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    Hello everyone :D

    Me and @whalesplaho decided to make a Themers Team, named Xperia Themers

    Xperia Themers present you The Custom Themes Collection v1

    This mod will replace the stock themes. They are based on Sony's Honami Stock Themes. This mod will not replace your Settings Background (white,black, custom etc)


    air1.jpg air2.jpg

    earth1.jpg earth2.jpg

    heat1.jpg heat2.jpg

    orange1.jpg orange2.jpg

    silk1.jpg silk2.jpg

    sunny1.jpg sunny2.jpg

    vintage1.jpg vintage2.jpg

    View attachment 2220556 View attachment 2220557

    Xperia Theme will not be replaced ;)

    How to install:
    1. Take a backup just in case something goes wrong.
    2. Download Custom Themes v1 from HERE
    3. Transfer the file on your phone.
    4. Enter is cmw
    5. Flash the zip
    6. Clear cache and dalvik cache
    7. Reboot
    8. Enjoy
    9. Hit the thanks button if you like them
    More wonderful themes coming soon....

    sent from tsubasa using XDA 4 app
    dnt just like yelllow... prefer white, black n purple!!!:D

    I don't know if i can make a rainbow :p :p
    Just kidding bro. Working on some stuff ;)
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