[Theme/Mod/Apk] XWLA4 - JKay Deluxe v13.6.4 - How the SGS2 should be! 2012-02-20

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May 25, 2011
Can't post on your other topic because of the post limit.
But I want to say thnx for your hardwork.
It's awesome even got your app from the store.

Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9100 met Tapatalk
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Feb 28, 2006
Can't download :(

I can't download any of these zips. It says there is insufficient bandwidth. Anyone got any working links for 13.6.4 for XWLA4?


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Jan 6, 2011
Hello Jkay, :good:
congratulations for your mod (beautiful themes), especially for the removal of the double tap of the home button, I think the big problem of galaxy s2 is just the home button delay...
I do not not install ICS because I find it disgusting, I wanted to stay with Gingerbread 2.3.4 but i can't run your mod with this version, so I have installed the 2.3.6 XWLA4 version and everything works perfectly but I have lost the good old bounce effect. :confused:

It is not possible to develop a mod with the old bounce effect for the Odexed firmware?



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I can't download any of these zips. It says there is insufficient bandwidth. Anyone got any working links for 13.6.4 for XWLA4?

Same problem trying to download them all, download a file at a time! :angel:

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Dec 4, 2011
Is Jkay deluxe setting 14.1 running with XWLA4 or how can i find 13.6.4 version of this program?


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Dec 11, 2005

Sorry if this is a dumb question but is there a version for firmware XWLP3 which is the standard UK O2 one? (I can't believe the answer would be no for this, hence my question).

I realise the OP says "XXLPS (ICS) version. Release date: When it is ready!" but is this different to the one I have or is there a version available for my ROM?

Thanks in advance

May Arno

Jul 5, 2012
Any news

Hi JKay,

I didn't check for the JKey availability yesterday before I update to new NEAT Lite UHLPY.
Please let me know if you have something for it.

If not then I have to role back to the older NEAT cuz all my Delux settings are stopped die to incompatibility.
I also expirince a noticeable quality drop on my screen. it's like im looking at me screen from behind a cloth texture like filter. Not sure it is related to this though.

Looking forward to hear from you buddy. thanx


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Nov 17, 2009
having trouble to configure

Hi there

Have SG2 and XWLA4 odexed,
downloaded XWLA4_JKay_Deluxe_v13_6_4_odexed.zip and installed with CWM succesfully,
without any traces.

Then installed JkayDeluxeSettingsV13_1.zip to configure the thing.

And it says Jkay Deluxe theme not found!

Is XWLA4_JKay_Deluxe_v13_6_4_odexed.zip not the theme it wants and I should install some other from 'themed versions' folder ?
Wanted to remain on stock icons, just like that on screenshot under text "Customizable Deluxe quick panel with 19 toggles (scrollable left and right)" (can't post links, sorry)

Thanks in advance :)

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    Purpose: Speed up access to settings and applications. Beautiful battery icon. Stay true to original design. Small, simple, fast without battery drain. How I think Samsung should have made it ;)
    It only needs a supported rom (odexed or deodexed) and a kernel with CWM support.

    Read the FAQ in 2nd post before posting bugs or questions!!

    100+ JKay Deluxe themes for XWLA4 odexed and deodexed roms (stock is odexed)

