[THEME] Mate 10 Pro Dark Mode for ALL EMUI 5/5.1/8 devices (last update 25/01/2018)

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Senior Member
Jul 18, 2007
I install v2. 5 and I see that on phone color blue for round with symbol "i" is not the same as color blue in header like dial, favorite or contact... This should be fixed.


Senior Member
Jul 18, 2007
In dialler blue color for DIALPAD, CONTACTS and FAVORITES is other than blue color on dialler about items dial list round with letter "i". (info)


Senior Member
Jul 18, 2007
In messages SMS In them Dark Mode Pro v2. 5 button color to send messages is to dark. Please correct it to Blue te same color as color contact In messages.

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    New Mate 10 Pro 1:1 Dark Mode - now available for ALL EMUI 5/5.1/8 devices!

    Enjoy! :cool:





    2018-01-12 Version 2.5:
    - improved dial indicators color
    - camera/more menu is now dark
    - fixed alarm music choose menu color
    - new dynamic calendar icon

    2018-01-25 Version 2.4:
    - issues with not visible fonts in non-system apps should be now fixed
    - some other Huawei apps (fans, buddy, browser..) should be now readable
    - added colored dial indicators in contact

    2018-01-04 Version 2.3:
    - fixed email widget not visible content
    - bluetooth pop up window font is now readable
    - some fonts in Messaging app are now better visible
    - Smart Key settings menu is now visible (Honor phones)
    - Tips app fonts are now readable (EMUI8)

    2017-12-22 Version 2.2:
    - mobile broadcast menu is now visible
    - mirror share help is now visible
    - some pop up window fonts are visible now
    - Huawei Histen sound menu is now fully dark (EMUI8)
    - some other minor tweaks

    2017-12-06 Version 2.1:
    - fixed settings switch on/off bug
    - volume panel is now dark

    2017-12-03 Version 2.0:
    - two versions: EMUI 5 and EMUI 8
    - 1:1 Mate 10 Pro dark mode design
    - most apps covered + plus added few new app not available in the original

    Tested on Mate 10 Pro BLA-L29 and P10 (VTR-L29). Please report any bugs / glitches.

    - download and install my app from the Google Play
    - click Install Theme, then open Theme Manager and activate the theme
    - reboot your phone

    Any suggestions are welcome ;) If you like it, don't hesitate to hit 'Thanks' button :cool:

    Download with EMUI Themes Factory app from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emuithemesfactory.emuithemesfactory
    Thanks :) . Last question, is this an official theme from huawei ?
    No, original dark mode from Mate 10 Pro is not available standalone :) It's custom theme, but is made 1:1 with original dark mode.
    Please check the attached image
    You can find it in themes tab
    Can you fix the unreadable text when you scroll down and press mirror share, and press the ? Mark
    The text cannot be seen

    Will try :)
    Very very good
    Tell me how you edit themes for huawei ? What software you use to edit ?

    :D None. I use text editor.
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