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[THEMECHOOSER] Windows Phone 7 Theme RC3. 11/12/11

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Latest Version is Release Candidate 3
This is a Windows Phone 7 Theme for Android (CyanogenMod) Theme Chooser, which is made by Alexis Diaz's and My own work and uses graphics from a Samsung Phone theme by Lucas Scott - don't forget to donate to him :p

If you liked it, please hit thanks :p

OVER 10,000 Downloads :D - Thanks guys :)

In Release Candidate 3
Added graphics for tabs
Added graphics to tabs in settings and contacts
Added device settings icon
Added popups
Changed to more Wp7-like buttons
Changed keyboard number overlays and popups
Changed contact banners slightly
Regained overscroll glow

Broken stuff:
Buttons with drop downs have black text on black background. Shouldn't matter if you know what they are, but a bug none the less.
I have no idea how to support all devices properly, so you will probably have to sacrifice the preview image in themechooser to get it working, or something :p

Screenshots: Some may be dated...




Ubermusic and Launcher7, both avaliable on the market, are shown here to help create a full Windows Phone 7 experience.

Right guys, I've been cleaning a load of stuff up..

Right here is the latest version: http://www.mediafire.com/?51i22zxjmznylr2 (updated 13/2/12 9AM GMT) - please don't mirror my files!

Now once you've installed it, could you tell me 3 things:
1) What does the preview say
2) What is your screen resolution (L/M/HPDI) just say your actual resolution if you don't know which one you are
3) Does it allow you to apply the theme?

This is helping me work out exactly what reads from where on what device and what I need to do to get things working.

Thanks :)

MDPI users may want to try over here: if the above version doesn't work: http://modmymobile.com/forums/565-motorola-backflip-themes/562874-wp7-theme-j_rodds-cm7-2.html

With the apk file now on your device, install it.
Go to the Theme Chooser application and select "Windows Phone 7"
Hit apply, and ignore the error message, hitting apply anyway.
Reboot your device!
- Enjoy :p

To Complete this theme with a modified Power Menu and Lockscreen you need to flash this Metamorph too (version 3): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nxddb5zat887qzf

MetroStation icons by Yankoa, who contributes to this theme: yankoa.deviantart.com
Ubermusic, pictured here and offers a swift elegant music player.
Launcher 7, pictured here is a simplistic launcher.
Wp7Lock is a simplistic, metro impression lockscreen replacement.
Metro Messaging, a replica Windows Phone 7 messaging app

To do:
Some more buttons when menu is pressed in browser, etc, tell me what!
Possibly News and Weather themes, etc.
Anything else anyone suggests

Your Help, Comments and Criticism is Needed!
I need you to help me in order to get the best out of this theme. You could:
Leave a comment on what you do/don't like about the theme
What is broken in the theme
What suggestions you have for the theme
And any other resources that you think might help improve this theme!
Please do take note that I am no graphic designer, and can only replace icons with ones others can supply, if you find resources or any kind, please tell me!
Oh and don't forget to donate to Yankoa or give me DeviantArt points at the links at the bottom of this page :)

This isn't necessarily all that is changed in each release but it should show some more significant changes at least.

0.1 - Create metamorph, stick in images from Trax's theme with no renames to framework-res.apk

0.1b - Take wifi/signal icons from twframework.apk of Trax's theme to Framework-res.apk in mine - fully appears same as not fully!!!!

0.1c - fixed previously un-updated roaming icons

0.2 - Added settings menu icons and screenshot icon in power menu

0.2b - Added Media buttons and "Ic lock ringer on and off" - changed call icon in contacts - ic jog dial answer added but may look broken - revmoved "dots" from wifi Power menu profile button fixed!

0.2c - Tried to change a few 9.pngs

0.3 - Updated to theme chooser, many things are broken again.

0.4 - Fixed a few things - eg, many settings menu icons

0.5 - added some framework-res stuff, battery icons fixed, more icons when "Menu" is pressed

0.6 - Finally "fixed" notifications - they are readable. Changed some buttons - give me feedback :) - Theme now displays as "Windows Phone 7" in Theme Chooser. "Menu Headers" are black instead of grey. Darker popup boxes

Beta1.1 - Themed keyboard, added emoticons, added new status bar icons, made some others white not grey. A few LauncherPro tweaks.

