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Dec 10, 2009
Beaverton, OR
Here is a theme I have been working on for a while. I was inspired by Konikub's Aloysius theme with all the colors he started bringing us to the EVO.
I started with the Aloysius theme, Sapphire Theme, and also some of his Clear items like the lockscreen and rosie. I did a bit of a mix of the 2 different themes (changed a thousand icons or so) and then spent a lot of time trying to get every single bit of the grey stock icons replaced with color icons

Thanks and Credit should go to the following:

Konikub, GODZSON, JsChiSurf, Fightspit, TJDuckett, Wazzy, apristel, nebenezer, rujelus22, simplyphp, Calkulin, XxXViRuSXxX, BRIGHT SILENCE, Dinink, zone23, MicrosoftBug, slayer69, EVOme, Anderdroid , Myn, ricsim78, banksmi09, Stoney 666, fernando sor, jeffsanace

Special Request will be filled as I have time... Donations certainly do motivate me though! :D :p

Membership of the Riptide9 Crew:

rjmjr69, dadoc04, azrickster, Vegasden, dpilcher, tjmontan, jd9900, maxcala, nugzo, rollrsk8ter, THunDA, supahfly112, cj2566, iknowsquat, DeathBySnuggles, fullhouse131, Jetdr, smw6180, Echo2Lincoln, 33colburn, Rattor, firestetz, iTouch24, slayer69, EVOme, Mich2Ga, rileyd5
, Ryno23, TREmp77, mdwamp, ifly4vamerica, islandreamer, fernando sor, Testrunner, dinothepirate, joesespn, dhatch93, Agfadoc, Bretweb24, Branj812, sag7392, Jathan78, Vacoray, daisycup2002, Philyteach
I hope you like :D


FROYO 2.2 Themes

Check Post #2 for slayer69 ADDONS and MODS!!!!!

I am going to consider this Beta to all until I get some feedback that this actually is working and I just haven't gone completely insane and killed all those kittens for nothing


Confirmed Roms
Myns RLS5
AzraelX 3.0
Calk's 1.7.5
Sprint lovers 3.70
Redemptive Revolution 2.2


Here you go


Updates -
*New Gmail 2.3.2 app that shows images automatically (Anderdroid)
*New icons in the Dialer, Contacts, Call History, etc
*New Modded Banksmi09 Rosie and Myn's Rosie tool (Includes *Semi-Transparent 5 app drawer)
*New Glass Clock
*1% battery in task bar
*Transition animations by Azrael
*Power Control Widgets in the pull down by JsChiSurf with new icons
*This also includes 2.2.11 market
(assuming you have your market as Vending.apk in system/app
If not then you can check fernando sor's thread out HERE) *check that thread also if your market disappears after flashing
*Themed Youtube app
*Misc icon updates in the framework

If you are not on a 3.70 rom then here are some to choose from -

Myn's Warm TwoPointTwo RLS5

Azrael X v3.0 12/20/2010 (3.70.651.1 OTA/HTC #15 kernel)

Calkulin's EViO 2 ROM v1.7.1 [3.70.651.1 l Undervolted l Themeable]



If you are having an issue with the Gmail app check HERE

ADDONS - Flash after the main theme to allow you to customize the theme the way YOU want it. Keep the Addon version to the same version base you are using. If the Addon just show R9 with no version then it can be use with any versions.

NEW ROSIES with Semi Transparent 5 App Drawer FOR V9 by Banksmi09 HERE (Just a few samples below)




EXTRAS - Themed programs that you might be using and will work with Any Version

ADDON_R9_Market2_2_11Black_signed.zip (Use this to get the New Market 2.2.7 Themed in Blue)

ADDON_R9_GoSMS1.6.9_signed.zip (Use this to get the latest GoSMS v1.6.9 themed)


Glass icons screenshots by EVOme... HERE)

How-To install the glass icons HERE



If anyone sees something that really looks out of place feel free to let me know

Attached are the wallpapers in the screenshots in case anyone wants them.

