

"Most truths were once deemed blasphemies"


Mar 8, 2008
Cool idea.

Can i suggest the rom should have:

Launcher and interface:
ADW Launcher
Some 3rd party lock screen that is better than the stock, but not a buggy one
SMS Popup
SlideIT Keyboard
Beautiful Weather and Clock widget

XScope G browser
Stock Browser as backup

Doubletwist Music Player

Unit Converter
Titanium Backup
EasyTether Lite
RealCalc Scientific Calculator
Xperia Flashlight

for idea it is good :), but to go further we need someone who familiar with this "thing", i seen this on samsung spica, and modaco sites, the rom was made in server, but i have no idea how to start....

secondly,until we can get crackedloader we should think or even made rommaker...


Mar 8, 2008
I'm with you. A nice clean, stock ROM would be the best. Everybody can install apps for themselves (heard of AppBrain? ;)). Designing a ROM with pre-installed apps will be very difficult, since everybody has other tastes/likes. (For example: I hate everything pre-installed. I want to be able to choose what to install on my phone. I also hate that the pre-installed apps that come with a phone can't be uninstalled. They're just taking up precious space...)

because this it willbe good idea a switchable interface, are we? :)


Senior Member
Jan 27, 2010
Best thing to do is make a vanilla one with all the optimalisations and release sertain packs for it. Or some sort of automated apk that installs all your apps for you. I loved AOSP but 007 looks disgusting. How do z&j cook their roms?

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    it is alredy done...but in my test it was laggy,and slow..maybe im wrong, but it is only my opinion..
    It is far from done since the rom provided here is just a preview and nothing works (yet). Check out YouTube to see how fast this rom is! ;)
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