    Status: ICS version can be found at this thread
    ICS version also has the following features:
    * No need to reboot to change any settings anymore!
    * Added original Rotary lockscreen
    * Added original Tab lockscreen
    * Added original ICS lockscreen
    * Added JKay ICS Deluxe lockscreen (supports up 15 shortcut actions!)
    * Customize autobrightness
    * Long press Back key to kill foreground application (won't kill launcher nor certain system apps like the phone app! With customizable timeout!)
    * Keep Music/Radio Widget on lockscreen (no collapse) toggle on Circle and JKay Tab Deluxe lockscreens
    * 6 bars for GSM signal
    * Added 'Do not disturb' quick settings button (the notification toggle from tablets)
    * toggle for showing roaming icon
    * toggle for showing asu level
    * When hidding carrier label panel the date will be shown on the drag bar!
    * Added a toggle to use custom date format
    * Added a toggle to see Next Alarm Info on drag bar
    * Added a 'Play USB connect sound' toggle
    * Added toggle to center the statusbar clock
    * Added toggle for transparent statusbar on desktop
    * Added toggle for transparent statusbar on lockscreen
    * Added toggle to see statusbar clock on lockscreen!
    * Redesigned Samsungs WiFi icons as I did not like the ICS look from Samsung!
    * Added a 'Show Wifi In/out arrows' toggle
    * Added a 'Append AM/PM to clock' toggle (to change '11:00 AM' to just '11:00')
    * Added a 'Add leading zero to hour' toggle (to change '09:00' to '9:00')
    * Added a 'Add day to clock' toggle (to change '9:00' to 'Sun 9:00'
    * Added a 'Show bluetooth icon' toggle (to be able to hide the icon)
    * Changed the implementation of battery level text (now with %)
    * Changed the connection icons to be semi transparent (see screenshot)
    * Added a 'Fast screen off' toggle to turn the screen of faster!
    * Added a 'Status bar enabled' toggle for all lockscreens
    * Added a '...also when secure' toggle for enabling statusbar all lockscreens when secure (be careful with this one!)
    * Added and 'Toggle flashlight' toggle for when long pressing Home button on any lockscreen!
    * Added a 'Show data icon' toggle
    * Added a 'Show wifi icon' toggle
    * Deluxe lockscreens supports missed events (from all apps!)
    * Deluxe lockscreens supports double tap to unlock
    * Added a 'Show Carrier Label' toggle for JKay ICS Deluxe lockscreen

    Features in v13.6.4 (bold is added since v13.5):
    * Added support for CRT effects with animated screen lights!
    * Added 'Fast double click' on/off toggle (uses 350 ms instead of the default 500 ms for home button double click timeout)
    * Added 'Vibrate when unlock' on/off toggle for all lockscreens (even pin and pattern).
    * Support for home button double click custom action or unlock (Also works when pincode is set and secure mode is turned off!)
    * Changed Recent apps dialog to hold 9 apps instead of only 6
    * Added support for LiveWallpapers on Circle lockscreen
    * Added support for transparent background on Circle lockscreen
    * Added support for Next Alarm info on Circle lockscreen
    * Added support for Show Clock on/off on Circle lockscreen
    * Added support for Show Date on/off on Circle lockscreen
    * Added support for Show Charging info on/off on Circle lockscreen
    * Added support for Show when secure on/off on Circle lockscreen
    * fixed bug in systemui
    * faster loading of Deluxe lockscreens
    * updated Deluxe Settings to support the circle lockscreen
    * Added FM Radio Widget support on Circle lockscreen
    * Added support for 'Leading zero on clock' toggle on Circle lockscreen
    * Added support for 'Show swipe help text' toggle on Circle lockscreen
    * Added support for 'Long date format' on Circle lockscreen
    * Fixed bugs reqarding new music and radio widgets on Glass Deluxe and AOSP Deluxe lockscreens
    * Clock on AOSP Deluxe lockscreen is now centered vertically when no music widgets are shown!