Beta1.2 - [I]Dialer- doesnt work how I thought it does so isnt themed yet[/I], Should have fixed mdpi keyboard, fixed emoticons, more status bar icons, more menu button icons, Some launcher icons.

Beta1.3 - I can't really remember. Icon, preview, more launcher icons, black notifications with white text, broken a load of stuff, finally completely merged theme with @PaintballerAlex

Release Candidate 1 - Progress bars, interdeterminate bars, slightly improved the dialer, contact badges, removed 72ls1's graphics

Release Candidate 2 - The Application icon, the theme preview, and some other stuff I can't actually remember...

Release Candidate 3 - Added graphics for tabs
                                 Added graphics to tabs in settings and contacts
                                 Added device settings icon
                                 Added popups
                                 Changed to more Wp7-like buttons
                                 Changed keyboard number overlays and popups
                                 Changed contact banners slightly
                                 Regained overscroll glow

Mushroom_Lord - Myself, obviously! - Maintainer of thread, simple graphics, porting of Lucas Scotts work, dev, all the HDPI work.

PaintballerAlex - Dev, does all the work for MDPI, adds lots of awesome stuff :p

Yankoa - Themer - Does all the nice graphics, icons etc. Creator of the MetroStation icons. Check out his Devianart! ~ http://yankoa.deviantart.com/
If you liked what you've seen, please consider donating to him.

He is (or will be) responsible for most of the graphics you see here :)

72ls1 - There are a load of graphics in here that are his too!

Credit to the Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen for pointers on how to do things in previous builds.
Credit to Stericson for actually making me do this :p
Credit to M..N for signing the version 0.4 apk for me :p
Credit to Lucas Scott and Trax26 for their themes for Samsung phones, from which this is based.
Credit it to Kevin2516 for helping me make tthe white notification text!

If you like this theme then please hit thanks :D
donate to Yankoa http://yankoa.deviantart.com/
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Senior Member
Feb 17, 2009
Nice job man...apk tool has been a jerk lately...apk manager?
Thanks for this and look forward to watching it progress.
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cheers for the feedback :p - I think I will have to develop on windows, things don't work in Ubuntu to well :p

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Senior Member
Oct 20, 2010
Dude I'm dying for this lol but I tried both your link here and wp7android and both come up with mediafire page that says page not found

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Should be fixed now, as you can tell this is one of my first posts on xda :p

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Oct 20, 2010
Thanks bro lol I had no clue was one of your first the app doesn't show that hahaha but the theme is awesome bro hoping for a in call screen theme as well ;-) lol

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Thanks :p and I wouldn't call it so much of an app myself, just a theme :p - and any other feedback, what still needs and whats missing is very much needed :p

Some things may take a while as someone from wp7 android is yet to mail Me resource images.

Anything else I will try to get wwork on asap :p

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Senior Member
Oct 20, 2010
Lol I meant the xda app ;-) as far as the theme awesome maybe transparent pulldown, in-call screen, and browser maybe lol ;-)

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Okay, thanks, I will try and see if that is do - able "tommorow"

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Senior Member
Jun 16, 2010
Can't figure out how to install this; I used Zipthemer to create an update and undo zip file from your ZIP; then I rebooted to clockworkmod recovery and installed the ZIP but it said installation aborted...


You need to make sure you are usind ediify scripting I'm zipthemer if you have clockwork 3x

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Released in version 2b!

spinners: Smaller ones look ugly though
Media buttons (some - not all I believe)
Some other stuff :p
Profile Button in settings menu is fixed, and power menu
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Version 0.2b is released!

I will try and get to work on things previously mentioned shortly, please do continue to give feedback on what you want to see and what is still missing so I can continue to improve this theme!


Senior Member
Jun 17, 2010
Sarpsborg/ Norway
Downloaded the latest and made a zip file with zipthemer, but i got abort on CWM when i flashed it!!

i hope in future it will be a apk for the themechooser app =)


Sure you are using edify if you are on CWM 3x?

That would make things easier, yes :p - But Im 14 and incapable of such feats :p

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    QUOTE=JudasLucifer;27404044]I do at some point intend to add mango icons...I just need to get a source of them, decompiling ROMS for Windows Phone 7 devices got me nowhere.

    I never expected this to support anything lower than HDPI, as that's the only phone I have. However someone said near the start it worked on their LDPI device because theme chooser scales the images down, I have never been able to test this.

