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[Theme] Enoch v1.5.0.8-test1 [CM-DS 5.0.7/5.0.8-test1/SuperE 1.2] - UPDATE - 11-15-20

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Jun 15, 2010
to Rodah163 should be fine, can't see why it wouldn't work.

Although to dev one thing that I noticed was when installing this theme the integrated spare parts disappeared from the settings menu which isn't much of a deal but it has some useful stuff.

Nice theme though


Senior Member
Apr 5, 2009
no need.
cm 6.1-nightlies already have a black theme.
and its awesome.
no more need to wait for theme or flash anything else

Well, first off, you are entitled to your opinion. I've used the built in black theme on the 6.1 nightlies and it's pretty good. More recently, I've used the colorized version that can be found in the cyanogenmod nightly discussion forum. I miss the look of the old Enoch theme though. I was hoping to have time this week to give this a try. Maybe if someone else gets to it first, they can report back on how well it works. Theme Injector script link


Senior Member
Oct 3, 2008
Portland, OR
Ok...so here's the deal.
I'm sorry to have abandoned with no news, but so many things happened at once that there was no way to just pick this back up.

First off, I only have access to one device - the Nexus One.
CM was originally just for a few devices, so it wasn't really a problem for me to fix problems in the 3 similar devices that it originally was released for.
Now CM6 supports nearly 20 devices now...and all of them have their own unique glitches and tweaks that need to be catered to. I asked numerous times for people with those devices to help me test and such - and although I got a couple responses, NO ONE ever replied to my call for help on that issue.

Secondly, there was a huge loss of time and files in my life at the same time - which did not bode well.
Around the time that CM5 was dropping, I had to have surgery which took me out of deving for at least the few weeks that I was on pain medication. It's rather hard to program on strong opiates. It's rather hard to do much of anything at all on strong opiates. But I tried anyways. Ended up updating my computer by installing the new version of my favorite linux - only I was all pill-addled and ended up partitioning over my main partition accidentally.
Which lost the nearly-a-month of work at resizing .9.pngs to HDPI. I was so spun by that turn of events, that I didn't even bother trying to catch up again.
Follow this up with major personal turmoil, a move, a new job, and the concreting of an important relationship and you get a mix that allows for not much time at all.

So - I'm sorry for abandoning you. Seriously. :(
This theme was one of the most fun things I did, and my phone was definitely been lacking for a while due to not having it. But the main problems still exist - I don't have an HDPI version of Enoch, and I don't have devices to develop on or people to test it for me. I'm not a professional developer...I'm a graphics designer who took my shot at making a theme that I would like.

As I have mentioned here and on Twitter, although you can get most of the files from just unzipping the installation zip, I can also give ALL of my development files to anyone who might want them. It's messy, and there's many different versions...but if it helps get this back off the ground, I'm willing to do it.

Please do not take this as some string of lame excuses for bailing on you all. It's just takes second string to my job, my work, and my lover.
But Android and XDA will always by my mistress. ;)


Senior Member
Oct 25, 2009
Was there ever a version of this theme made for SuperD 1.11? That's the ROM I'm running right now, and I'd like to have this theme on it. I don't know what version of the theme it would be, if there is one.


Senior Member
Jan 2, 2010
Atlanta, GA
I was looking around XDA for some themes (I have a HD2 now), and I couldn't help but check out DrP's Enoch theme in hope that maybe he picked up a HD2 and was theming for it now. Gotta say Enoch was probably my favorite Vanilla theme back in the day with the Dream. It's a shame that you aren't still theming, DrP. Just wanted to give a shout out to DrP and the theme. Hope nothing but the best for you.

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    Same here.... FC's continually have to boot to recovery and restore.
    Have tried this theme and Marks with same results.

    Tried fix permissions from console with no change.

    You need to move the Ringtones to the sdcard. The issue is there isnt enough space after the theme is installed. I had the same issues and just moved the ringtones to the sd and everything works fine now.

    OP - You may want to update the first post with the instructions on how to do that for the people that dont know the commands.

    Here they are (you need to do this in Terminal in CM 5.0.7 before installing the theme.)

    mount -oremount,rw /system/dev/mtdblock3 /system
    cp -r /system/media/audio/ringtones /sdcard/
    rm -R /system/media/audio/ringtones