[Theme] [UI Patch] Xperia OS V2 for MT6572 Primo E2

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Aug 3, 2014
This is a Update for Xperia OS ROM for Primo E2! This update is made by me... you can call it a UI patch..

Xperia OS V2 By Snigdho Has an
- Aroma Installer
- DSP Manager
- New SystemUI
- New Settings Handle
- Xperia Volume Pop-Up
- CM and AOKP Plat logo
- Modded Framework
- Modded Dialer And Dialing Screen
- Modded Contacts and Phone
- New Boot logo
- New boot Animation
- NOTE III Headphone Sign

Link To The Update- http://www.mediafire.com/download/1asygphdsj1y49y/Xperia_OS_V2_By_SH.zip

Thanks to
- Allah SWT
- MH Sohan
- Xtreme Ornob
- Kuasha Pranto
- Shehzad Noor Mahi
- MD Shafiqul
- Wasik Jahan Ehsan
- Me :)P)

All used Themes from the ROMS
-Xperia Touch V2
-Xperia Z4/Beast 2
-Pure Jellybean

Way to Install this Update, Its very different
At first Wipe and Flash Xperia OS ROM
Then boot in to recovery and flash Xperia_OS_V2_By_SH then wipe Dalvic Cache
I will prefer to CTR to flash this Update!!

- Don't steal my work
- Share your experience with Screenshot
- Officially released in Walton Primo E2 Users group in Facebook