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Feb 11, 2008
Ok finally Mine says Shipped through FedEx and have a tracking number. When I went to the Premier site it still says processing. Just for those curious I pre-ordered on the 25th and I did so through the store. I'm sure all that have pre-ordered in a timely manner should have confirmed shipping by now. Mine is set to hit my house tomorrow at 4:30pm. It says it was shipped yesterday so it took til today to update the status. It says it was picked up at 11:30 pm last night leaving Fort Worth, TX.


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Nov 12, 2009
Wake Forest, NC
I feel your pain

All this par for the course on pre-orders these days. the only company able to maintain SOME control over the process is Apple, and even they have had some major snafu's. There are so many dependencies with distribution when you sell 3 million devices in 37 days. Stuff can, and does go wrong.

What hurt the most was that AT&T went from exclusive purveyors of the Note 1 to being next to last in terms of getting the Note 2 into peoples hands. As for "no rhyme or reason" regarding what order people get these that is also SOP, no matter if you are talking Best Buy, AT&T, whoever. Even Amazon had a Pre-Order blow up (Asus Transformer Prime) and had to send apology out for hundred, if not thousands of canceled pre-orders.

If you think this is bad, you missed the Transformer Prime Pre Order. How bad was it? Buy ended up treating me to a Prime AND sent me $50 to boot.Don't count on AT&T doing the same LOL! If pressed AT&T will do something for people that got delayed, such as a credit of some type - as long as you don't mind a 45-90 minute call and asking them to "make it right" which really seems quite petty:

"Other people got THEIR TOYS, but I had to wait X # of days to get MY toy. Now give me $100 credit and I will stop crying" I can say this simply because I am one of those obsessive freaks that check status updates constantly & take time from work to go home and snag my Fedex Package from the porch (would YOU feel ok knowing your $800 phone was sitting on your front steps?) So yeah, I am as bad as anyone. Shamefully guilty of gadget gluttony.

By the way, I have an 11/2 Pre-order on the way for tomorrow. Before you direct ALL your hatred at me, know that I had a Pre-order on the 27th, and one on the 29th that I canceled when they took the full amount $320 out of my available balance (debit cards SUCK for Pre-orders) Whats weird is after changing me at one point nearly $900 for 3 separate orders, now it is on the way, and all the holds or whatever have rolled off. and I have NO charge on my account. You can be sure THAT will change. Sigh I have got to get a new passion, like rock collecting. This is too stressful, LOL :eek:


Jul 9, 2008
I find it funny so many people are complaining about the Postal Service. Where I live in Oklahoma I prefer things being shipped Priority Mail. I seem to get packages in 1-2 days instead of fedex or UPS taking forever. I really don't understand why more people don't use Priority Mail shipping. I know USPS tracking sucks because they don't update as well but you can't beat the delivery times. What I hate is people who ship Fedex-USPS or UPS-USPS, if they would just give it to the Post Office in the first place it would get there a lot faster.


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Jul 22, 2012
I find it funny so many people are complaining about the Postal Service. Where I live in Oklahoma I prefer things being shipped Priority Mail. I seem to get packages in 1-2 days instead of fedex or UPS taking forever. I really don't understand why more people don't use Priority Mail shipping. I know USPS tracking sucks because they don't update as well but you can't beat the delivery times. What I hate is people who ship Fedex-USPS or UPS-USPS, if they would just give it to the Post Office in the first place it would get there a lot faster.

I don't care if it's the post office. I just care that they haven't put my tracking number on the site. no idea where it is our when I'll get it, I'm nervous about it being left at my doorstep


Dec 2, 2009
I'm hoping that if I see the status changed to a local post office I can just go pick it up before the work day. Assuming USPS can update the tracking properly. Anyone think they can get there device today shipped via USPS?


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Dec 20, 2009
Just got this:

from a galaxy far far away....


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Sep 13, 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
I tend to agree with the folks who prefer USPS over some of the carriers. Sure, the tracking completely sucks. However, at least for me:

USPS delivers on Sat.

