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Aug 8, 2008
Anyway you could add this wallpaper? Or anything similar. I wasn't sure the resolution you needed but here is the source page. Any of the focus ST logos I would really appreciate!!


I also added a picture of my car too not sure if that's taking it too far :D

Thank you so much for building this!! I have always wanted a mod like this!
I can't thank you enough for this!! Can't wait to update to the ST background!!
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Aug 8, 2008
Looks awesome thanks man!!


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Nov 21, 2013
Heya! Version 1.5 is live!

Due to some changes to the package, you could face some installation issues. If so, it means that the older version of Android Auto Backgrounds has to be uninstalled, sorry for the inconvenience

Here's what's changed:

  • The app now has a welcome dialog upon launching. It explains how to apply the backgrounds and has a dedicated donate button in case you want to buy me a coffee :)
  • Added 5 casual wallpapers
  • Added 5 gradients wallpapers
  • Fixed a typo in the Ford ST background in order to follow alphabetical order

Download link in the OP
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Dec 19, 2010
Philadelphia, PA
Is there anything else required to get this working? Stumbled upon this thread and would love to get this working. Have a T-Mobile Galaxy S10+ but not sure if you just have to download the app and go?


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Nov 21, 2013
Is there anything else required to get this working? Stumbled upon this thread and would love to get this working. Have a T-Mobile Galaxy S10+ but not sure if you just have to download the app and go?

Hi there,

Substratum is required to get it working. Lucky for you Substratum on One UI devices is possible without root (if you don't wish to root your phone). Search for Synergy setup, then you will be ready to go to use this theme! (OP has a link to Substratum starting guide)


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Sep 18, 2011


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    Ever thought the new Android Auto background wallpaper is very ugly? You hate anything that is stock and commonly adopted? Ever asked why Android Auto developers won't let the user choose between different backgrounds and just put an horrendous wallpaper?

    If yes is the answer to any of the questions above, you are in the right place!

    Introducing my first Substratum Theme, and it's all about Android Auto!


    In order to use Wallpapers For AA you'll need to have Substratum installed on your phone.

    Don't know what the heck is substratum? Here's the official starting guide

    Lost? Here are some video tutorials




    Here's a preview of the themes available:




    Van Gogh


    Google Now - Mountains by night


    Simple grey background




    Wallpapers For AA - Vehicles samples

    All the other backgrounds preview are available on Flickr



    Starting from Wallpapers For AA version 3.0, the theme will rely ONLY on the new implementation of Wallpapers bundled inside Android Auto. This will mean that Wallpapers For AA will stay on top of the new feature of Android Auto 5.8+ that will allow every user to swap wallpaper with some included ones.
    This feature is not active yet (as of 2020/01/25) and it needs further setup.
    Please, read the
    release notes to learn more.

    Wallpapers For Android Auto is available in 3 different versions:

    Wallpapers For Android Auto - Vehicles
    Includes all the wallpapers regarding vehicles (badges, logos, etc.)
    Previews link

    Wallpapers For Android Auto - Sport
    Includes all the wallpapers regarding Sport (NFL,NBA,Soccer,F1 etc.)
    Previews link

    Wallpapers For Android Auto - General
    Everything that does not fall in the other categories
    Previews Link

    All the downloads are hosted on GitHub

    Wallpapers For AA + Extras For AA = ❤

    Have you checked out my second substratum theme that completely changes Android Auto's look? What are you waiting for? Check out Extras For AA right now and start tweaking Android Auto even more!

    Do you want to stay up to date with my themes, as well as receive previews? Be sure to join the update channel on Telegram!

    Like my work? Consider a donation! Even a small amount will be appreciated :)

    Donate to me via PayPal
    Or via cryptos

    BTC: 39bdKem8taTZvm2WeyH8wwDhYKzZ2PzhGn
    ETH: 0x3D9e6862590622245875B5b202b53E14E8052FA8
    LTC: MHff2pPF4YHafcFYEVG55yFbx3yGXDBh1T
    XRP: rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg XRP TAG: 3707843365
    BAND: 0x2e445f1C65496E27BeBA9F726B708b771f722dC2
    UMA: 0xF707F8143EAA1999cDde78C4AEd89316F62A3418
    GRT: 0x2e79AaeD933781d8BaAa03685ED32CEBC1D8f9f2
    COMP: 0x374aed091aB5FA72392Aaa87bD87B20c9356214b
    BCH: qq6hxekaagy9ng69tgapfvglsh3e6s47supy8qe4nd
    Heya! Version 1.12 - Pixel Wallpapers update is live!

    Thanks to @R1zzy_ for the awesome recreations of Pixel Wallpapers. Now on Android Auto!

    Here's what changed:
    • The theme reached 303 backgrounds
    • Added 11 wallpapers from Google Pixel
    • Added Hulk Wallpaper (as suggested by @bradhoschar )
    • Added 2 casual wallpapers (thanks @alderon666 )
    • Revamped the welcome dialog

    Download link in the OP

    And don't forget that all the themes previews are available on Google Photos

    The app has made it to the XDA feed!!! https://www.xda-developers.com/android-auto-background-substratum-theme-wallpaper/

    Quite a big achievement for a Substratum Theme that I've developed almost randomly. In fact, I was looking to a post in a Facebook group. A guy was asking "Can I change the new horrible Android Auto background?". Everyone in the comments was like "No way dude" but I was like "Hey wait a minute... What if..." And then I came out with this Substratum Theme, which is the a pretty sime way to go. Not the perfect solution, not so powerful, but functional.

    Since the beginning, I've thought that the theme should be fully open to suggestion of new Backgrounds, because giving the user the choice is the best way, in my opinion, to make the user happy.

    Sorry for being radio silent in the last few days but I've been out on a vacation, and I'll probably fully resume the development of the theme on Thursday as I'll have more spare time.

    In the meantime the app is just a step away from reaching 2k downloads on the XDA labs, and so far the reviews (though some old reviews mysteriously disappeared :( ) are all 5 stars, which means you have to really like the theme and I really have to thank you! Be sure to leave a review so I know if there are any problems or something I can work on or improve!

    I honestly did not expect to make it to the news feed of XDA, and I've noticed it from outta nowhere, and really thank you.

    From now on I'm planning to have weekly updates. I'm not really sure I can keep up each and every week, since I basically develop the theme in my spare time, but I'm pretty confident I can.

    So... Can you guess the subject of the next background for AA?
    Heya! Version 1.13 - is live!

    Here's what changed:
    • The theme reached 320 backgrounds
    • Cadillac background is a little less shiny
    • Added 16 casual wallpapers. Mostly synthwave/retrowave wallpapers and wallpapers from MKBHD's collection.

    Download link in the OP

    And don't forget that all the themes previews are available on Google Photos
    Not everything turns out as it should

    Version 1.8.1 is live

    Apologies for two updates in a short time.

    When I was uploading photos to the Google Photos gallery, I figured out that some logos were not looking so good (my bad I didn't have a second look into them). So, in order to assure the best quality, these logos have been updated:

    • Renault (black version)
    • Vauxhall (black version)
    • Acura (black version)
    • Genesis (black version)
    • Abarth (black version)
    • KIA (both versions)
    • SKODA (black version)
    • KARMA (black version)
    • Fiat (black version)
    • Opel (black version)
    • Chevrolet (black version)
    • Tata Motors now have the proper logo (both versions)

    Download link, as always, in the OP

    Wallpapers will be shortly updated on Google Photos
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