[Theme]Grunge v01 (Cyans 4.1.999)

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Jun 18, 2009
Well its about time I got something out there for people to look at thus I present to all....

[First off I would suggest doing a nandroid as this is a beta so not all is complete as well as some wicked bugs that I need to work out.]

: GRUNGE V01 :


: Whats inside :
-Finished launcher
-Ported to 4.9999...err how ever many 9's there are...waiting for stable 4.2 before grand official release.

-Icon Changes
-Blur Animation
-HTC and Blur wallpapers

: Whats needed :
-App Bar change
-Still some icon refreshers
-Customized LockScreen (as download addon)
-...how bout I just put the word...ALOT

: Installation :
Download>Copy to SD>Recovery Mode>Flash>Done

: Notes :
Now as this is my first it may look like a bunch of icons but rest assured that by time Cyan releases that stable hes working on lets say that wont be the only surprise that people will get. So feel free to flash fly through and well fill me in on anything any changes, addons you would like to see, anything.

: Link :
Download from 4shared here~~~~~>http://www.4shared.com/file/141320288/d8714687/grunge-v01.html
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Mar 15, 2009
What do you mean basura?, I don't see any indications of hip-hop, or ricers, or bling, or any of that stuff.
Very nice theme. I like it.


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Apr 29, 2009
your icons look amazing. i will definitely be following this, and i look forward to your ;)surprise;)

and on a side note....

posted first
Its the transitions from when selecting apps as well as when you press the menu button at the home screen

Also...basura in spanish means a lot....as a noun it means garbage or in the case I am using it grunge
posted one hour and forty four minutes later......
I'm aware of DJ Basura... but you know basura means garbage in Spanish right??
just FYI


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Mar 15, 2009
Did you create the artwork? If not, can you name your source? Is it free (as in beer)? Do you know any place to find free elegant/professional looking iconpacks and artwork? I need to theme a custom build and custom launcher I'm making, but I'm not an artist. I wanted to use HTC's but, well, they're HTC's.