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[THEME] terpsichora_N (S8 spoiler)

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Mar 23, 2014
Awesome theme..really like the dark notifications. Running on rooted 7.0 SM-G935P...thank you for your work

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Nov 6, 2014
Hello, I changed the icon to the theme "Life" (thanks for this theme for the author @Anik49 :highfive: ) and now so it looks :)


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Aug 20, 2009
Hi, this theme look awesome but I just can install the trial version. Can you give me steps to install the full version?

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Nov 14, 2014
Instructions on how to set the theme permanently and get rid of the Free Trial (instructions for rooted users only).

1- Install the theme.
2- With your root explorer of choice (I use Solid Explorer), navigate to Root->Data->Overlays->jsonfiles->trialjson and in that folder you should find a file with the name of the theme with the extension .json
3- Cut the file from that folder and paste it in the "usrjson" folder within the jsonfiles folder.
4- Go back to the Overlays folder and open the Preferences folder.
5- Delete all of the files within that folder.
6- Reboot your device
7- Apply the theme and you'll see the Apply option only, no more Free Trial.

Hope this helps you guys :)

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    "new OP (still WIP)
    theme got updated to support nougat, now with S8 influence.
    PLEASE REMOVE COMPLETELY OLD VERSION IF YOU HAVE ANY BEFORE INSTALLING THIS. The newest version is "0terpsichora_N_RC3. apk" and "0terpsichora_N_RC3_lightnotif"
    PLEASE INSTALL ONLY ONE, you cannot install both at the same time. If your rooted and have means to change title text color on notification or just can bear with the dark one use the ..RC3.apk, if you're not rooted and want a bugless theme use the ..RC3_lightnotif.apk one.
    Still bugged (dark colored on 3rd party apps) notification title text (need help on this, or ask rom developers to support dark notification template on their ROMs) please report any miscolored, bugs or give bright ideas to improve this. thanks for using, enjoy and please atleast let me know if you kang any part of this theme. :)

    INSTALLATION for rooted devices (you should do all this before 5min trial ends) :
    -install and apply theme
    -go fast to your root file manager and navigate:
    -root/data/overlays/preferences folder
    -delete all its contents (7files) not the actual preferences folder.
    -then navigate to:
    -from there, CUT and paste the contents (1file) of trialjson folder to inside of userjson folder.
    -restart phone and reapply theme.
    wachout 4 update guise.. :)
    What is the name of the Google Play store icon? I tried "ic_google_play_store" but it does not work.

    I'm trying to change your Google Play store icon to your theme, I gave the name "ic_play_store" and nothing. In the resource.arcs file I have added a line "<public type =" drawable "name =" ic_play_store "id =" 0x7f02001d "/> The Google Play Store app is called "ic_launcher_play_store". Please help.

    I don't think you can make it that way, even the filename from your source icon is different from what you put on the arcs, and there is no hooks or reference to what you wanna change. Try this, pick some random unused apk from the asset folder of my theme, and edit its AndroidManifest.xml. edit the target package (only the target package) with the package name of Google play store, save, then make a mipmap.xxdpi folder inside res folder and put your icon there(inside the mipmap folder), recompile the unused apk and put it back to the asset folder on my theme then recompile my theme, I hope you can get what I'm saying, if not don't bother to edit it as you may face FC and unable to boot or change your theme back to default one. or if you like you can give me the icon you were talking about, I'll try to do it myself and if I like it I'll put it to the next update.

    *I'm putting this terpsichora project on hold as I'm joining the hype and make a proper S8 theme. xD
    thanks guys please bear with me, this theme is very hard to make with very limited free time availability. But I promise its worth the wait. :) currently 72.10% finished. plan to release at end of the month or early march.
    I'am using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Nougat 7.0. Can't find the way tou are installing this insanely gorgeous theme. I'am trying to buy it almost everyday and still no success. I realy want that theme but i can't install it for. Iife but only for 5 minutes. My device is not rooted. I've searched the forum but still no success. Obviusly I'am not searching the right way. Can't buy it too due to error (2841 /772290/S4002).. Well yeah... Thats my problem in 2K17. Cheers pall and keep up the good work. You're doing it right. Cheerz.

    you can never buy this theme officially because its not from Samsung's own store unfortunately.. just backread on this thread theres a lot of tips already for non rooted instalation. or just use Search box for this thread and search for the term "package disabler" example:https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=69576679&postcount=87

    *theme update finished, its S8 hybrid now. there are two versions, one with dark and the other one have white notifications. But cant upload it as I dont have enough data now :( (going home from work on the ship) will upload the update once I go to the airport on Mar25, wish me a safe trip. :)