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Today I am here with the Android L theme, for CM11 theme chooser. This theme will work with all the other ROMs having the theme chooser.

Features :
1. Flat Design
2. Coloured action Bars
3. Themed action bar, buttons
4. New font
5. New navigation bar Icons
6. New Network Indicators
7. New wallpaper
8. New keyboard [Removed in v2]
9. Themed Calculator
10. New colors in each app
11. New bootanimation
12. Notification sound from L release
13. Ringtone from L release
14. Lockscreen wallpapers
15. Some more changes
16. Transparent SystemUI

More apps

1. New keyboard (not the theme feature, get it from here.)

Downloads in 2nd Post and Screenshots in 3rd post :)

If you like my work, please rate and press thanks :)
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Downloads :

Version 1 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/59lvweslt3z68q7/theme_signed.apk
  • Initial Release

Version 2 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/61jdydw5lpfo327/theme_signed.apk

  • Added Bootanimation
  • Added Sounds
  • Added Lockscreen wallpapers
  • Added Alarm tones
  • Added Ringtones
  • Removed Keyboard theming. You can get the new keyboard app from here : Play Store
  • Updated fonts

Version 3

Changelog :
  • Fixed all the icon problems
  • Added new icons
  • More refurbished systemui
  • Transparent SystemUI
  • More to come :)

Download : Mediafire.

MOD EDIT: V4 removed.
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Screenshots attached :)


  • Screenshot_2014-06-27-12-26-05.png
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  • Screenshot_2014-06-27-12-26-59.jpg
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  • Screenshot_2014-06-27-12-27-03.png
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  • Screenshot_2014-06-27-12-29-57.png
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  • Screenshot_2014-06-27-12-53-54.png
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  • Screenshot_2014-06-27-12-57-54.png
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  • Screenshot_2014-06-27-13-02-02.png
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  • Screenshot_2014-06-27-13-04-19.png
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Cool buddy, must try it [emoji106]

Yeap.. It works smooth :)

Are u going to change the switches to the yellow lollipop thing?

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I havent used Android L yet. And this is just the 1st release. More to come :)

make it workable for android 4.1.2
This isn't the normal theme. This is a theme for the new Theme Pack chooser. But will try to make it for 4.1.2 :)

Works perfect on LG Geeb (E970) with CarbonRom 4.4.4. Thanks! Right when they announced L I was thinking about the CM11 theme.
Thank you dude :)


Looks Awesome!
Can you change the colour in the action bar in apps like Root Explorer (as in the screenshot) from pink to blue (like in the settings).
Yes I will do it in the next release

This theme is awesome! it works on my Nexus 4 and also on my S3 Mini, Thanks ;D.

Will this work on stock moto x rooted? I have this downloaded but dont know how to open the theme. Do i need a theme chooser that will grab the theme in my download?

You need to use CyanogenMod 11 for the theme to work. Please install CM11, then the theme. Navigate to settings, select themes and apply it :)

Hi Your Theme is nice i hop in the next version coming bootanimation, Font and audio
Yes. Its coming.

wrong navbar icons: the android L icons got smoother edges
I took them from system dump :/


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Apr 11, 2011
charleston wv
Yes I will do it in the next release


You need to use CyanogenMod 11 for the theme to work. Please install CM11, then the theme. Navigate to settings, select themes and apply it :)

Yes. Its coming.

I took them from system dump :/
I dont have a unlocked bootloader to flash CM 11. Im only temp rooted pie. Is there anything i can do to get this? I was able to install this but not open it. I have the wallpaper already from something else. Im on 4.4.2


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Oct 2, 2012
Yes I will do it in the next release


You need to use CyanogenMod 11 for the theme to work. Please install CM11, then the theme. Navigate to settings, select themes and apply it :)

Yes. Its coming.

I took them from system dump :/

Also, i believe the cm11 quick settings tiles look better itself


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Apr 20, 2012
Not showing under Themes. Galaxy Note 2 CM11 4.4.2. Anyone else having this problem?

Me too.

Samsung N7105 LTE, I am running this rom [ROM] [4.4.3][HOVER][HALO][SlimPie][PAPIE][multiwindow][19th June 2014] CM-REMIX-Burst-Kernel-KANG [ver_2.9.7]

May be it requires the new theme chooser?


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Apr 11, 2011
charleston wv
How can i get this being rooted but only have jcase root pie for moto x locked bootloader on verizon? I installed the android l but i can only keep installing it. How can i see this?
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    I'm closing this thread until the OP comes back, considering the thread keeps getting derailed into petty arguments. As to why the OP was banned, you can read more about XDA's banning policy here.
    Will it work on Touchwiz or cm like theming engine needed?


    V4 has been removed from the OP because it contains material taken from this theme (by XDA member Koulis2000) without permission.

    The thread was temporarily closed while I cleaned up some things. It's now reopened, but please refrain from linking to V4. If you have any general questions, feel free to PM me.
    This Theme is way better than the one it appears to be "stolen" from.

    Just waiting for next release. Here is what i recognized broken so far:
    - Some Icons in Settings are missing
    - Dialogs looks ugly. Grey font on grey background with grey dividers. Ugh
    - Volume sliders are still unthemed (i don´t know if thats supposed to be)
    - Some Buttons are weird loking. E.g "uninstall" button in Settings.

    Great work. Keep it up and settle things with the other themer so that things will go smoothly. I love this.
    We tried hard not to discuss this on the thread to avoid issues but im no special person where I can just say things. But right now I think I can and have every right.

    As you see, there is a major difference between version 3 and 4. The jump is such a big change. If you compare the screenshots from @Koulis2000 theme. You'll see that its an exact replica. But wait there is even more, the bugs are exactly the same as his theme as he said its a pretty early release which is why there was at least 10 whole pages of bugs being reported on this thread which was already reported on the Google+ page. If you have the initiative to decompile both .apk's then do so, compare it with the original themers, its an exact replica. You can basically drag @PixCM images over @Koulis2000 and it will match perfectly.
    So the images were ripped from the original themers theme.

    So stop trying to wave something that actually happened. It sucks having your work taken with absolutely no credit being given.

    I will give props to the OP for remaining calm and continuing with the theme in an way where he/she can rebuild the theme. (Ofc without using someone else's work). End of rant.

    Edit - Lol and to people that think its fair to take his work and modify it and get credit isn't fair. He didn't even credit the original themer. So how is this unfair, just saying. Not giving credits is somewhat frowned upon.
    Just wondering. How could you tell?
    I decompiled both APKs and checked duplicate files, then checked again with the Android L system dump. All of the assets in Koulis2000's APK were added in the V4 APK (approximately 200 files). Out of those, around 40 were available in the system dump - the rest were original/modified material.
    Note that I actually mean an exact duplicate when I say "duplicate". The MD5 signature was the same for those files. Naturally, you can check that yourself if you have the APKs.