The Way To Make My Phone Flashable Again

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Dec 12, 2009
To Day I Hardspl And Flash New Rom For Touch Pro2 (Modify) That I Found In This Forum And I Notice After I Flash That Rom Build For Tilt2 (The Phone Signal Not Stable A Problem With Ram And Weird Problem About Hardware Keyboard ).

After I Use It And I Decide To Change To Another Modify Rom. I Found That I Can't Flash Rom. And Spl Change To New (Not Olinex).

I Try To Flash Olinex Again And Notworking (Device Not Responding Error In Flash Process)
I Try To Flash Stock Spl. And That No Luck It's Same Problem

I Worry About My Phone Are Not Able To Flash Again (I Have Bricked Nokia E90 And Feel Sad Before) And I Prepare To Sent To Htc Service But I Found The Way To Flash By Accident

To Make Phone Flash Able
1. I Have Flash New Windows Mobile For Touch Pro2 (S2) From Htc Website That Have The Same Spl. After That I Feel Happy That I Can Flash Official Rom And Hardreset After That.
2. I Downgrade By Flash Official Windows Mobile From Htc Spl 0.87 And Hardreset After That
3. I Can Flash Olinex Spl And Happy To Flash ModifyRom Again.

Sorry For My Bad English. And Anyone Who Have Easier way To Solve This Problem Please Guide

Hope This Information Useful To Anotheruser
Thanks For Information In Xda-Dev And Chef To Cook New Useful Rom For Rhodium

My Device Is Rhodium Hongkong
Energy Rom Thanks NRGZ28 Best Wolverine
ThaiwinCe ,Igo8,And Thai Keyboard Work Fine Again