[THEME] BrightSilence Black/Carbon Espresso v2.2a (Skin available for HD roms)

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Dec 9, 2009
problems with flashing the theme

hi, i have some problems with flashing themes to my dhd. like the install instructions say, i flashed the latest leedroid hd v1.2 rom. everything works just fine after that. i am able to boot the phone and it works.
after that every time i try to flash the theme, at the first boot i get stuck at the green htc logo with the white background. at this point i am not able to turn off the phone anymore. i have to take out the battery and do a full recovery to be able to boot my phone again. i dont know if i am doing something wrong in the flash procedure. i am doing it the same way i flash the rom. i would be greatfull for some help. thx


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Dec 14, 2010
Not working with Leedroid 2.3

i just flashed it with Leedroid 2.3 and it said completed.

Now it keeps coming to lock screen and in a loop :(

i guess it's not compatible with this version.


Oct 12, 2010
I just tried to flash the theme with LeeDroid 2.3b but it says "Can't open"...
My phone has AlphaRev s-off so I presume it's not a signature issue.

However, I installed LeeDroid after AlphaRev so I don't know if LeeDroid reset S-OFF to S-ON ?...

edit: it works fine with eskOdr0id black & blue theme. Strange... Do I need to install Espresso mod bar first ?
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Oct 12, 2010
Flash has worked, zip must have been damaged when moved to SD card on first time.
Boot animation is working .... but that's all. Boot Anim is looping with SIM card not detected, boot anim restarting, then tells me no service again, then boot anim restart for a third time and then FC with a black screen...

What can I do?

Edit: I've been able to install simple Espresso Black linked on this post.

Tried again, no way to get Carbon working and not looping after first bootanimation.

I give up. :(
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Nov 21, 2009
Loop problem

Same problem here,

Brightsilence_Carbon_Expresso_2.2a installs then boots up to the sim unlock screen and then reboot the phone and restarts the whole process again.

Using HTC Desire

Android version 2.2
Baseband Version 32.44.0032U_5.09.05.30_2
Kernel Version [email protected] #1
Build number 2.29.405.2 CL226611 release-keys
Software number LeeDroid V2.3b
Browser version Webkit 3.1


and yes i have cleared cache and Dalvik...

maybe a Kernel problem?

any ideas pls keep the comunity informed :)


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    BrightSilence Black/Carbon Espresso v2.2a

    There is now a Carbon Espresso skin available for HD roms here!
    Thanks to sopL87 for porting it!

    Tested by me on:
    • LeeDrOiD 2.2f

    Should work on 2.10.405.2 Froyo Sense ROM's... Might work on earlier versions too. Does not work on based roms like AuraxTSense 7.7.
    On MCR ROMs, if you experience issues sending text messages, replace the mms.apk in system/app with the one from the MCR zip.

    The mod includes the following:
    • Two versions of the Espresso mod: Black & Carbon (The latter includes carbon elements for the Espresso interface)
    • Rebuilt from ground based on files from Froyo Sense 2.10.405.2
    • Circle Battery Version C
    • Fancy icon set by trinityEon
    • Blue elements by trinityEon
    • New bootscreen HTC + BrightSilence + Nexus animation
    • Custom boot sound
    • Homescreen Drag and Drop in helicopter view
    Black left | Carbon right


    More Carbon screenshots




    Install instructions

    Follow these to the letter and you shouldn't have any issues:
    • Install the latest LeeDrOiD version from here if you haven't already (recommended ROM, this step is not required as long as you have a Froyo Sense ROM)
    • Do a full boot into the LeeDrOiD ROM (This may take up to 15 minutes. Skipping this step will result in a boot loop!)
    • Reboot into recovery and run a nandroid backup!
    • Flash the BrightSilence Black/Carbon Espresso from recovery (make sure signature verification is turned off!)
    • Do another full boot (May again take up to 15 minutes, don't worry, it will boot fast again after this initial full boot)
    • Enjoy!

    Click here to download BrightSilence Black Espresso v2.2a

    Click here to download BrightSilence Carbon Espresso v2.2a


    v2.2a (Black|Carbon)
    • Minor fixes to adjust for changes in LeeDrOiD v2.2

    v2.2 (Black|Carbon)
    • Split into two different versions: Black & Carbon
    • Rebuilt from ground based on files from Froyo Sense 2.10.405.2
    • Fixed Google search bar mod (Is now dark again on 2.10.405.2)
    • Fixed issue with the transparent status bar showing weird messages in calender app
    • Fixed the labels of apps being cut off at the bottom
    • Stretched notification bar on the bottom of the notification window has been replaced with a scalable alternative
    • Carbon Espresso lockscreen added
    • New boot animation that includes the name of the mod
    • Less obnoxious boot sound

    • Carbon navbar
    • Updated widgets and system apps with blue carbon and black espresso elements
    • Fixed some stretched images
    • Carbon clock
    • Custom Carbon Espresso boot sound

    • More icons from the set by trinityEon
    • Blue elements from the carbon mod by trinityEon
    • Retains the dark black theme from the espresso mod
    • Renamed to Carbon EspressoMod ala BrightSilence

    • Added icon set by trinityEon for more colorful icons with transparent background.
    • Added the darker unlock bar when called by zaphyr.

    • Fixed the weird looking delete bar in the Espresso Mod. Now shows the full bar, but without the 'all apps' and 'add to home screen' icons

    • Added drag and drop of home screens in helicopter view

    • Original


    • trinityEon - Battery icons for the C version of the circle battery mod. Icon set for notification bar. Blue carbon elements.
    • Lincore - Notification background and transparency, Espresso lockscreen and modifications to other widgets included.
    • Fightspit - Battery % modification
    • zaphyr - Modifications to EspressoBar and unlock bar when called.
    • BrightSilence - Lots of modifications to the above, updates and compilation of the package into a flashable zip.
    Question about flashing


    I have a simple question about flashing this theme.

    I spent all day yesterday getting from .92 to .80 and rooting and flashing Leedroid and setting up all icons and homescreens and folders and what not.

    So my question is, if i flash this theme, what exactly will be changed on the phone, will it be wiped, reset home screens or do absolutely nothing? :p
    Just flashed the latest version looks and works great. One thing though you have done some great work but im not a big fan of the custom boot sound.
    Would i be able to change with winrar and get the old sound out of one of the previous versions and replace it?

    Yep, that would work just fine.
    @BrightSilence is there any chance of updating your wonderful themes to work on LeeDroid 2.3 a2sd+ 2.29.405.2 base?
    Hi to all!

    tried it on my ReflexTSenseHD v1.7 DHD port bot the phone hangs up on bootscreen. Does my Rom not support this mod? Which one should I use instead?

    I just flashed it in recovery mode.
    Did I do something wrong?

    Thanks for your help