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Aug 17, 2009


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Aug 17, 2009
Indexed themes

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page 1:

- mnml gradient by zhk3r
- mnml light by zhk3r
- simplism by zhk3r
- re.touched 2.0 by dj_deez
- simpl3 by shrm
- just simple + mod by proym (original by lemongreentea)
- windows phone 7 by matt_jackson
- honeycomb theme by irish22022

page 2:

- power mod by toosurreal01
- arrow slider by toosurreal01
- just simple by toosurreal01
- lrq arrow slider by toosurreal01
- red line mod by toosurreal01
- text mod by toosurreal01
- honeycomb pack by godeke-m
- minimal (standard) by formicae
- red honeycomb by monkeymouth
- unlock mod by puffin617
- 100 % invisible by adolphsson
- tron mod by zx theripper xz
- minimalistic android by samuellim354

page 3:

- cowond3lock by marc22
- jsimpson mod by onedeep
- sensemod by onedeep
- clearsense by onedeep
- blue text mod by gnarley_grem
- mario theme by gnarley_grem
- mnml light qvga by kevin2516
- wp7 minimal by dbrits
- translucent by sian1/2
- cownd3lock transparent by britzinelul
- sensemod transparent by dzelaya18
- swift judgement by swiftjudgement

page 4:

- simplism sense by qwerty160
- transparent lock by parker09
- resident evil by gnarley_grem
- modified translucents by kingdavid36
- right handed by sian1/2
- colorful by donhu
- satiunet (iandrew) by lambasurm
- dark ginger by tom108
- minimal green by rhamej

page 5:

- vertigo triple vertical by shrm
- white bar by onedeep
- long white bar by onedeep
- anoher honeycomb by natious
- sense edge blue&bw by dgwood12
- satiunet in many different colors by kingdavid36
- aprilia tuono motorcycle by manicmoose
- clean android by auralzx

page 6:

- clean honeycomb by kanttii
- droid on a wire by jab476
- blue green fade by rmart88
- blue orange fade by rmart88
- hdrevolution by samuraixzodus
- xdeep (port) by 10.deep
- ferrari theme by vzwxfactor
- gimme by artholic
- mario bros theme by vzwxfactor
- churapa sense by churapa
- tan iphone by badious

page 8:

- u of a pride by dymndback
- air jordan by vzwxfactor
- slider mod hd by marc22
- gingerhoney by lazy_ursache
- mau5 by bstromberg
- arc by onedeep

page 9 - 12

- gingerblade by mingaldrichgan
- three sqaures black by sian1/2
- very minimalistic by slajk
- music lovers by kingdavid36
- meizu m9 update by marc22
- tibia theme by alicjusz
- louis vuittonby kingdavid36
- nautica by kingdavid36
- xperia arc by lollylost100
- prestige style by rescoffi4
- android and xda slider by kingdavid36
- dot dot dot by sian1/2
- color by sian1/2
- orange glow by sian1/2
- birth theme by sian1/2

page 13 - 18:

- miui lock by marc22
- more glow sliders by sian1/2
- ianyumi lock by sian1/2
- simpl3 mod by kingdavid36
- miui lock ii by marc22
- louis vuitton slider by kingdavid36
- another miui by britzinelul
- mlb sliders by kingdavid36
- mlb sliders (second pack) by kingdavid36
- mlb sliders (third pack) by kingdavid36
- mlb sliders (fourth pack) by kingdavid36
- sf giants by kingdavid36
- game.over.2.2 by dj_deez
- sf giants (alternatives) by mahercs

page 19 -20 :

- d3s-l001 by d3stroy
- d3s-l002 by d3stroy
- gingermotion by coaxism
- oriental seduction by kingdavid36
- orlando magic by kingdavid36
- aurora simplicity by kingdavid36
- jamt (by 'gas) by firetiger
- panther theme by kingdavid36
- arrows by marc22
- d2 theme by by stankostanko
- vox by stankostanko
- tokio trail by stankostanko
- (unlock) me by stankostanko

page 21 - 22 :

- segoe wp7 theme stankostanko
- daft punk stankostanko
- comic stankostanko
- transparent slider stankostanko
- adidas (3stripes) stankostanko
- sketch by brodizzel
- d3s-l003 by d3stroy
- nuarrow slider by shoeoo
- royally red by kingdavid36
- vertigo black by shrm
- glow effects by sian1/2

MOD EDIT: the new index is in the 3th post for now. ATM we cant merge the posts so i did it this way for now.
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Aug 17, 2010
San Juan
Widget locker themes thread index (continued)


As promised 2-3 months ago by me.. (yes, I have been procrastinating and then school got in the way so I just stopped for a while..SORRY!)

Well..it's not formatted to perfection just yet and there might be a few mistakes here and there..my apologies! I'll fix everything eventually though!
Sorry the page range divisions at the start are quite arbitrary. I'll fix them soon enough as well. I probably won't bunch them up into page ranges anymore so if in case there are incorrect links, they're easier to find manually anyhow.
Expect this to be done before the year ends :p It's a gift to the XDA community from me. :)

Yes, I am aware that there is a separate thread someone made that is supposedly an index of themes only, but I thought to just pick up where zhk3r left off and keep the index within the thread itself since people tend to look here more often anyhow.
I know this would be better if it were in a post itself but there are limitations with regards to links.I’ve tried to mark all posts with NSFW previews, but I might have missed a few and I apologize if ever I did.

Please let me know via PM if I missed any NSFW pictures or if there are any incorrect links or credits at all.Please also take note that there are most likely some dead links to mods that were uploaded elsewhere like Dropbox instead of as an attachment... I can't do anything about these, sadly. Do try to PM the person responsible though to request a fixed link!