    * Added Wi-Fi hotspot quick settings button
    * Added the 4 power buttons (reboot, recovery, download and power off) to quick settings panel too (by request!)
    * Split up the status bar option 'Theme icons' to 'Theme connection icons', 'Theme clock', 'Theme text' and 'Theme battery level'
    * Added 'Add date to clock' toggle for always showing the date on the status bar.
    * Moved Battery level text a few pixels to the left
    * Confirmation toggle for Backup/Restore and Reset
    * Added 2 more Brightness profiles (now 3 of the profiles require a custom kernel for the darkest setting, one is a special Test profile that can be used for testing if the kernel supports low brightness values)
    * Added 'Show silent icon' toggle to status bar options.
    * Changed Theme Clock toggle to also theme connection icons.
    * Split up glass and aosp shortcuts.
    * Support for AOSP shortcut templates.
    * Support for setting Auto brightness delay. Select between values: No delay, 0.5 seconds, 1 second and 2 seconds.
    * Support for Auto brightness profiles
    * Background data on/off toggle added to quick settings panel
    * toggle on/off for showing the Quick Settings panel
    * phone option dialog menu items can be reordered like quick panel buttons
    * backup and restore all settings
    * 'Clear all' button moved to notification header on expanded statusbar (if you unselect 'Show carrier label')
    * Volume Lock (on/off toggle: a deluxe setting that will make sure notification volume is the same as ringer volume).
    * Added Status bar 'Themed clock but only when Fully Connected' toggle on/off: Makes clock and battery level green or whatever the theme color is when fully connected to google servers.
    * Added Status bar battery icon on/off toggle
    * Added Status bar alarm icon on/off toggle
    * Added Status bar silent vibration icon on/off toggle
    * Added Home button haptic feedback on/off toggle
    * Added Status bar 'Themed clock' toggle on/off: Makes clock and battery level green or whatever the theme color is (blue, gold...)
    * Added Status bar 'Battery level' toggle on/off: show/hide battery percentage next to battery icon
    * Added 'No lock screen' option as lock screen selection.
    * Added Custom/Temporary Screen time-out quick panel toggle called 'Screen on'. Temporary will set your screen time-out to a value between 1 and 210 minutes and reset back to original timeout at screen off.
    * Added Quick Launch Panel: Fully customizable quick launch panel (as a toggle, select and/or reorder launch buttons - including Reboot, Recovery, Download and Power off)
    * Fully customizable quick settings panel (select and/or reorder quick setting buttons)
    * Added: Auto collapse statusbar on/off
    * Added: 6 button quick panel on/off
    * Removed padding code from sound toggle
    * Changed the default shortcuts on lock screen (now only Unlock and Sound toggle at center, so glass left, right and up will all be unlock and down will be silent)
    * Added Flashlight toggle to quick panel (it keeps screen on! So remember to turn it off using button or power button)
    * Added Auto brightness toggle to quick panel
    * Added Secure toggle to quick panel (your unlock screen will switch to your selected lock screen while not secure)
    * Fixed vibration toggle on quick panel and Phone options dialog (now switches correctly according to vibration state: always off, always on, only in silent mode, only if not in silent mode)
    * Toggle for Bluetooth On notification
    * Toggle for status bar vibrate icon (show only when in silent mode)
    * Toggle for lock screen charging info
    * Toggle for lock screen next alarm info
    * Toggle for lock screen date
    * 'Next Alarm' information on lock screens
    * Use AOSP clock style on all deluxe lock screens (as a toggle)
    * Long date format on all deluxe lock screens (like Monday, 26 September as a toggle)
    * Charging information on all deluxe lock screens
    * Center clock, date and charging info on all deluxe lock screens (as a toggle)
    * 2 lock screens (JKay Glass Deluxe and JKay AOSP Deluxe)
    * Support for Transparent wallpaper!
    * Support for Live Wallpapers on Unlock screens (pattern/pin/password)!
    * A toggle to remove leading zero of the clock on the lock screen
    * A toggle to remove the quick button text (requires reboot)
    * A toggle for CRT TV on effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
    * A toggle for CRT TV off effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
    * A toggle to hide the clock from statusbar (move it over next to date)
    * A toggle to remove the carrier label from the notification bar
    * 'Show lock screen when secure' toggle (shows AOSP/Glass lockscreen before unlock screen aka pattern/pin/password)
    * Support for Skipping music track/fm radio station using vol-up/down-keys when screen is off (as a toggle)
    * 15 seconds timeout... (as a toggle)
    * Flashlight on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lock screens (5 mins timeout)
    * Sound on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lock screens
    * Screenshot from the Power options dialog
    * Full charge notification on/off toggle
    * Low battery notification on/off toggle
    * Confirm shutdown on/off toggle (asks for confirmation when using Reboot, Recovery, Download and Power off)
    * Support for custom launch actions from lock screens
    * Support for custom icons on JKay AOSP Deluxe lock screen
    * Support for disabling Home button double click
    * Support for home screen wallpaper on lock screen (use live wallpapers on the lock screen like on the good old SGS!)
    * Support for lock screen clock on/off
    * Support for no Unlock animation
    * Long click quick panel buttons will launch respective settings menu
    * Horizontal scrollable quick panel with 8 new toggles Data / Flight mode / Sync and Vibrate etc...
    * Support for Vibrate on/off when unlocking
    * Support for Dark background on/off
    * Supports customizable Power Options Dialog
    * Supports SIP & VOIP
    * Support for WiFi statusbar icon change when fully connected

    See 2nd post for download links..

