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[THEME] Black N' Purple Android 6.0/7.0

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    Theme Black N' Purple

    So this is Black N' Purple . It is a Black, Purple and Turquoise colored theme.

    Someone has been requesting for this theme and I have made it. It is my first theme to be ever made, SO give it a try and give me feedback so I can improve on this theme. Please don't criticize too harshly but do tell me about the problems.

    I am using Android 7.0 but it is also available for Android 6.0. If there are problems for Android 6.0, again please report it.

    If you want a better wallpaper use a better wallpaper.
    If you want a better keyboard use Gboard or something like that

    (If you're updating, delete the previous version and continue on with step 1)
    1) Choose APK to install - M2 is QHD, M is HD
    2) Install the APK
    3)Hit free trial when you see the theme in theme store
    4)You have a free minutes so quickly use your root explorer and go to /data/overlays/jsonfiles/trialjson and move the file to /userjson
    5) Go to /data/overlays/perferences and delete everything

    @LyLu for telling me to make this theme


    Screenshots/Downloads are BELOW
    This is v2. Changelog is in Post #2

    Downloads Below. Enjoy :D
    Change log:

    V1: Release

    V2: Some Fixes
    Added better wallpaper
    Added better keyboard
    Pure black notification panel
    Tweaked some colors
    And more!

    V3: More Fixes
    Theme Ringtone Added
    Pure Black Color in some Parts
    Tweaked Some Colors - In lockscreen keypad, phone and more
    Look for yourself!
    More Themes Coming Soon....
    V3 is out. Changelog is in post #2.
    Just saying Android 6.0 and 7.0 will look different. So give me screen shots if there are any problems

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