My beer fund...Thanks


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Jul 3, 2009
San Diego, CA.
Slayers Mods!!!!! (Updated 12/26/2010)

- Slayers Mods!!!!

First off a special thanks Rip for the wonderful theme!!!! Also thanks for getting me my own post to throw up my mods!

I also want to thank the following people for their assistance:
fernando sor & [email protected] & Crew (See their work here), Mich2Ga, Heyitslou, DeathBySnuggles

My Evo Application Fund Group!!
Thank you for supporting my work, and welcome to "The Group"!!!
Commander of "THE GROUP!!!!"dadoc04 X5 (promoted for multiple donations), Mich2Ga X2, DeathBySnuggles, romannsjr, rileyd5, , TREmp77, dpilcher, skyfox99, firestetz, ifly4vamerica x2, islandreamer, dhatch93, Agfadoc, sag7392 x3, ElAguila, Bretweb24, meatgel, vacoray, eg1122, dnkeyhnter, kumote2010!!

My V12/V13 Mods:
1. SlayersTransitions - Adds Slayers Transitions to the base theme.
2. ADDON_V12_SolidBlackTaskbar - Adds Solid Black TaskBar and Slayers Transitions

Well here they are. These are the task bar mods for V12 & V13 ONLY. These will also add Slayers Transitions to the theme for those that like them. (Lock-screen transition removed).


1. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_ClearTB_SlayersTransitions
2. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_PurpleTB_SlayersTransitions
3. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_RedTB_SlayersTransitions
4. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_BlackTB_SlayersTransitions
5. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_BlueTB_SlayersTransitions
6. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_CYNTB_SlayersTransitions
7. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_GoldTB_SlayersTransitions
8. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_GreenTB_SlayersTransitions

Use this file to just add Slayers Transitions to the base theme, also if you flashed a task bar above and you want to remove it use this file as well:
1. SlayersTransitions_OriginalTaskBar

Speedo Battery Mod Addons for v12/v13 ONLY!!!!

Thanks Rip for making this so damn easy to port!!!!! haha Here you all go...the Speedo Battery addons for V13 are here!!! These are only recommended for V12 or v13 Of the theme:


1. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_BlackTB_SpeedoBattery
2. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_BlueTB_SpeedoBattery
3. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_ClearTB_SpeedoBattery
4. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_CYNTB_SpeedoBattery
5. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_GoldTB_SpeedoBattery
6. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_GreenTB_SpeedoBattery
7. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_OrgTB_SpeedoBattery
8. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_PurpleTB_SpeedoBattery
9. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_RedTB_SpeedoBattery
10. ADDON_V12_3_70_Only_SolidBlkTB_SpeedoBattery

Colored Dialer Addons V13 Only


GlassRosie Addons for v12/v13
Here is the glass rosie addon for v12/v13. There are changes to this glass rosie. Because the buttons are mapable I went ahead and used the same icons from the main theme.....



Updated 11/22/2010:
My V9 Mods:
Rips V9 Theme with my transitions:
Riptide9_ClearFroyoV9_signed_wSlayersTransitions Updated 11/24/2010 With Rips Latest updated. This will add my transitions to Rips latest Theme
ADDON_R9V9_GlassRosie_signed.zip Updated 12/2/2010 this is the glass rosie addon for rips base V9 theme.

NEW*** Speedo Battery ADDONS
Thanks Speedo for creating a creative battery icon!!! I have ported over all the mods that change the framework in Riptids V9 Themes as well as all my Taskbar mods to have this battery. See the screen shots below in my Task Bar Section to see what color you want.

**UPDATE** If you were experiencing FC or bootloops please re-download the mod and try again. All Speedo clock mods have been fixed and are working correctly. PM me if you find other issues with them


***NOTE - Vanilla lock screen will not work with these mods at this time. I have found the fix for this issue but is going to take some time to complete all mods....please stay tuned.

