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[Think Tank] Modifying G1 to enable Navigation - THUNK!

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Jan 22, 2009
Im running dwangs build with no apps to sd (straight fat32), so i went into settings>applications>maps>clear data and then did the following in terminal

edit** sorry i am using MT3G
made system rw

rm /system/app/Maps.apk
rm /data/dalvik-cache/*maps*
rm /data/dalvik-cache/*Maps*
install /sdcard/Maps.apk system/app

then i reboot and cant get it work. any ideas? and i try root explorer i dont get an install option only copy option
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Mar 5, 2009
Just to be sure, I reinstalled the stock CM rom (I had a custom theme installed), just to make sure. Still no dice. Looks like I'm going to have to wipe/reflash. I must have some crazy stuff laying around somewhere that's messing it up.

Got it to work! I noticed in adb logcat that it was throwing a permissions error when trying to write to the database file, so I checked, and the /data/data/com.google.android.apps.maps folder was owned by the wrong userid. changed it, things work beautifully!
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Jan 10, 2009
Just wanted to say thanks to you all here, working great on 2 g1's. First method from followinginsanity worked great, then went to do my wifes phone and saw
esmith972 had a method as well, worked great also.


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Jul 22, 2009
As a few others mentioned, Navigate didn't show up in maps until I installed Google Voice. After installing GV, Navigate just showed up and works beautifully.


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Jan 6, 2009
Sonoma, CA
Voice GPS Works...great to 'speak' an address and the G1 both shows you the location/phone/etc and then will voice guide you to that location...the 'pick from contacts' does not seem to work and it is a little slow to start.

HOWEVER, after it is running it works great so far...Now when my conrtact is up I can update the G1 to the current "GREAT ANDROID PHONE"...much as I do love my G1, 1 yr old and still able to keep up, however, both the added memory and 1gig speed in the new phones has me longing ... just wish the G1 was upgradeable like a laptop, newer cpu, more memory and disk space and I would keep my G1...

Not what the Manufacturer's want so we either keep 'hacking' or buy a new phone every year, wait two year contract so you either miss out or HACK....

Has been worth the 100 plus hours learning....:D


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Feb 15, 2008
San Francisco
Has anyone tried the Nav feature in Canada? Does Google Street work (considering you are in a location where Google Street is available)?

I just noticed something very interesting.

I turned off cell/gps location services, then opened Maps, and plotted a route from San Francisco to Las Vegas. I got the Navigate option.

When I selected it, it prompted me to download the voice stuff, so I did. Then it told me to go into settings to enable GPS. When I did that, and came back, it popped up a dialog "No route found - Navigation to your destination is not available.".

HOWEVER, under this dialog is a Navigation view of my area. Which means it was able to download the necessary map data, but something is preventing it from retrieving or using a route.

It's possible that the route could be transmitted in the same format as normal directions in Maps, but that either:
a) The server is rejecting the request because it's coming from Navigation for Canada, or
b) The application is discarding it because it's for Canada.

If it's a), then we might be able to setup a proxy server (even a locally running server on the phone) to mask the signature of the request.
If it's b), then we might have to modify some of the Maps code.

But the fact that it can render the Navigation view of my neighbourhood in Canada means that it is downloading the appropriate map data, so that's a great start for getting Navigation to work outside the United States.

I have the day of today, so I think I'm going to try to examine some of the traffic between the app and the server.

Should we create a new thread for this?

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