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Thermal Config Changer for Pocophone[ROOT]

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May 15, 2019
No matter whatever i do (also use force set) but still after using phone for few minutes, and profile is back to restore.. what should i do!!!


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Nov 15, 2015
Are they same ??? The other screenshot is taken with fk manager app.


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Mar 4, 2018
Not related to this post but does Antutu Benchmark differs from region to region? Coz I get 330k+ Everytime on Antutu while the scores here say something else, I also noticed this on MrWhosetheboss'es video


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Jan 30, 2011
very useful application
but i think there are too many profiles
4 or 5 would be great
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Jan 20, 2017
Just used the app. Of course we would appreciate a newer version.
Possible things that would be great:

1. official android 10 support
2. fewer but more clearly defined profiles. For example I get that extreme underclocks to prevent throttling , but what's the temp limit and what frequencies are you pushing it down till? I don't quite know what the other profiles do. The scores from Antutu are great but I really want to know what my device is doing in the background.
3. Any improvements that help the profile to stick.


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May 15, 2016
Xiaomi Poco F1
Hey all, the developer here. I was wondering if people still use this? If they do, then maybe I can work on new features you want if any. Also, probably I can also put it up on Playstore.

Hi there, the thermal profiles have arrived to lineageOS. I don't know if that is related to your work but in any case, I see a lot of good work developed here.

I saw some posts here suggesting that the profile selection affects the CPU throttling. In which other ways do these profiles affect the phone operation?
The only suggestion that I am missing is to explain what each profile is for. If for example, I have a banking app or skype or whatsapp, which should it be using?


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Apr 8, 2015
Released on Google Play Store

Finally, I have released this app to play store. :D
Currently its open beta. So expect bugs. Hoping to see you all try it out and give me feedback on how to improve it.

Play store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nooblabs.thermalconfigchanger

What I will be working on:
- make it from scratch using latest tech
- try to incorporate all the suggestions I have received over the past

P.S. - Thanks a lot guys. Only because of your support, I was finally able to make up this far.

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    This app gives you a convenient way to change the value of
    The default values is -1 for custom roms. We can change it to certain predefined values set by Xiaomi which gives use different performance profiles. For example, for PUBG there is a PUBG mode with a value of 13. In MIUI there is a mechanism which detects certain phone states such as opening Camera or PUBG or Antutu, and automatically changes the value. But no such mechanism is yet released for custom roms. So, this app aims to provide this conveniently.

    Note: You can do the same by manually editing the above mentioned file using your favorite file explorer.

    • Uninstall the previous app if installed.
    • Install the app
    • Give Root Permission
    • Change the mode from the dropdown

    Uninstall/Restore to default:
    • Set the mode to DEFAULT
    • Uninstall the app

    • 2.1
      Added "set on reboot" mode.
    • 2.0
      Added profiler
    • 3.0
      Lots of changes. Check changelog here
    Downloads: check attachments

    Edit 1: Added Antutu benchmark screenshots for each mode. Check the screenshot file name for the mode used.
    Edit 2: Update: Added force set option for MIUI users(no such problem in custom roms yet) and when the system resets the mode after reboot.
    Edit 3: If not installing: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=78607474&postcount=31
    Edit 4: If service doesnt restart after boot: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=78604724&postcount=26
    Source Code for the app: https://github.com/dragneelfps/ThermalConfigChanger/

    P.S- First time posting on XDA. Please correct me if I did something wrong, and I will correct it.
    New update

    • Bumped to 2.0
    • Added profiler. Now have a mode for each app, which you can choose manually.
    Download link in the OP.

    P.S- If not working, please report.
    I'm just asking. You can troll somewhere else. Thank you.

    Sorry but I am not.. I am a kernel dev and extreme means extreme throttling to keep phone at lower clocks and with lower temps... Yea I know this is a poor choice of thermal name as it leads to confusion most of the time...
    Update Time

    New Version, New changes.
    • Version Bump to 3.0
    • Added toggle to display system apps in profiler
    • Added filter to search apps in profiler
    • Added Option to enable toast messages when mode changes
    • Unified Notifications and services
    • UI Changes
    • Updated about section with links

    Note: If apply on boot doesnt work, then disable battery optimizations in the settings

    Edit: Updated OP with apk.

    Download links in OP(cant edit the OP, any help or info?? plox) and AFH

    Can someone tag the mods? I cant edit the OP.
    Update: Added force set option for MIUI users(no such problem in custom roms yet) and when the system resets the mode after reboot.

    Edit: If for any reason the service doesnt restart after rebooting your phone, then please set the app to "Not optimized" in the battery settings.