    JKay Deluxe Theme Settings App:
    Screenshot1, Screenshot2, Screenshot3, Screenshot4

    Power options dialog:
    Screenshot4, Screenshot5, Screenshot6

    JKay AOSP Lockscreen screenshots
    Screenshot1, screenshot2, screenshot3 and screenshot4

    JKay Deluxe Icon Pack 1:

    Everyone can make their own jog icons if they like! I will link to them from here:
    Icon packs from syps54, Icon packs from werk13

    Customizable Deluxe quick panel with 19 toggles (scrollable left and right)

    Wifi, Data, Bluetooth, GPS, Silent mode, Vibrate, Auto brightness, Auto rotation, Flight mode, Sync, Secure mode, Flashlight, Screen on, Background data, Wi-Fi hotspot, Reboot, Recovery, Download and Power off

    Secure mode: With this toggle you can temporary disable unlock screen so no code is required to unlock the phone. The lock screen will be shown instead of the unlock screen. This setting will reset to 'Secure mode on' at next boot!

    Flashlight: Turns on the flashlight led next to the camera. This will also keep the screen on. And it will switch off if screen is turned off using the power button.

    Quick launch panel:
    Version 13 introduces the Quick launch panel. Put your favorite apps below your quick settings panel. Ready to launch from anywhere!
    Here are 2 sample screenshots. Left: HTC Gold Ginger Deluxe Right: Stock theme (but with hidden button labels, hidden carrier label and added battery level)

    Alarm png changed

    Original -> My version

    JKay_BlueGingerNext Theme (Percentage to the left of ginger battery icon)

    JKay GreenCircle Theme , BlueCircle and GoldenCircle

    JKay GreenColored and BlueColored Circle Themes

    JKay GreenGinger, BlueGinger and GoldGinger

    JKay BigGinger and BlueBigGinger

    JKay DoubleGinger, BlueDoubleGinger and GoldDoubleGinger

    JKay SmallGinger, BlueSmallGinger, GoldSmallGinger

    JKay GreenGray, BlueGray, GoldGray and GrayBattery

    JKay GreenEdge, JKay GreenEdgeCounterClock and JKay GreenEdgeStatic

    JKay GoldEdge, JKay GoldEdgeCounterClock and JKay GoldEdgeStatic

    Stock themes
    The themes that starts with 'Stock' do not include battery percentage on the battery icon. If you like the stock samsung look then install the mod called JKay_Stock_Deluxe... it's a no theme mod :)
    JKay StockGreenGray Deluxe , JKay StockBlueGray Deluxe , JKay StockGoldGray Deluxe , JKay StockGrayBattery Deluxe

    Stock Quick Panel
    Themes with SQP in their names have stock quick panel icon graphics.

    Themes with the work 'ALL'
    In the 'All' themes all icons and text has been themed to that color. (Current is only 'All Gold' themes available).

    HTC themes
    Themes with HTC in their names are themes that uses HTC colors and graphics (with semi transparent background added). There are HTC versions of all the themes except the Stock Deluxe (as it's not a theme :))!
    As an example: Here is the JKay HTC_Stock_Gold_Ginger


    JKay mod bugfix log:

    * Fixed: Landscape bug on Recent applications dialog
    * Fixed: Landscape bug on Circle lockscreen
    * Fixed: Multiple unlock bug on Circle lockscreen

    * Fixed: The 'no wallpaper on lockscreen when no wallpaper set' bug

    * Fixed: Home button double click custom action did not work with bluetooth devices
    * Fixed: Bug in Circle lockscreen when NextAlarm was used!

    * Fixed: Home button double click custom action did not work if no Voice talk/Voice command was available
    * Fixed: Zero percent battery bug (phone rebooted when 0 percent was reached)
    * Fixed: Quick launch panel bug where icons from apps installed on sd card were not shown correctly)
    * Fixed: Quick settings panel bug where SystemUI would FC when phone was rebooted when 'Screen on' toggle was enabled
    * Fixed: Quick settings panel bug where Auto-rotation text would change position after update
    * Fixed: Quick settings panel bug where Data toggle button state could get out of sync
    * v13.4 Fixed Themed signal strength did not go green at boot
    * v13.4 Fixed Themed signal strength did not go green when roaming
    * V13.3.9 fixed null pointer exception in SystemUI (a lot rewritten)
    * V13.3.8 fixed glass lockscreen touch bug.
    * V13.3.8 fixed NoLED blink bug* V13.1 fixed SystemUI.apk AndroidManifest.xml
    * V12.1 fixed hide quick panel button text for stock quick panel
    * V12.1 fixed HTC graphics bug on quick panel
    * V10.1 fixed Carrier label bug
    * V10.1 changed slow blur from false to true in all my themes
    * V10.0 fixed volume bug in volume mod
    * V9.2 fixes SMS reboot problem
    * V9.1 fixes Sound on/off toggle bug