The Files:
1. ADDON_R9V9_BlkTskBar_signed_Speedo
2. Riptide9_V9_BlackGlassTaskBar_signed_Speedo
3. Riptide9_V9_BlueTaskBar_signed_Speedo
4. Riptide9_V9_ClearTaskBar_signed_Speedo
5. Riptide9_V9_CYNTaskBar_signed_Speedo
6. Riptide9_V9_GoldTaskBar_signed_Speedo
7. Riptide9_V9_GreenTaskBar_signed_Speedo
8. Riptide9_V9_OriginalTaskBar_signed_Speedo
9. Riptide9_V9_PurpleTaskBar_signed_Speedo
10. Riptide9_V9_RedTaskBar_signed_Speedo

Colored Dialers for Rips V9:
- These are just dialers only.
- All of these dialers have white numbers on the dialers.
- See the screen shots in the V8 Section to get examples of these files.
- All are flashable files


ADDON_R9V9_OrgDialerOnly_signed - Use this to flash back to the original dialer.

These dialers are for users that like the glass rosie and want a new colored dialer. If you have not install the glass rosie these files will give it too you as well.

ADDON_R9V9_OrgDialerOnly_signed - Use this to flash back to the original dialer.

Colored TaskBars for Rips V9: - Updated 11/24/2010 with Rips latest framework.
- These are the task bars only.
- The rest of the file is pulled from Rips V9Theme.
- All are flashable files

Clear Glass TaskBar - This may look better with the back theme...just the way it turned out.
Purple Glass TaskBar
Red Glass TaskBar
Black Glass TaskBar
Blue Glass TaskBar
CYN Glass TaskBar
Gold Glass TaskBar
Green Glass TaskBar

Original 100% Transparent TaskBar - Use this to go back to the original theme task bar.

Note-These task bars will not change the original V9 Themed Notification icons.


My Mods (Non-Version Specific)
These mods are not dependent on version at this time.

Market Themed Black
Thanks to fernando sor (See his work here) He has provided me with a market that is themed black. I added Rips Color icons and posted the it here: Version of theme does not matter.




Clock Mods:

NEW****Slayers Clocks!!!!

The one I use in my theme is CYN. I have fallen in love with this look for the clock....Just want to share with all of you out there....

Thank RipTide9 for the kick ass glass base....Thank me for the rest!!! lol


1. Glass_Clock_BlueBack
2. Glass_Clock_CYNBack
3. Glass_Clock_GoldBack
4. Glass_Clock_GreenBack
5. Glass_Clock_PurpleBack
6. Glass_Clock_RedBack

Enjoy! :D

NewGlass - Standard Numbers
I updated all the standard digit color clocks with the new glass.....


1. Glass_NewGlass_clock_mod_Black
2. Glass_NewGlass_clock_mod_Blue
3. Glass_NewGlass_clock_mod_cyn
4. Glass_NewGlass_clock_mod_Gold
5. Glass_NewGlass_clock_mod_Green
6. Glass_NewGlass_clock_mod_Purple
7. Glass_NewGlass_clock_mod_Red
8. Glass_NewGlass_clock_mod_White

Glass on Glass Clocks - Updated 12-8-2010 with Simi-Transparent Glass Colored Digits.

1. Glass_Clock_NoBack_Blue
2. Glass_Clock_NoBack_CYN
3. Glass_Clock_NoBack_DarkGlass
4. Glass_Clock_NoBack_Glass
5. Glass_Clock_NoBack_Gold
6. Glass_Clock_NoBack_Green
7. Glass_Clock_NoBack_Purple
8. Glass_Clock_NoBack_Red
9. Glass_Clock_NoBack_White
10. Oogle_Clock - My Version of the beautiful widgets Oogle Skin :D :D


Oogle Clock:

1. GlassOnGlass_wbackground
2. GlassOnAir_NoBackground

New Glass Base with color:
3. GlassOnGlass_NewBase_Blue
4. GlassOnGlass_NewBase_ClearGlass
5. GlassOnGlass_NewBase_Cyn
6. GlassOnGlass_NewBase_DarkGlass
7. GlassOnGlass_NewBase_Gold
8. GlassOnGlass_NewBase_Green
9. GlassOnGlass_NewBase_Purple
10. GlassOnGlass_NewBase_Red


Screens for new glass base with color.