Address all questions, requests, etc. where appropriate or via PM!

Thanks (via the thanks button not thread to avoid spamming it lol) would be much appreciated and very encouraging!

Updates (so you can tell I haven’t abandoned this!):
(12/19, 9:30am) Up to page 100 for now. I’m doing this in batches of 30-50 pages or so until I catch up, from then on I'll update it once a day.
(12/19, 12:20pm) Decided to work backwards for a bit and finished 300-369! They have yet to be grouped into page ranges..should I? Please refer to new link! :D
(12/19, 6:20pm) DONE so far anyway up to page 369! HAPPY HOLIDAYS XDA :D I promise I will keep this updated. :)
(12/20 10:00am) Added themes from page 370. Messaged mod re: moving this index somewhere more visible :D Currently working on an excel version with awesome stuff making it hopefully much easier to go through with much less scrolling involved. I’m rusty at excel so it may take some time though!
(12/20 6:00pm) Temporary solution to moving my post ℅ Whiskey has been done. He is now working on merging the index posts :) It seems as though the pages got moved a bit due to the added post but the links are all still working right, no worries! :D
(12/22 3:51pm) My post has been moved to the first page in the thread as post number 5! Woot! :) Added lockscreens upto page 372!
(12/27 8:50am) Corrected a link or two while I was looking through this :) Please PM me if you find any more mistakes! Added page 373. Another mod was uploaded on 373 which I did not include as it is still not repaired. It has background issues still but someone’s working to fix it! Also working on an mClock mods theme index :)
(1/04 6:18pm) Happy New Year! Back from my little break. Added mods uploaded upto 378 (379 and 380 have no mods in them so far) :D Still working on the better index, no worries!
(1/21 12:16am) Advance happy Chinese new year all! Sorry it’s been a while. Suddenly had a lot of school work after the break to attend to. Not much mods were being added anyhow. Added upto page 393! :D
(2/7 4:36am) Sorry for the long time between updates! It’s not that fun updating this when there are so few mods being made now a days :( There are some new really good one’s have been added recently though, IMHO! Enjoy! Excel version of this is and the mClock index are both on hold since school comes first for now :(

(3/29 9:22am) AGAIN sorry for the loooong delay between updates to this. School got in the way but now it’s summer vacation for me so I’m back on track. I prefer updating this in batches rather than incrementally but I’ll try to keep this quickly updated from now on until I go abroad for a few weeks in April. Updated all the way until 428! The thread has been slow in terms of themes being added so it’s not all that much but there are lots of really nice ones posted recently. Credits to all uploaders! Please report to me any errors. Thanks! :)

- Keep this updated
- Formatting for readability - making an excel version! (ON HOLD until school lightens up for me)
- mClock index in the works! (ON HOLD until school lightens up for me)
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Jan 30, 2011
Just Simple

Just Simple

Version 2 is more like the original "Just Simple" mod by lemongreentea.
Only tested on qvga.


  • 20110225074744.png
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  • Just_Simple_v2.wltheme.zip
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  • Just_Simple.wltheme.zip
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Dec 11, 2006
WP7 and Android 2.2.1
WidgetLocker can do this :p


Extra modded my unlock sound, now sounds like a unlock car (alarmsystem)
* lock.wav and unlock.mp3 to WidgetLocker_x_x_.apk\res\raw
* Lockscreen.png to a folder you like (on sd-card) and change in widgetlocker settings 4 background/wallpaper
* SMS unread count images to \data\com.kanokgems.smswidget (on sd-card)
* other *.png to WidgetLocker_x_x_.apk\res\drawable-hdpi
(I don´t use Widgetlocker 2.0 cuze no sound support :( )

* details 4 how 2 do this look @ HERE<--

What did I use:
* DigiClock
* BattStatt (1x1 numbers)
* SMS Unread Count (look @ attachment)
* CalWidget (3x1)
* Beautiful weather (1x1)

If u like it don´t write thanks - pls push the button!​


  • Lockscreen2.png
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  • Lockscreen3.jpg
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  • WP7.wltheme.zip
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  • unreadIcons.zip
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Oct 7, 2010
Honeycomb theme


The right slider is non existant, that light circle is just part of the slider background. (can't get the right sliders to even show up!) Anyway, enjoy.

Jeez the quality of that photo is weird. that is the standard honeycomb background... it's actually a vibrant purple...


  • Theme.honeycomb.wltheme.zip
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Jul 9, 2009
Minimal ('Standard') theme ported from the 1.3 theme to a WL2 'Android' theme


Edit to add details:
System Font: Helvetica Neue (replaced using Font Changer)
Wallpaper: came with LeeDroid 2.3d
Clock: SiMi Clock
Battery: Circle Battery Widget
Calendar: Smooth Calendar
Weather: Beautiful Widgets (Flat White)
Ringer control: Extended Controls
Messages/GMail counters: SMS Unread Count


  • minimal.wltheme.zip
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Feb 26, 2011
Im new so i dont know how to add a larger thubnail

Red version of honeycomb.
All three versions are in the Zip file.
The CupCake edition is a little pixeld, Sorry.

Original Theme was honeycomb posted by irish22022. I just did the editing.


  • Honeycomb_Red.wltheme.zip
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  • CAP201102252146.jpg
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  • CAP201102252145.jpg
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  • CAP201102252143.jpg
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Feb 6, 2011

I just moddded the current android slider so that you will be able to see as much of your background as possible.
PSD files are provided for your own editing :)


  • minimalistic.wltheme.zip
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  • device2.jpg
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