    Changelog apk:
    *V13.3.8 Refactored: moved toggles to sub-menues
    *V10.1 Change apk name to JKay Deluxe Settings
    *V10.1 Changed a few labels and added a few checks
    * V10.0 Added permission checks
    * V9.1 fixes bug if no phone app icon can be found
    Must read:
    Read the FAQ! I will not answer questions that already are in the FAQ !!

    JKay Deluxe v13.6.4 for:

    Direct Call and SMS (updated!)
    JKay Call Him , JKay Call Her , JKay Text Him and JKay Text Her
    With these apps you can call or text a person directly using my JKay Deluxe Lock screen or Quick Launch Panel!
    First time you launch the apk you select who to call or Text. Second time you launch the apk it will call or open message apk for that person. Uninstall and reinstall to change number.

    Old versions:
    JKay Deluxe Themes for:
    XWKL1, XWKK5, XWKJ3, XWKI8, XXKI4 v13.1, XXKI3 v12, XWKI4 v11, XXKH3 v10.1, XXKG5 v9.2, XXKG6 V8.1, XWKF3

    JKay Deluxe Settings Apk:
    JKay Deluxe Settings v13.1, JKay Deluxe Settings v12.1 apk, JKay Deluxe Settings v12, JKay Deluxe Settings V11, JKay Deluxe Settings V10.1, JKay Deluxe App v9.1, JKay Deluxe App v8.1

    Overscroll Bounce:
    Get the good old bounce effect back into listview. Works in most apps. But not in Dialer, MMS, Gallery, nor Browser.

    Deodexed rom only!
    For v13.6.4: XWLA4
    For v13.5: XWKI8, XWKJ1, XWKJ2, XWKJ3, XWKK2, XWKK5 and XWKL1, v13.2: XXKI4

    Overscroll Glow:
    If you tried overscroll bounce and want back to the default overscroll glow use these mods.

    Deodexed rom only!
    For v13.6.4: XWLA4
    For v13.5: XWKI8, XWKJ1, XWKJ2, XWKJ3, XWKK2, XWKK5 and XWKL1, v13.2: XXKI4

    JKay Deluxe Icon Packs:
    Jog Dial Icon Pack 1

    How to use icons: Unzip the icons on your sd card. Long press a shortcut in Deluxe Settings and select the icon for it from gallery.

    CRT Effect ON / OFF
    The effect is still not working right, but you can make it look good by screen capture a white image. You can use the Quick Test Menu (*#7353#), select '8. TSP Dot Mode' and take a screenshot to capture a white image.
    This 'fix' works until you take a screenshot of something not completely white!

    Please remember always to download and put a restore file on your sd card. This way you can get back to original files if problems arise!
    Deodexed: XWLA4, XWKL1, XWKK5, XWKJ3, XXKI4, XWKI8, XXKI3, XWKI4, XXKH3, XXKG5


    1 ) How do I install this
    * Flash a kernel that support CWM like CF kernels
    * Learn how to use CWM (clock work mod)
    * Find the mod from link in 2nd post
    * Download it and put it on your sd
    * Boot to cwm and install mod zip file
    * Reboot

    2) What version should I download?
    The mod must match your rom. Open phone app and call: *#1234#
    Write down the PDA information.. If it says like I9100XWKL1 then its XWKL1.
    Click the link for your rom and select odexed if its a stock samsung rom. Deodexed if its a deodexed
    custom rom (deodexed are ROMs that have not been optimized so they do not have an external .odex file).

    3) I use ROM XYZ. Can you make JKay Deluxe for it?
    If the rom support you are asking for is an European ROM and its newer and better than the latest on the support rom list then please post the question. Otherwise the answer is NO. I only make this mod for versions I use on my phone (currently only XW??? and XX??? versions). I am working on the XXLPS (ICS) version. Release date: When it is ready! So please do not ask.