Chrome & Color Clocks
I want to thank again everyone that has supported my work. In keeping things fresh I custom built some chrome digits for our glass clocks....the colors should match the dialers that have been created before, plus a few new colors. As in all my clocks they are not theme restricted and can be flashed for any phone using sense. All have been tested on the EVO.....ENJOY!!!!

1. Always Nand Backup first!!!
2. Flash in recovery
3. Enjoy

1. Glass_Clock_Chrome
2. Glass_Clock_ChromeBlack
3. Glass_Clock_ChromeBlue
4. Glass_Clock_ChromeCYN
5. Glass_Clock_ChromeGold
6. Glass_Clock_ChromeGreen
7. Glass_Clock_ChromePurple
8. Glass_Clock_ChromeRed
9. Glass_Clock_ChromeRoyalBlue


Inspired by Stoney 666 (See His Work Here) - Glass Clock with a simi-transparent glass base. Added 11/26/2010



GlassClock withBaseV1
GlassClock withBlueBaseV1
GlassClock withBlueBase_BlackNumbersV1

1. All Clock Mods Contains all the files below. Main zip cannot be flashed.
2. Black Clock Mod
3. Blue Clock Mod
4. CYN Clock Mod
5. Gold Clock Mod
6. Green Clock Mod
7. Purple Clock Mod
8. Red Clock Mod
9. White Clock Mod
10. Glass_clock_mod_EtchedGlass
11. Glass_Clock_Flames
12. Glass_clock_Blue_Flames
13. Glass_clock_CYN_Flames
14. Glass_clock_Gold_Flames
15. Glass_clock_Green_Flames
16. Glass_clock_Purple_Flames
17. Glass_clock_Red_Flames



Updated 11/18/2010:
My V8 Mods:

DO NOT USE WITH V9 of Rips Theme
These mods are for Riptide9_ClearFroyoV8 only. Not sure of the affects if you flash these mods over V9 but I am sure it will break the new V9 functionality.

Rips Theme with Black Dialer and Transitions (see screenshot below with black dialer... also adds transitions)

Black Taskbar with Transitions (use this to get the black taskbar and transitions)

Black Dialer with Glass Rosie (use this to get the Black Dialer and Glass Rosie)

ADDON_R9V8_Glass Rosie_Clear_Lockscreen_BlackDialer (use this to get the Glass Rosie, Clear Lockscreen, and Black Dialer)

ADDON_R9V8_simiTransparentTB] (use this to get a semi-transparent taskbar)

ADDON_R9V8_GlassTB_signed_wTransitions (use this to get a glass taskbar w transitions)

Riptide9_ClearFroyoV8_signed_WtDialer_Transitions_ ClearLock_ClearRosie_WhiteClock (use this to get White Dialer w/transi tions, totally clear lockscreen, animated clock(white), clear taskbar, and clear rosie)

Full Colored Glass Rosie Themes!! Added 11/21/2010
Here they are!!!! Full Colored themes all in one package!!!
All themes have colored glass rosies and a newly designed colored glass task bar. Designed by Rip and colored by me. All themes have Transitions as well. You can flash these over your current themes from above and will get all the upgraded colors added to your phone. Below the files are screen shot samples of what you will see after flashing. AS ALWAYS PLEASE NAND BACKUP FIRST. I can't be held responsible if you brick your phone. I have loaded each and every one of these files and have made sure that what I changed is there.

Please enjoy!!! and If you really like my work my evo could use some more apps and you can join The Group!!!!!. Thanks again to everyone that is already using my themes.....MORE TO COME!!!!!

