[THEME] EMUI 5 Theme for EMUI 4.0 - 4.1.1 (Update January 23, 2017)

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Oct 16, 2016
I liked the notification symbols above the icons in blue, very good work, continue and thank you very much.


Nov 26, 2010
Incredible work, very nice! IMHO, one of the best themes, but I don´t know if it´s my problem (Honor 7) but Advanced settings>Battery>Details battery consumption... I can´t see the graphic and data consumption/activation
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Jan 4, 2012
OnePlus Nord 2 5G
Can you make that 4.1.1 blue as well?


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Mar 10, 2009
in the next update Can you themed sms app and resolve bugs of battery manager?

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Mar 27, 2015


Can you repair that?

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And that

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Jul 18, 2016
Why there is a white navbar ? It doesnt look good ;)


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    Can't wait for EMUI 5? Or your device won't even get the EMUI 5 Update? Then this theme is just right for you!
    With this theme, you can have the "Aegean Sea" inspired look and feel of EMUI 5 on your EMUI 4.0 - 4.1.1 device.
    Please note the white navigation bar won't effect material design apps, except for google chrome.
    In older apps (holo designed apps) and in remote control app it will be white.
    I could change that, but then it will be black in EMUI apps too and that wouldn't fit the EMUI 5 look.
    No icon requests for this theme! From time to time i will add some other icons but don't expect a huge icon pack

    Check out my other themes: Flat EMUI and EMIUI
    Latest release: 23th january 2017 V.20170123 BETA
    - Added blue Whatsapp color (If you don't like it, open the .hwt file with winrar or similiar program and remove "com.whatsapp")
    - Added icons for following apps: facebook, instagram, snapchat, shazam, deezer, es explorer, prisma, skype & steam
    - changed chrome icon to a more conventional one
    - calendar icon is now dynamic and shows the actual date
    - Fixed bug in calendar, notepad & ringtone changer where the cancel & accept buttons in the title bar were invisible
    - reworked button in updater & backup app
    - small bugfixes in phone manager app (thanks to @erayrafet), some elements in power usage details are now visible, but there is still some work to do

    Previous release: 06th december 2016 V.20161206 BETA
    - EMUI 5 style statusbar icons added
    - EMUI 5 font added
    - Fixed media control buttons in lockscreen
    - Restyled backup app
    - Re-designed hicare app
    - EMUI 5 style permission manager icon in settings
    - Some changes in calculator app, status bar is now visible
    - Motion control settings & SMS services app title bar themed
    - Some framework graphics fixed

    Previous release: 21th november 2016 V.20161121 BETA
    - Changed some framework elements to EMUI 5 style (spinner, buttons and popup window)
    - Dialer looks now more like that of EMUI 5
    - Changed some elements of incall-UI
    - Re-designed backup app
    - Changed some action bar icons in Settings
    - Changed settings icon in notification panel
    - Changed "Search for updates" in updater app
    - Added whatsapp & spotify icon that matches other icons

    Initial release: 17th november2016 V.20161117 BETA
    - Changes big parts of the UI

    This theme is in BETA, so be aware that not all apps are themed and that some bugs are present.
    The theme was only tested on my Huawei P8 & Huawei P9 Plus.
    It's not compatible with devices with EMUI 3.1 or lower! It could be work, but i will not support it officially.
    It would be very usefull if you report bugs, please with note of your corresponding device.
    If you wan't to use some elements in your theme, feel free to send me a request!
    I put a lot of work in this theme and also spend a lot time on this, so don't steal it!

    Known bugs:
    - Power usage details are white and unreadable (this is the worst bug)
    - The text under profile picture in huawei ID app has the same color as the background
    - Tabs shifts in landscape mode, this can not be fixed.
    - The navigation bar is white in recent apps menu, this can not be fixed (Only EMUI 4.1)
    - The status bar icons are black in phonemanager, this can not be fixed.
    - The header text in harassment filter, battery manager and app lock settings is white and unreadable.
    If someone is able to decompile phone manager app and send me the colors.xml file (in values folder) i would be very grateful.


    How to install:
    Download and place the .hwt file in internal storage > HWThemes and apply it in themes app.
    Remove a previous version of this theme before you install a new version, otherwise the new version will not be displayed!
    Restart your phone if you're on EMUI 4.0, so the navigation bar changes it's color -> Done!

    If you like EMUI 5 theme, please hit thanks!​
    I can't wait for updates, nice man!

    Theme has been updated :)
    3 weeks waiting for the update and no message of anything, I hope it says something about when to update the subject

    Tomorrow i will release a update with dynamic calendar icon and some bugfixes
    Nice theme! Can you please update the calendar icon to show the actual date?

    Sure, dynamic calendar icon will be added in next Update :)
    Whatsapp color

    Hey guys, i added a poll for the following suggestion

    Would you like whatsapp with that color? You can vote until december 30th :)