    App drawer icons were implemented at some point but many people didn't want them included - and so they weren't. The file manager icon still remains because it uses the same image the rest of the system uses for the folder icon.

    I haven't posted on this thread in a long time and there have been no updates. This is because 1) I didn't see any pressing issues, 2) I have since moved onto CM9 and 3) Lots of schoolwork. I will however revisit this at somepoint and make it "more compatible" with CM9[/QUOTE]

    I have my metro theme for cm9 in progress :D


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    I will try and get in touch with the theme author, see what he says...but I wouldn't be surprised if he says no!

    I made the text boxes the exact same size as the original, except I think I might have got rid of some shadow around the edge and left it blank, so it might not work there if you touch now, where you might have used to have been.

    That said I am just in the habit of touching the centre and it works fine, And I don't know what I could do about this...

    I have the highlights half working in Theme Chooser. That being, they are still yellow to the touch, but turn the darker blue (focus) on long press.

    I can't see a problem in my xml:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <item android:state_window_focused="false" android:drawable="@color/transparent" />
        <item android:state_focused="true" android:state_enabled="false" android:state_pressed="true" android:drawable="@drawable/frameworks_res_list_selector_background_disabled" />
        <item android:state_focused="true" android:state_enabled="false" android:drawable="@drawable/frameworks_res_list_selector_background_disabled" />
        <item android:state_focused="true" android:state_pressed="true" android:drawable="@drawable/frameworks_res_list_selector_background_focus" />
        <item android:state_focused="false" android:state_pressed="true" android:drawable="@drawable/frameworks_res_list_selector_background_pressed" />
        <item android:state_focused="true" android:drawable="@drawable/frameworks_res_list_selector_background_focus" />

    The "frameworks_res_list_selector_background_pressed" is obviously the light blue .9.png - but its still occurring yellow. So I think it *may* be a limit of Theme Chooser. Or someone else might be able to prove me wrong :p

    I will have to put them in the next metamorph for the time being...

    ---------- Post added at 06:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:34 PM ----------

    I have messaged the creator of said MetroStation icons, and will await his response to see if I have permission to re-distribute!

    Since it's a free app, I hope he will be liberal!

    Also another good contact might be guys from Minimal bread and Minimal magic - seems most of the 'orange' odd bits have been overcome in those themes. Even on long press options where we get Orange and in keyboard suggestions - they have managed to make themechooser theme with everything coloured in same flow. May be they might be able to share the trick?
    I suppose you could extract the images from the apk if you wanted, but you'd need the authors consent.

    @PaintballerAlex had added all the application icons, he may add more, provided he has them available!

    If @PaintballerAlex wants - he could add more from the market app called 'MetroStation' - it's icon pack. I am not sure how the author might be contacted, but if everyone is happy, you could probably acknowledge the original author and use A LOT of icons in theme.

    For now, icons are semi-themed on my phone. I'm unable to change any icons using various icon-swapping apps. They fail on Launcher 7.

    ---------- Post added at 06:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:12 PM ----------


    You mentioned that you might have a separate metamorph for replacing all the 'Orange highlights' - would it be replaced by blue or white? With current theme only tile colour that matches is blue, but if all orange were replaced by white, I guess all other tile colours might suit too. :)

    ---------- Post added at 06:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:15 PM ----------

    How is everyone finding the text boxes btw? - Are the borders a bit thin or anything?

    The text boxes in email and messaging seems about right!

    However some grey boxes don't respond very well to touch. I mean touching it's edges or few other areas might not work straightaway, but touching right in the centre of any greybox, generally works. If touched in corners then it just needs another tap. It could be my dying touchscreen, but since everythin else works ok, it could be that the images are smaller, bigger or something that I don't understand. But no biggie though.

    Awesome speed!

    You are getting a hang of this theme! ;)

    I'll try to look up more things that can be replicated as in WP7 - and then give more puzzles for you to solve after homework!
    For MMS.apk and speech bubbles - there is an app in the market called WP7 messeging or something similar in search terms.

    It's a new app in beta version, but they seem to have managed to get the bubbles working! - it looks extremely COOL!

    However, it's very laggy and slow as it's still under development. But if you could blend something in - that would be awesome, if not, users could add this app to have a feel of it. Not good enough for daily use though.