Files: Updated 11/22/2010 - Fixed Graphic Color bar issue with Facebook, People and News Widgets.
1. Black Theme - Black Numbers on the dialer.
2. Black Theme - White Numbers on the dialer.
3. Blue Theme, Black Numbers on the dialer.
4. Blue Theme, White Numbers on the dialer
5. Purple Theme, Black Numbers on the dialer
6. Purple Theme, White Numbers on the Dialer
7. Cyn Theme, Black Numbers on Dialer
8. Cyn Theme, White Numbers on Dialer
9. Gold Theme, Black Numbers on the dialer
10. Gold Theme, White Numbers on the dialer
11. Red Theme, Black Numbers on dialer
12. Red Theme, White Numbers on dialer
13. Green Theme, Black Numbers on Dialer
14. Green Theme, White Numbers on Dialer


Do to the over whelming responses and number of downloads of my custom color clock mods I decided that it might be fun to have a dialer and a call button that matched the clocks....So here they are....Matching dialers and Call Buttons. All these mods use the Glass Rosie theme at the moment but they look real good and I wanted to get them out here for people to use.....I might release the clear rosie versions depending on the demand....so PM me if you are interested in one without the glass rosie, make sure to specify what color you would like.

I just want to add a word of thanks to Mich2Ga for giving me inspiration to create these mods........Thanks man!!!!

Dialer and Call Button Mods
1. ADDON_R9V8_GlassRosie_signed_BlueDialer_BCallButton
2. ADDON_R9V8_GlassRosie_signed_cynDialer_cynCallButton
3. ADDON_R9V8_GlassRosie_signed_GoldDialer_GCallButton
4. ADDON_R9V8_GlassRosie_signed_greenDialer_GCallButton
5. ADDON_R9V8_GlassRosie_signed_PurpleDialer_PCallButton
6. ADDON_R9V8_GlassRosie_signed_RedDialer_RCallButton
7. ADDON_R9V8_GlassRosie_signed_BlackDialer_BkCallButton
8. ADDON_R9V8_GlassRosie_signed_WhiteDialer_WTCallButton



NOTE: The black dialer is a newer version. I removed some of the blue hue it had. It matches more with the HTC black.
Also if you have transitions this will not remove them.

Added 11/18/2010
Added Clear Rosie Dialer Mods.
All of these contain the respective color dialer as well (See Screen Shots above) All these do is remove the clear rosie from the home screen.

1. Clear Black Call Button
2. Clear Blue Call Button
3. Clear CYN Call Button
4. Clear Gold Call Button
5. Clear Green Call Button
6. Clear Purple Call Button
7. Clear Red Call Button
8. Clear White Call Button


White Numbers on Dialer Added 11-18-2010
Thanks goes out to fernando sor, Heyitslou and Thier crew for providing us their white dialer.
Go Here to See His Theme

1. GlassRosie_BlackDialer_WhiteNumbers
2. GlassRosie_BlueDialer_WhiteNumbers
3. GlassRosie_PurpleDialer_WhiteNumbers
4. GlassRosie_RedDialer_WhiteNumbers
5. ClearRosie_BlackDialer_WhiteNumbers
6. ClearRosie_BlueDialer_WhiteNumbers
7. ClearRosie_PurpleDialer_WhiteNumbers
8. ClearRosie_RedDialer_WhiteNumbers


Glass Dialers - Black and Clear
Both of these addons are for the glass Rosie theme
1. GlassRosie_BlackGlassDialer
2. GlassRosie_ClearGlassDialer

Glass Transparent Colored Task Bars
These will add colored transparent task bars to match clocks, dialers, and call buttons. They all include Transitions that were found in my other mods. Also added were 2 new icons to the task bars for GPS and Battery charging thanks to DeathBySnuggles.
1. Black Glass TB
2. BlueGlass TB
3. CYN Glass TB
4. Gold Glass TB
5. Green Glass TB
6. Purple Glass TB
7. Red Glass TB
8. White Glass TB


1. As with any mod you should do a Nand backup before flashing.
2. Copy selected mod to your SD Card
3. Flash
4. Enjoy

New Wifi Icons - Available in Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black
The base icon was taken from somewhere on the web....The animation files were created by me.


Download all Colors Here

-Use at your own risk.
-These are for users that want to add them to their own themes or upgrades.
-To use the files they need to be placed in framework-res.apk\res\drawable-hdpi.
-I am not responsible for your phone if you brick it while installing.

