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[Theme] Samsung Stock S6 Themes Collection (08/11/15)

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Mar 19, 2011
These are the Stock S6 Themes that I have grabbed so far. I will be getting them all. Enjoy them.

See OP#3 for Installing!!!
For those that requested to try and Port them, and start to understand how they are built!!!

1. Avengers Main Theme2. Iron Man Theme
3. Hulk Theme
4. Captain America Theme
5. Thor Theme
6. Coffee Theme

7. Purple Theme8. Therefore, the way Theme
9. Picnic Theme10. Black Theme11. White Theme12. Hawkeye13. Universe14. Vintage

15. Rio16. Sunday Morning17. Urban
18. Black Widow
Added 05/31/15:
19. BMW i8

20. Waiting for a Train

21. Hi Tech

22. Silver Stud

23. Modern Gallery

24. Lonely Dawn

25. Sci-Fi

26. Maharaja

27. Desert

28. Retro

29. Night Bridge

30. Forest

Added 06/23/15

31. Vacation

32. OldTime

33. Blackboard

34. Tiretracks

35. Flat Candy

36. Flying Blue

37. Gram of the Night Sea

38. London Night

39. Space

40. TheChic

41. MaterialDark

42. TheDarknight

43. Astarlitnight

44. ActiveBlueCamo

45. Golden

46. BlackGold

47. WhiteMint

48. PaperUiDark - Removed per developer's request

I will be adding the main screen shots as well in a bit..

More coming. Also customized ones..
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Mar 19, 2011
To Installed:

1. Install a File Explorer App from Playstore
2. Copy the Main Theme file and Wallpaper apk's to your SdCard
3. Ensure you are on the Stock Theme!!!!!
4. Using File Explorer, Install Main Theme File, Then Install Wallpaper apk.
5.Go back into Theme Chooser. Select theme to apply.

I have done this nurmerous times with all Themes I have downloaded...
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Apr 9, 2012
Really nice... these will probably work only on s6 and s6 edge.

Just tried with my Note 4 n910f 5.0.1 and no single app of each theme will appear in theme chooser.

It would be great if someone could figure out how exactly themes work on s6. I didn't found sec.theme.chooser or anything similar in s6 dump...

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Mar 19, 2011
Damn!!! Got my hopes up lol. Where'd you find the Avengers themes (as well as individual Iron Man, Hulk, etc.) themes? They aren't in my theme store.

Theme store, very top of screen. is a Avengers Image, click it.. it takes you to those.

Sorry I wasnt clear on the purpose. However, I am hoping to give a way to to install. working it out.. But no promises..
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Oct 16, 2011


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