Thin cases for 8T

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Jan 2, 2011
Any recommendation for thin case usable with magnetic holders? Without need to use additional plate on it of course.


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Jan 11, 2009
Also waiting on the pitaka case, they should be making one since they made for 8/8 pro. Weird that they haven't posted any announcement or anything stating that it is in the works

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May 13, 2012
Is the Latercase thinner than the official oneplus sandstone one? I'm also looking for something thin as this phone is slightly wider than ideal for me, so a huge case is a deal breaker.


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Nov 23, 2014
OnePlus 8T
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I just checked their case. Seems like the only version available is the cyber edition one and it looks funky to me. Not too keen on the design where it only has small cut outs for each camera hole and flash. Wish they had a normal version like the rest of their oneplus cases.

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May 13, 2015
I got that too while I wait for my latercase. I'm not liking this go to case. Too thick for my liking. Hoping my dbrand get here soon, I'll just rock it with a skin for a bit.

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How much protection does a dBrand Grip case give ?

What is their Prism screen protector like ?


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If you think Go To case is too thick, check this out


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    So here are the pictures! :)
    What should i say? Same feeling like original OP Carbon Case which i had for my 5t and 7t! Very thin and lightweight!
    Absolutly a good case!
    I got my Nillkin textured nylon case on eBay. I made sure to review the listings carefully for a legit seller. It arrived today and passed the authentication so all good and it was cheaper than direct from Nillkin. You should also be protected if what you get turns out to be fake.

    Was a close call for me between this case and the Spigen liquid air case. Pleased with it so far, but I've liked the Spigen cases I've had for other phones. The look of the Nillkin case just edged it so hopefully it lasts and works as well Spigen cases.
    Got this case today. Directly from Nillkin. Took over 20 days to get here!

    For anyone interested:

    Well worth the wait. Love it.

    Also got this one:

    It's even slimmer than the former and the texture is maybe the best grit/grippy texture I've experienced on any case.

    Both are top-notch cases.
    How much protection do the carbon cases give? Seems like they are the best option for something thin, but I don't want a case that just adds bulk and doesn't help with an occasional drop. My last phone survived 2 drops without any case, but the last drop killed the focus on the camera...
    I think it gives good protection around the phone and for back cameras too. The only side without protection is the display, because the case is not thicker than the phone himself... As you can see in my pictures i am using a glass screen protector too.
    Still early but any thin cases out?, Pitaka an Latercase will most likely be the best
    That's unfortunate, maybe they will change their plans if enough people inquire. [emoji2369]

    Yeah, they actually said they might consider it if enough people wanted it :)