[Theme EMUI 3.1, 4.0, 4.0.1 & 4.1] EMIUI (2 Styles)

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    I like to introduce my new theme - EMIUI
    EMIUI brings some of the MIUI look to our Huawei & Honor devices
    Fully compatible with EMUI 3.1 and up.

    Icon requests: please with app name & app ID

    Try out my other theme: Flat EMUI and new EMUI 5 Theme

    Initial release (MIUI 8 Style): 21th july 2016 V.20160721
    - New MIUI 8 style quick shortcut icons, settings, system UI & dialer
    - Please note not all requested icons are included, there will be included in next update, in MIUI 7 Version too.

    Latest release (MIUI 7 Style): 12th february 2016 V.1.2.5
    - New MIUI 7 style quick shortcut icons
    - Added requested icons
    - Changed header title color in EMUI 4 from turquoise to orange
    - Changed music control buttons in notification panel to MIUI 7 style


    The theme was only tested on my Huawei Ascend P7, Huawei P8 & Huawei P9 Plus
    There's no guarantee that this theme works on every EMUI device!
    If you wan't to use some elements in your theme, feel free to send me a request!

    How to install:
    Download desired theme, unzip it and place the .hwt file
    in HWThemes and apply it in Themes app. Restart your phone if you're on EMUI 3.1 -> Done!

    If you like EMIUI, please hit thanks!​
    New Update is coming next week. This new version of EMIUI is based on MIUI 8. Click to view full size image.
    I have the same problem @maximax2795 Where are you friend? This theme need a update with more icons, for example: Fever, Clash Royale, new icons style for Instagram, Layout and Boomerang.

    Apart of that when i update Spotify to latest versión the Spotify icon back to stock icon.

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    I'm really bussy for now, anyway i will update the theme in the next days with requested icons.
    Also, i'm working on a new theme, which i will release the next month or august. But it will be only compatible with EMUI 4 & 4.1
    Click to enlarge
    Please note that this screenshot does not represent the final theme and it's on a very early stage of developement. There can be some changes until release.
    @maximax2795 Can you change the effect of the shortcuts to MIUI 7?

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    Sure, i will try to update the theme in the next week, i don't have much free time :)
    Hi everyone, this theme isn't "dead" (I would tell you).
    I basically don't have much time for updating this theme, don't worry, there will be an update this year for sure. But i have great news, a new theme is coming later this month (i hope i can keep this date ;) )

    It will be a EMUI 5 theme for EMUI 4.....
    So yeah, the new theme will be only compatible with EMUI 4 - 4.1.1. There will be no updates for all my EMUI 3 - 3.1 themes anymore.

    Here's a little preview, hope you like it :)
    (The theme is in development, there may be some changes in the final version)