The Worst Android Device That You've Ever Had & Why

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Sep 7, 2009
What do you consider yours? Mine was my first ever android phone, the HTC hero. I loathed that phone with a passion. If it wasn't the too small screen making typing a great hassle, it was the abysmal battery that only lasted for about two hours and the trackball that often got stuck and felt like it was going to pop out. Anyways, do share :D

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Aug 18, 2010
Galaxy nexus

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Oct 2, 2010
Hands down, the Samsung Moment.. If you dare use Wifi, within a few minutes of leaving wifi range, the whole radio locked up.. No calls, no text, no data... No nothing till it rebooted... Which took around 4 to 5 minutes (no exaggeration). Sprint mysteriously had it dissappear from the stores and its site one day, following mass reports to the FCC that thing thing constantly failed resulting in lost ability to call 911. The supposed "FIX" to a problem Sprint said never existed is plain as day in their code... The fix didn't work at all. In fact I believe it made it worse. Not to mention horrid battery life, the fact that the CPU was only ever designed to run @ 667mhz but was clocked @ 800. I almost discounted Android as a whole because of this abomination of technology. The Epic was better, but still had its share of problems. If not for the community I would have gone iPhone. Finally with the Gnex I am satisfied with Android.

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unsigned long flags;
// Temp code for instinctq bug in data reconnection after modem is reset
// When the modem is reset, pppd doesn't close ttyCDMA nor does it clear
// the exclusive flag. When this happens other apps can't reopen ttyCDMA
// device. And if even if it did, data connection can't be re-established..
// So for now, let's just kill pppd here for an easy fix...
if(strcmp(current->comm, "pppd")==0) {
pppd_pid = get_pid(task_pid(current));
printk(__C "pppd pid=%d" C__, pid_vnr(task_pid(current))); //
} else {
if(pppd_pid && pppd_reset_needed) {
int err;
struct pid *p_pid = pppd_pid;
pppd_pid = NULL;
pppd_reset_needed = 0;
err = kill_pid(p_pid, SIGTERM, 1);
printk(__C "Killing PPPD(%d) err=%d" C__, pid_vnr(p_pid), err);
} }
} #endif


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May 11, 2011
Woodstock, CT
My HTC rezound. It sucked ass. Horrible battery life and horrible quality control from HTC... maybe because all my other HTC phones were awesome... but not the Rezound.

Gnex is amazing

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Sep 18, 2010
Had Captivate, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and the worse would have to be the Captivate due to TouchWiz. Still, it wasn't too bad though.
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