Whats in the works!!!!
1. Colored Dialers with white numbers - DONE
2. Custom colored class task bars to match the dialers clocks and call buttons.:eek: - DONE
3. Thinking up new ideas!!!! Trust me they are there.....:cool:
4. Full Colored glass Rosies....Cyn and Purple Glass Rosie Released.....other colors are coming. - Done
5. Full Glass Colored Rosies with carbin background....We will see how it looks....g
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Jun 25, 2010
Miami FL
so finally got around to wiping my phone and applying yhis theme when i got a

"verifying update package....
E:wrong digest:
E:Verfication failed

Installation aborted."

any ideas on whats going on i flashed to the new dc 3.2.3 after a clean wipe loaded the rom rebooted to amor recovery and applied this theme and got the error.

let me know

popular nobody

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May 20, 2010
Theme is perfect. I love blue but I couldn't part from the orginal Aloysius theme. I've edited the png on the Rosie Launcher, added the Kaws Starman icons to the App Drawer, and made the notification tray 100% transparent. Props Riptide9 and shout out to Koni for the inspiration.

I still need the all white taskbar with the colored icons, and this theme would be complete for me.


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Jan 27, 2010
Woodbridge, VA
Looking good!!! Great work man, this is exactly what I want to see.....people putting their own spin on a theme and then releasing it out for everyone to use!! :):) Bigtime kudos!!! :p
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Jul 18, 2009
does this have the same gps icon as the original color rom? I didn't really like that icon too much


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Dec 10, 2009
Beaverton, OR
Looking good!!! Great work man, this is exactly what I want to see.....people putting their own spin on a theme and then releasing it out for everyone to use!! :):) Bigtime kudos!!! :p

Thanks! I really appreciate it.

okay i flashed it using clockwork recovery and it works looks bad ass so far

Glad to see you got it going

does this have the same gps icon as the original color rom? I didn't really like that icon too much

This is the gps icon
If you have one you prefer, post it up and I will try it. Thanks


Retired Recognized Developer
Jan 2, 2009
St. Louis
I love the theme, but I'm not big on any theme with changed statusbar icons. They bug me :eek:

But I love the wallpaper, great work on that!


Senior Member
Dec 10, 2009
Beaverton, OR
Looks great!...

You can still see your friend Jason Britton's phone number btw.... some crazies out there, might wanna blur that shiz out bro!

Fixed... Thanks

I love the theme, but I'm not big on any theme with changed statusbar icons. They bug me :eek:

But I love the wallpaper, great work on that!

The only problem with the stock icons is that they are very montone and the point of this theme was to bring some color into it. I am still looking for solutions/options so if you come across a set that you think would look good, let me know. Thanks


Senior Member
Dec 10, 2009
Beaverton, OR
Thanks, what files are the changes made in? I have made a bunch of changes to a lot of icons today already, but I want to incorporate the clear espresso.


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Feb 25, 2009
Green Bay
Thanks, what files are the changes made in? I have made a bunch of changes to a lot of icons today already, but I want to incorporate the clear espresso.

Just 2 items in rosie.apk. I can't remember what they are named..once i get back to my other machine i'll let you know.

EDIT actually here they are.

They go here..
rosie.apk - res - drawable-normal-hdpi
icon_p_phone_on.png is the one on the left below..
icon_p_phone_rest.png is on the right.


  • icon_p_phone_on.png
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  • icon_p_phone_rest.png
    3.6 KB · Views: 5,447
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Dec 11, 2008
Nice work. Whats the main differeance verse Kons color theme? I see a couple different icons? I like keep it up


Senior Member
Dec 10, 2009
Beaverton, OR
Nice work. Whats the main differeance verse Kons color theme? I see a couple different icons? I like keep it up

It all started with his color theme but I wasn't a fan of the sms, contacts, and voicemail icons he was using so I changed them. Then I started taking bits that I liked from his sapphire theme that I liked and kind of merged the two (also the clear lockscreen and rosie mix). Now I have just been going through all the apps (facebook, twitter, gmail, phone, market, etc) and replacing all the icons that konikub hadn't done yet to nice color ones. I still have a bit more to do. I just keep finding more of the plain grey stock icons everywhere. :cool:

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