    4) This toggle does not work, what should I do?
    If you just upgraded from an earlier version then you can try to clear the dalvik-cache, it might still hold the dex file from the old version. Or if you use a custom rom then the problem might be file permissions on the Deluxe Settings Shared preference file so try to clear the Deluxe Settings data using Settings->Applications->Manage applications->All->Deluxe Settings->Clear Data (Then use restore in Deluxe Settings to get all your settings back). Also try to install the mod again. Sometimes CWM has some problems applying mods and does nothing!

    5) It does not work, please help?
    Ok... Before you post questions like this please ask yourself: Does my question lead to other questions? Here are a few tips for posting questions.
    * read all of this FAQ
    * do a simple search
    * be specific: never use words like 'it does' etc...
    * make sure people are able to reproduce your issue
    * specify rom version, custom rom name, kernel, theme name, JKay Deluxe version.
    * if you use a version that was ported to a different rom (PDA version) by another person and have problems then never ever ask for support in this thread!!! Don't even mention the problem in this thread!! People might think that there are issues with my mod when in fact there are not!

    6) Does this mod work with custom rom XYZ?
    I only use stock odexed Samsung rom and kernel. I do not even test the deodexed versions I make. So questions like these have to answered by someone else (try in the custom rom thread).

    7) How do I customize the Phone Options dialog?
    Use my Deluxe Settings app. Select 'Edit phone options' to select which items you want to have on your
    Power options dialog: Vibrate On/Off, Wi-Fi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, Auto-rotate on/off, Background
    data On/Off, Auto sync On/Off, Auto-Brightness On/Off, Use GPS Satellites on/off, Mobile AP on/off,
    Screenshot, Reboot, Recovery and download.

    8) How do I customize the JKay AOSP Deluxe lock screen?
    Use the Deluxe Settings app to change the lockscreen to JKay AOSP Deluxe. Select 'Edit actions'. Press a shortcut to select what application the shortcut should launch.
    Use option menu (menu button) when on the app list to select 'Unlock' action if slider should unlock, 'Not in use' if slider should be hidden, 'Flashlight toggle' if you like a flashlight on your lock screen or select 'Sound toggle' if you like to be able to toggle sound on and off from the lock screen.
    Long press shortcut to select a custom icon for it from gallery.
    It's also possible to change the icon for missed phone calls, missed messages, Flashlight on, Sound off and Vibrate on by using the option menu on the shortcut screen. But you need to have Phone, Messaging, Flashlight or Sound on/off on the lock screen to see them in action

    9) How does Deluxe Settings Apk work?
    JKay Deluxe Settings apk writes settings to its own shared preference file in its data folder. Then it
    sends an intent to tell the modded framework to read the new settings from the shared preference file
    into its static variables. The modded framework then uses these variables to work as you decided!
    The apk does not run as a service!
    To uninstall Deluxe Settings apk use the Restore.zip for your rom.
    Deluxe Settings apk will not work from sd card!

    10) My Theme is gone!
    JKay Deluxe contains new icons for the Quick Settings panel and the Phone Options dialog therefore
    these icons have been included into SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk. JKay Deluxe stock mod contains
    stock Samsung icons (plus the new icons I have made in the same stock style).

    11) Auto Brightness Profiles does not work
    When you select a different Auto brightness profile then it wont take effect until the light sensor
    detects a change in the ambient light level.

    12) Why does it say 'Custom kernel required' when I change Auto Brightness Profile?
    The stock samsung kernel only supports brightness values down to 20. If you use a value lower than 20
    then 20 will be used. Therefore I have put a * next to the profiles with values lower than 20. The
    brightness resolution on stock kernel is also not very high. All values from 1 to 29 all gives the same
    brightness, all values from 30 to 42 all gives the same brightness! That gives about 20 different
    brightness levels when going from 0 to 255!

    13) So what custom kernels support these lower brightness values?
    Reported kernels so far: SpeedMod, Phenomenal and RedPill

    14) What is the 'Secure mode' quick settings toggle good for?
    If you have to use PIN lock screen because of security reasons... Usually because an Exchanges server
    requires it enabled to sync email at work etc... then you can use this toggle to disable the pin
    lockscreen and still be able to check email without the need to enter your pin all the time! The normal
    lockscreen will then be shown instead (or no lockscreen if that is selected!)

