[THEME] XDA Exclusive for EMUI 5.0 (last updated 21/05/2017)


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Jul 28, 2014
For all XDA App fans - XDA Exclusive Theme for EMUI 5 !


2017-05-21 Version 1.1:
- transparent notification messages background
- fixed settings icons: app twin, home, bluetooth
- new switches, XDA style
- added apps: package installer, huawei share, mirror share, launcher
- improved email widget background
- color tweaks: sms, calendar, notepad

Known issues:
- few app/settings may not be themed

2017-05-01 Version 1.0:
- EMUI 5.1 ready
- improved look: calendar, calculator, email, gallery, notepad, files, backup, settings
- redesigned toolbar and popups
- improved dialpad
- changed contacts list icons colours
- fixed mms attach panel colors
- fixed 'deselect all' button bug
- new wallpaper, modified icon pack
- added smart cover wallpaper
- some other small tweaks

Known issues:
- few app/settings may not be themed
- small bugs with toolbar in Calendar and Notepad
- app twin icon in settings is not changed

2017-02-24 RC 3c:
- email message background is now white
- search window in email app is now better visible
- new wallpaper with discrete xda logo (as requested)

2017-02-24 RC 3b:
- header of non-themed system apps should be now visible (white bg)
- fixed file manager 'cancel' icon
- brightness and volume slider is yellow again :)
- call button is at last yellow...
- XDA Exclusive badge on EMUI logo in setting and updater :cool:
- XDA Exclusive badge on clock :cool:

2017-02-23 RC 3:
- re-written whole theme, separate global framework from individual apps (should solve some problems with not visible elements of not themed system apps)
- manual installation of .apk now works - it's visible (but with white background...)
- unlock screen subscriptions are now visible
- fixed bug with file manager toolbar icons
- auto-brightness checkbox is now yellow
- fixed google docs icons - now are different for docs, slides and sheets
- some other small fixes

Known issues (no solution at this moment):
- few texts in deeper settings menu has dark font (for example: disabled apps)
- header text in package installer is low visible
- some not themed settings: motion control, voice control

2017-02-18 RC 2:
- introducing new icon pack: dark pixel mix (8000+ icons, desaturated, matched to the theme)
- fixed mate 9 apps background bug (i hope...)
- fixed missing file manager toolbar icons
- email message background is no longer blue :)

2017-02-17 RC 1:
- themed most of system apps
- modified pixel icon pack

Tested on P9 EVA-AL10. Please test and report any bugs / glitches.

- download and install app from Google Play
- click Install Theme, then open Theme Manager and activate the theme
- reboot your phone

Any suggestions are welcome ;) If you like it, don't hesitate to hit 'Thanks' or 'Donate' button :cool:

Download with EMUI Themes Factory app from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emuithemesfactory.emuithemesfactory
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Nov 11, 2013
Great theme so far, could I suggest that you colour the notifications, the auto-brightness button to match the rest of the design as well?
Also could you change the volume background to not be transparent but instead the same colour as the settings app background please?
Another thing I'd like if possible, is to theme the default keyboard as well. Would be awesome if you could, thanks.
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May 10, 2011
(Mate 9 user)
I think that's the best theme for mokka gold & gold users...especially if you change icons with icons from "Luxury" them (from Huawei theme app) you will get perfect mokka gold result... If it's possible change the auto brightness check box color into gold like all the others in notifications panel and the 2 sim call buttons from green to gold just like you did in message app (when you choose from which sim you will send the message)!!!

The only thing that I don't like is in Stock mail app when you open a mail the blue background color...
It will be great if you have kept it white...or something like light gold.... No... No... gold because if you want to choose & copy a text from a mail then the "choose" background will be gold again and it will be a problem... So probably white color as original

Thanks for the great work...
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Jul 28, 2014
About auto-brightness button - haven't found so far a way to change it :( Every theme i saw has this blue checkbox.

Email app - i personally don't use it, but it will look closer and try to fix it.
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Dec 6, 2016
About auto-brightness button - haven't found so far a way to change it :( Every theme i saw has this blue checkbox.

Email app - i personally don't use it, but it will look closer and try to fix it.

Is it possible to transfer this color theme to dark theme?
Or can you tell me how I can edit it?
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Jan 13, 2015
+1 for EMUI 4 version.It works on emui 4,but in certain apps the colors of the font and the background are kind of broken and its hard/impossible to read the text.Also some apps arent themed as in the screenshots,notification bar and quick settings too(obviously since they were entirely changed in emui 5).