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[THEMES][STATUSBAR] Super Status Bar themes, 50+ themes and growing!

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Mar 10, 2013
Here's screen of iStatusBar SSB theme:

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Mar 1, 2011
Template for backgrounds link not working on first post! Any chance of a fix for this so I can download the template and create a theme?

*UPDATE* Nevermind I found it on your other website!
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May 8, 2013
Can anyone make a theme that looks similar to blackberry 10 status bar along with the bb logo?

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Mar 10, 2013
iStatusBar SSB theme version 2.0 is released:

- New improved version
- Round signal strength indicators
- Tweaked Cyan color looks even better now
- More icons
- Fixed bugs


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Oct 25, 2010
Birmingham, Alabama
Has this app been abandoned? I see it hasn't been updated in the play store for quite some time now... I also have an issue with it not working on my stock s3. It crashes and sometimes force closes and I can not use it. I would really like to use this app as it makes my status bar look awesome! Help please, TIA!


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Oct 25, 2010
Birmingham, Alabama
Question, is it normal for SSB to read only 1 to 3 bars no matter if you actual status bar is full? Just curious. It hardly ever reads as full signal and most times I do have full signal.. TIA

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Mar 9, 2015
Maybe a Lollipop Material Design Statusbar?

Well, it doesn't have to be material, but can anyone make a Lollipop status bar? transparent with Lollipop icons for the status bar, let me attach the picture of lollipop's status bar to make sure. If it's to hard to make the notification bar, it's fine, at least we can get a lollipop status bar look.
And I think a lot of people would like the lollipop status bar, so anyone who can make it and is willing to make it, go ahead, I support you all developers.

Thank youuu :)


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    Now Super Status Bar has support for themes.

    We have created an online builder preparing to upload your theme to Google Play uncomplicated

    You create the icons, we do the rest

    To create a theme for Super Status Bar should consider:
    The themes of Super Status Bar are composed of 3 basic parts:
    -Pack of icons
    -Pack of toggles
    -Pack of backgrounds
    Of these 3 the only obligatory is the pack of icons.

    You can download a sample packet of each:
    -Template for icons
    -Template for toggles
    -Template for backgrounds

    IMPORTANT: You must respect the given file names in templates and all images must be in .png file format.
    Moreover, the background for the top bar should not have any transparency.
    The file format must be provided in .zip
    The toggles can be wider than the examples but should fit at least 4 on screen at once (portrait mode)

    Once you have created your zip, use this form to create the apk
    Super Status Bar Theme Builder form
    (Minimum version to test theme icons: 0.16.1)
    (Minimum version to test theme icons, theme backgrounds and theme toggles: 0.16.2)

    Get Super Status Bar on Google Play

    How to use or test themes:
    After installing open it. Then open Super Status Bar and you will find the theme in the themes section.

    How to publish your theme on GooglePlay:

    Available themes:
    ·JellyBeanBlue by BlackBearBlank -> GooglePlay

    ·Deuces by Kgill7 -> Google Play

    ·Glossy Pink by BarbieW (lovemydroid) -> Google Play

    ·Hello Kitty Glitter by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Rainbow Orbs by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Stickers by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Just Pink by BarbieW (lovemydroid) -> Web

    ·Pretty in Pink by BarbieW (lovemydroid) -> Web

    ·HeartsDelight by BarbieW (lovemydroid) -> Web

    ·Here Kitty Kitty by BarbieW (lovemydroid) -> Web

    ·PurpleHearts by BarbieW (lovemydroid) -> Web

    ·Black n Pink Orbs by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Kiss and Talk by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·FireRed by DrAcHe981 -> Dropbox

    ·Black and Pink by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Cherry Limeade by BarbieW (lovemydroid) -> Web

    ·Lovely light by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Beeeutiful SuperStatusBar by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Hot Blubble by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Girly by BarbieW (lovemydroid) -> Web

    ·Pink Leopard by BarbieW (lovemydroid) -> Web

    ·Pastelicious by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Stars by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Hearts by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Animalistic by Lucy (droids4girls) -> Web

    ·Rocking Queen by ChikiBujia -> Web

    ·Zebra by iPhantom -> Web

    ·Leopard by iPhantom -> Web

    ·Retro by iPhantom -> Web

    ·Rainbow by iPhantom -> Web

    ·Soft pink metal by Lucy -> Web

    ·Merry PinkMas by ChikiBujia -> Web

    ·Pastel Christmas by Lucy -> Web

    ·Love kitty by Debbie -> Google play

    ·Love pastel by Debbie -> Google play

    ·Zelendel's Gotham blue by ChikiBujia -> Web

    ·Zelendel's Gotham pink by ChikiBujia -> Web

    ·Wood polka by Lucy -> Web

    ·Love white heart by Debbie -> Google play

    ·Starry Love by ChikiBujia -> Web

    ·Pink Present by Julie -> Web

    ·Bright Hearts by Julie -> Web

    ·More themes here -> SSB Theme page
    Well..registered as a developer at GooglePlay, and added my first official app.

    "JellyBeanBlue theme" for the app "SuperStatusBar".

    Check in at gPlay tomorrow and check it out...!

    Several icon themes for all launchers will popup soon..
    JellyBeanBlue by BlackBearBlank is now on GooglePlay


    Two new themes! :D

    Stars by Lucy



    Hearts made by Lucy too


    You are a brilliant man!!! :D
    You know I adore this app & you just keep making it better & better.
    Thank you so much for all the time you put into it, it is so appreciated.
    Do you think there will ever be a way to incorporate the temperature in the status bar??
    Thank you again!!

    Is one of the things I have planned ;)