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[THEME][TWRP][PORT][MDPI] TWRP Materialised - Dark / Play [24/10/14]


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Sep 27, 2012

This TWRP theme is a port of TWRP Materialised theme by @z31s1g. All credits go to him for the countless hours of hardwork put in this theme. Make sure you thank him over at his thread (here).

I will try to port the Light and Dark themes when I have time later.

  • Recovery gone App: Designed to mimic the look and feel of an Android app.
  • Customisable UI: 15 different accent colors, center clock option, different navbar button layouts...
  • Added functionality: built-in ability to flash image files (recovery, radio, boot), bookmark function for file lists, Aroma File Manager support, theme changer...

  • use center clock by default (i like it)
  • use samsung type nav bar (back button on right)(easier, since I got used to it on Pico)
  • fix keyboardtemplate && keyboard
  • remove "select storage" option (we has only one storage sdcard)
  • fix fileselector_install_height (dependancy of remove "select storage" option)
  • add resized fallback fonts
  • all variables in ui.xml resized accordingly ((ORIG_W: 800, PORT_W: 320; ORIG_H: 1280, PORT_H: 480) (width: (int(($value / $ORIG_W * $PORT_W ) + 0.5))) && (height: (int(($value / $ORIG_H * $PORT_H) + 0.5)))) (it's 7th grade math)
  • resized all images (a very mild difference would be seen among images (img size ratio of 0.625 resized to 0.667 (diff: 0.042)))

Availability and Compatibility
  • Supported TWRP versions: 280X (awesom3 and TWRP)
  • Supported screen resolutions: 320x480
  • The theme stays compatible with new versions of TWRP until TWRP changelog says otherwise.

How to install:
  1. Download the theme of your choice and rename it to "ui.zip".
  2. On SD card (if device has internal and external storage, use the internal) open TWRP folder and create a folder called "theme", without capital letters.
  3. Copy ui.zip to theme folder.
  4. Restart to recovery.


Screenshot Gallery


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320x480 Themes Folder
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Sep 27, 2012
Is it based on or similar to the theme porter Modding.MyMind made? Never used it, just wondering.
never used it myself either, so no idea how it works; but I'm guessing the idea is basically the same 7th grade math
a:b::c:d => a/b = c/d (or) c= (a/b) * d
320_dark is up!
320_light should be up by tomorrow it's 1 AM, and i have school tomorrow!
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Dec 1, 2012
damn this looks awesome!

edit: why s.basketbuild.com isn't safe my chrome detected it??

edit2: tried and tested works great mate! ;)
I noticed that enabling MTP slows down the transferring of files (laptop to sdcard) from recovery :confused:
using a class 4 sdcard 8GB
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@thewisenerd, great job on your scripts for porting. Gonna try it out just because I am curiouson how fast it can port lol. Retrospect to whether or not it works like mine I can say it most likely does not. The two projects are definitely different. I also use GraphicksMagick (GM) compiled for ARM to resize all the images accordingly. That binary is embedded in to the script.

The math I use is pretty simple and accurate. Say the theme is 720x1080 and your device is 480x800 for the sake of this demonstration. Both info is provided to the script as it will ask you for them. Then it will proceed to calculate as such:

An image of 64x130 from 720 to 480:
480÷11.25=42.6666666667 (then round to the nearest integer) 43

800÷8.30769230769=96.296296296.3 (round to the nearest integer) 96

Giving a successful port of 64x130 to 43x96. This same method is applied towards the ui as well since we know that 'x' is 'width' and 'y' is 'height' and so forth.

Glad to see someone else put together a project. I'm intrigued :)
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Jul 5, 2010
On LG L5 is perfect
The size of the navbar buttons indicates you're using an early version of the theme, since the 2820 theme update they're smaller. Also, what resolution does your device have?
but not with,the slider is to small and cant be used.
Just update the theme, there are 2860 compatible versions that have the slider placement fixed.


It would be too much to ask for porting to the LDPI do not know how this script, so I can only ask, please.

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The only problem with this theme on LDPi is when screen lock is impossible to unlock and is impossible to swipe to confirm action.