[THEME] 8/30/2010 Manup456 The EVO Collection 2.2 UPDATED =)


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Dec 10, 2008
I had started a thread like this in the nexus section for my themes that I will be converting to CM6 and Sense as well. I will be posting all my EVO themes in one thread so look for my EVO stuff here. These themes are both very Alpha but I will be updating often.

Oh and last but not least ENJOY!!!! these FU#$ERS!!! = )

REVOlution Sense 1.2r1/CM6_RC1 1.1

Install Instructions
Installing Theme - Place the .zip on the root of your s.d and flash like you would a rom.

Installing Keyboard - unzip the .zip file and place the .apk on your s.d and install with any file manager you are using. Once you have installed the .apk you will need to go to settings/Language and Keyboard select HTC_IME mod, now that thats selected we need to set the keyboard as default so hold a text box till input method pops up and select the HTC_IME mod and DONE.

Installing icon set - Unzip the .zip file and put the folder with the icons on your s.d use any program that allows custom like Bettercut or LauncherPRO etc...

Installing Fonts - Place the .zip on s.d and flash as you would a rom.

Installing LauncherPRO Docks - Place the dock in the LauncherPro Docks folder on your s.d preference/Appearance/docks and select custom now select the dock and done.

Installing Alt_BOOT - Place .zip on s.d and go to recovery if you dont know and flash away.

Installing_Transparent_apps .zip - Place .zip and flash as you would the theme or a rom.

Installing_Transparent_apps Signed - This .zip of apps can extracted to s.d and installed individually with any app installer.

Installing_Wallpaper - Well the wallpaper does not need to be really be installed, you just need to extract the folder from the .zip and put on the root of your S.D and apply the wallpaper as normal.
Theme OP 8/31/2010:

A lot of work on Music app
NEW widget buttons and Music player as well.
Resources apk work.
more notification icons done a few changed.
google search updated.
etc...been playing with this for a while rosie optimized real nice.

Update 1.2r1

Message Widget Done background tweaked and icon.
google search bar all icon got a edit done to it as well.
Fixed small gap in browser bar.
Touched up a few other things.

NOTE: Sorry about the links working on something great for uploads so the rest will be updated soon and I have a bunch of stuff already done just need to resolve this issue.



Goodies OP 8/11/2010:

Custom Keyboard--> DONE!
Alt Battery--> DONE!
164 CLEAN Icon Set--> DONE!
164 DIRTY Icon Set--> DONE!
LauncherPro Dock---> DONE!
Alt_Rosie--> DONE!
REVOlution_Wallpapers--> DONE!
Transparent apps--> DONE!
No_Clock_MOD--> DONE!
No_Battery_MOD--> DONE!
No_Battery_No_Clock_MOD--> DONE!

NEW!!!! REVOlution_Wallpaper_Set: 8/9/2010

19 Hi-Res_Wallpaper either created,edited or re-sized by me.
All wallpapers are 960x800 and 300 resolution.

NEW!!!! REVOlution_Transparent_Apps 8/9/2010


ROM Versions:

CM6 Froyo---> DONE!
All SENSE Roms---> DONE!


8/31/2010 All Sense 2.2 ---> Download and MIRRROR

8/9/2010 CM6 RC1 ---> Download

Goodies Downloads

REVOlution Alt Battery 1.1r2

8/5/2010 Sense_Alt_Battery ---> Download

8/6/2010 CM6_RC1_Alt_Battery ---> Download

Themed HTC_IME ---> Download


REVOlution_Alt_Rosie ---> Download

LaucherPro Docks

116 CLEAN Set

Manup's Simple Word Icons_Clean_164SET---> Download

116 DIRTY Set

Manup's Simple Word Icons_Dirty_164SET---> Download

REVOlution_Font_1.1r2 ---> Download

REVOlution_Alt_Font_1.1r2 ---> Download

REVOlution_Theme_MOD_NoClock---> Download

REVOlution_Theme_MOD_NoBatt---> Download

REVOlution_Theme_MOD_NoBatt_NoClock---> Download


Androids_Alt BOOT!!! =) ---> Download


Transparent_Apps .zip---> Download

Transparent_Apps_Signed---> Download


Wallpaper_Set ---> Download

To Do List:

Keep bringing out new killer updates =).

Original thread and pics ---> This is the original

Thanks,Credit and donators:

xeudoxus transparent pulldown background and amazing contributions to the android community Wicked_Beav For being cool as s#!t mkaswell1 Best Tester OUT! 4 sure and a donator ;) nugzo Donator Sporkman Donator dukins Donator SteelH For the bootanimation in his de-odex rom, oh he said it was posted by a xda user but no name because you should get major credit ivide infra Donator Konikub For his resources.arsc edit I used for the Alt_Rosie koricua74 Donator Rippley05 Donator ivide infra Donator st3ph3nt3 Donator shift_ Donator JDMRoy for signing the transparent modded .apk for me djlethalweapon Donator JsChiSurf Providing the base used for the NoBatt,NoClock and NoBatt or NoClock

NOTE: Anyone who donates five dollars or more p.m me with a idea or anything you would like to see in your custom wallpaper I will make as a extra little thank you for the donation. =)
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Very nice looking stuff you have here. Will this lay right over top of my fresh 1.0.1 rom and does it require full wipes or any at all?
I don't know if it applies to this release but when I applied the Alpha 3 release I got various FCs because I was running the modded services.jar (% in notification bar) and the circle battery MetaMorph. But it worked flawless over my "stock" Fresh 1.0.1 setup.