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[THEME][MM] UX 5.0 (G5 Theme) for Fulmics ROM / Stock V30b/g

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Sep 5, 2014
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Aug 30, 2015
JUst install 1.4? Into twrp? No clean up needed? Want to install this.

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How to replace or add widget ?

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    Fulmics ROM 5 includes UX 5.0
    This theme will be no longer updated.

    • QuickToggle animations from G5
    • Themed notification drawer
    • Themed status bar
    • Themed framework
    • Themed settings
    • G5 apps
    • Easy backup and restore


    This theme is made for LG G3 running on Fulmics ROM 4.2.
    Tested on D855 (Fulmics 4.2). But should work on all variants running any ROM based on Stock V30b/g.

    Quick Circle and Smart Notice not working ATM.
    Smart Notice is working now.
    This theme only change SystemUI. If you want G5 apps you can download from @ccass's thread here. Gallery FC fix can be downloaded from here.
    G5 apps and Gallery fix is now included in this theme.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    UX 5.0 For LG G3, Theme for the LG G3


    Version Information
    Status: No Longer Updated
    Current Stable Version: 2.0
    Stable Release Date: 2016-04-13

    Created 2016-02-20
    Last Updated 2016-04-14

    Download the installer and install it as a normal app.
    While installing you will get random fc. It is an effect of replacing framework file.
    After installation is finished. Your phone will force reboot. This is not a bug.


    v2.0 (13/04/2016)
    • Removed T-Action tile
    • Dark theme
    • New installer
    Old changelog
    v1.9 (05/04/2016)
    • Changed black charging to transparent
    • Tweaked quick toogle edit menu to look like G5
    • Added more toggles back
    v1.8 (05/04/2016)
    • Fixed Smart Notice
    v1.7 (04/04/2016)
    • G5 notification drawer
    • Grid edit Quick Toggles
    v1.6 (04/04/2016)
    • New QuickToggles
    • AOSP style signal icon
    • Fixed camera
    • Backup/restore SystemUI and framework in installer
    v1.5 (03/04/2016)
    • New installer
    • Added G5 app icons
    • Fixed some apps not installing
    • Fixed "Home screen" settings
    v1.4 (01/04/2016)
    • Added G5 Smart Notice
    v1.3 (31/03/2016)
    • Added G5 apps
    v1.2 (29/03/2016)
    • Fixed QuickToggles
    v1.1 (29/03/2016)
    • Themed settings
    • Fixed Gallery FC
    UX 5.0 (28/03/2016)
    • Rebased on Fulmics 4.2
    • QuickToggle animations from G5
    • Themed notification drawer
    • Themed status bar
    • Themed framework
    v1.6 (26/02/2016)
    - Fixed volume menu
    - Fixed checkbox color
    v1.5 (24/02/2016)
    - Change mobile data label padding to look like AOSP
    Old changelog
    v1.4 (24/02/2016)
    - Dark theme recents app fix
    - Dark theme settings fix 2 (For Fulmics ROM only)
    v1.3 (22/02/2016)
    - Dark theme menu fix
    - Dark theme settings fix (For Fulmics ROM only)
    v1.2 (22/02/2016)
    - Dark theme for lg apps
    v1.1 (21/02/2016)
    - Material design tab for lg apps
    - Material design action icons for lg apps
    - Material design text selection for lg apps
    v1 (20/02/2016)
    - AOSP mobile signal icons
    - AOSP wifi icons
    - AOSP navbar icons
    - Removed QuickSettings text
    - Removed lockscreen carrier label
    - Removed lockscreen user icon
    - Removed knock code brackets
    - Removed emergency call button
    - Removed notification drawer carrier label
    - Removed notification drawer user button
    - 56dp actionbar for lg apps
    - Darker actionbar for lg apps

    By using this theme, you agree that
    • I am not responsible for any damage done to your device
    • You don't have the permission to use any file in the theme unless you asked me and I gave you the permission. (Except for personal use)
    • If I give you the permission to redistribute this, you must mention me and put a link to this in your thread.

    This data will be read by the installer. Please ignore this.
    Installer version: 1.0
    Theme version: 2.0
    v1.9 released.

    - Changed black charging to transparent
    - Tweaked quick toogle edit menu to look like G5
    - Added more toggles back
    v1.6 is released.

    - New QuickToggles
    - AOSP style signal icon
    - Fixed camera

    Almost all QuickToggles are replaced with vector icon. So it would use less memory.

    AOSP style signal icon is no longer included in the theme but it will be available as a Layers theme.
    I was experimenting and successfully moved AOSP style signal icon to another separated layers theme, which means i can make more options, and this also means black theme is coming soon.

    Layers is an extension of run-time resource overlay (RRO). RRO is a framework created by Sony for them to create Xperia themes but also for quick internal prototyping. Layers uses the native android code to do what it does. It is absolutely secure. Layers allows you to theme every app individually which also adds the ability to mix and match various layer packages, cool isn't it?