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Jun 4, 2012
Little Rock, AR
I know a lot of people (including myself) are bitter about how the updates to our device have been. As much as i want to move away from Huawei I can't help, but lean towards getting the P40 Pro. Mainly towards the camera aspect as I'm a photographer and like having what's essentially a pro camera in my pocket. So what are people's thoughts on the phone? Let's keep the whole Google and Huawei controversy out of the discussion please as we all know how stupid it is, but there are work arounds in the P40 Pro forums so it's nothing that really worries me.


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Sep 10, 2010
I moved from p30 Pro to P40 pro - The main camera on par with better shots in the dark wors night mode?
Zoom is a lot better, but far from other cameras
Wide 18mm vs 16mm??? Bad move difference with main camera is not so big now and definitely far from Samsung's 13mm.
AI changed a lot especially in wide camera - pictures are not so punchy like P30's
Video is a lot better all over it but the zoom is not very good
Overall good improvement but not overwhelming.

Just a Post from the P40pro Board.
Yes, Google is Possible on the P40pro, but i know this from my Kindle Fire Tablet, i am not really happy with it. (Blocker for me)
Updates: Another Blocker for me.
Bootloader: Another Blocker. (is essential after official Updates for me)

Besides that i am really happy with the Quality of my P20Pro, and i am sad about the above points... and i am sure the P40pro makes phantastic pictures.
i also want my next camera with 2 front cameras, i like to take selfies

I also use zoom a lot.

So my next camera will be something like the p40pro , but no more huawei i am afraid.


Senior Member
May 23, 2011
As good as Huawei hardware is, there is no way I'm ever buying a Huawei phone again unless they roll back their locked bootloader policy. Which they won't.
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