    15) What does the 'Screen On' quick settings toggle do?
    If you like me like to read articles on the phone before going to sleep and you do not want to change
    the default screen timeout. Then the temporary screen timeout setting is for you! It will reset back to
    your normal screen timeout when the screen turns off! Or you can use the custom screen timeout if you
    quickly wants to switch between default and custom timeouts.

    16) What does the toggle 'Show when secure' under 'Set lock screen options' menu do?
    In JKay Deluxe it is possible to have both the unlock screen (pattern, pin etc..) and the JKay AOSP Deluxe lock screen active at the same time.
    First the lock screen will be shown. From here you can start the Camera, Music app or just slide to unlock and then the Unlock screen will appear from where you will have to enter pattern or pin etc... This way you can still enjoy the JKay AOSP Deluxe lockscreen while having a secure phone.

    17) Where is the source code?
    There is no source code! Well actually you already have the source code. Baksmali the files from the mod and do a compare with the original framework files. That's what I do. Remember the XDA rules! You must ask for permission first and you must credit the developers if you release anything!

    18) How do You do it?
    I use TotalCommander, 7zip,baksmali, smali, dexopt-wrapper, apkManager and notepad++ for the smali code
    I use Eclipse and Android SDK for the Deluxe Settings apk.
    And Adobe Photoshop for the new PNGs. I use pngout.exe and pngquant.exe to convert between rgb and 8
    bit PNGs.

    19) I want to learn to do what You can?
    Well. You need to learn Java. And you need to learn to edit smali code. You also need to learn XML and the tools I use. Then you need to study the Android SDK and Android Dev Guide. It might also be helpful to learn about 8bit PNGs and Nine-Patch PNGs. Google search is your new best friend!

    20) How do I contact you?
    You can use my donate email address. I have turned off PM because notification does not work in XDA premium.

    If you like what you see and want more then please click on the 'Donate to me' button on my posts.

    My thanks and some credits goes to:
    syps54 for the great icon packs!
    aerobahn for the long press volume mod!
    LeoMar75 great guy! Support him!
    Oliwe for how to disable double-click!
    Team obssessed crew for the scrollable layout in the quick panel!
    SamFirmware.com for their samsung roms!
    Supercurio cuz you are the best!
    Chainfire for his CF kernels
    untermench for the 'how to' guide ref. power menu
    Hi all,

    I guess it's time for another update... I'm still working on the SystemUI of JKay Deluxe for ICS. Because so much has changed in code since GB I have decided to rewrite all my mod for the SystemUI. It will be good!!

    Progress since last update:

    * Redesigned Samsungs WiFi icons as I did not like the ICS look from Samsung!
    * Added a 'Show Wifi In/out arrows' toggle
    * Added a 'Append AM/PM to clock' toggle (to change '11:00 AM' to just '11:00')
    * Added a 'Add leading zero to hour' toggle (to change '09:00' to '9:00')
    * Added a 'Add day to clock' toggle (to change '9:00' to 'Sun 9:00'
    * Added a 'Show bluetooth icon' toggle (to be able to hide the icon)
    * Changed the implementation of battery level text (now with %)
    * Changed the connection icons to be semi transparent

    Sorry... I have been busy creating the JKay ICS Deluxe lockscreen..

    It will support 15 shortcut actions! Here is how it works:
    Press the lock handle and circle 1 will show with 5 icons.
    Move the handle down left and circle 2 will show up with 5 other icons.
    If you instead move the handle down right then circle 3 will show with another set of icons!
    This way you can get to any of the 15 actions with a fast gesture move. See screenshots...

    Circle 1 shown

    Circle 2 shows up:

    And circle 3:

    I will create an icon pack with a set of nice white application icons too!
    A lot to do these days.... Sorry.. But I have also worked on the next release..
    * fixed quick setting panel layout (it streches now to match parent width, if needed)
    * added a toggle for transparent status bar on lock screen (so you can have the transparent status bar only on lock screen if you like)
    * fixed bugs on phone dialog (screenshot and vibrate menu item... didn't work on ics)
    * changed 'confirm shutdown' to confirm action (so you don't have to press ok on any of the phone options dialog actions)
    * Added the 'Accessibility' action to phone options dialog
    * other minor fixes...

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