USPS delivers in the morning (instead of noonish for fedex and 9pm for UPS)

USPS actually brings a package to my front door and knocks on my door. (UPS/Fedex tends to leave it at random locations on my property - even in the middle of my driveway!)
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Apr 1, 2012
I ordered mine on the 5th just three days ago and I'm already set for delivery on the 9th. Fed ex rolls Round bout 9am here so everything works in its own ways don't it? Think they got plenty of phones in stock.

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Jun 7, 2007
An Admission of Guilt

Wow. This forum has been very interesting to say the least. I ran into this thread on the 7th because AT&T said they were supposed to ship on the 6th (Premier). When that didn't happen I simply wanted to see if anyone had the same concern. After a 24 hour following of these posts I realized: 1) I need to go to the gym more often, 2) Enjoy life and nature and 3) We all need to chill out.

AT&T said it would be delivered on the 9th, and it appears that most of you will receive your order on or before that date. If you ordered late you probably need to plan on going into the store to get yours. Yes there is some hype about this phone, but not like the iPhone (hate iPhone's by the way). You may not have a line.

Anyways I am embarrassed to have continually followed this post, and the anticipation has been distracting to say the least. *Laughing* I got mad at a rep because I actually ordered my phone on the 24th...yes the 24th @ 11:45pm. My brother ordered his on the 30th. I live 10 miles away from the FedEx warehouse where AT&T ships their phones in Ft. Worth. My brother lives in Hawaii. He will receive his phone today. I will have to wait until tomorrow. Logistically it does not make sense, and I shared my 2 cents with the rep. Afterwards, I felt bad because I went off on a helpless rep who had no way of accelerating the delivery process.

After this phone I will need to take a tech break. There are so many things that are more valuable in life. I used to work for a big box electronics store (yep that one) years ago, and I used to ridicule Black Friday customers. It appears that I have become that person. This will all pass, and in a year's time there will be another phone. Most of us will be back doing the same thing again. See Law of Diminishing Returns.

Enjoy your new phones today, tomorrow, or whenever. I will be back in a month or so to snag a ROM, and then after I OD on ROMs I will probably write another soliloquy.


P.S. If you try to go to the FedEx facility they will not release the phone early. You will have to wait for the first delivery attempt.Save yourself the rejection.
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Dec 20, 2009
I did too. Hasn't even left Ft. Worth.... Greeeeat. Let's see.. from Houston its only about a 5 hour drive. I could make it there and back before work is over!
I am sure it has already left. Just got that update this morning but the last update time was from last night.

Bad thing for me is i am off today and Saturday but work from 10-8 on the 9th.:( Going to have to find a way to leave and get it off of my porch...
cough cough feeling an illness coming on....:D
from a galaxy far far away....
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    You pompous little $*#@$. How dare you look down your nose and tell frustrated customers to "Calm down"

    ATT has totally screwed the pooch with this Post Office thing, and you're telling a 15 yr customer with 6 accounts to calm down. I don't care to be told I have "ridiculous displays of judgement" nor how "amused and annoyed" you are. Your emphatical support and blind belief in the Government's delivery system is asinine and immature. I don't care if you ship honey via the post office or how often. The PO here in Detroit is unreliable at best - they'll deliver it when they get dang good and ready. Worse, I, like many others, specified priority shipping with a reputable carrier such as FedEx.

    ATT then told us last week that the order would have to be CANCELLED just to change shipping, then there's others that ordered it yesterday and got it today! So you and your snooty attitude are not appreciated here.

    Just because you've got the little admin's on your side doesn't mean you're right. So far I've seen 7 posts dropped replying to your arrogant little post. All I can say is if you can't understand the utter frustration of dealing with both the Government AND ATT at the same time, then you need to just shut up and quit responding with Sesame St type speech, and singing a song like "let's be happy" and what not

    If you like the Gov't's delivery service and don't care to understand other's frustrations then butt out
    Hi, first of all, you cant attack memebers like that, especially staff members that are trying to help. reinbeau didnt attack you personally, as she stated that shes tired of the ridiculous displays in this thread... she didnt say you. You have been here a year and know the rules. DO NOT ATTACK OTHER MEMBERS BY FLAMING AND/OR TROLLING THEM!!! Next time, maybe you should take a break or close out the internet or browse another website to cool down before you vent and type up a hateful personal attack post. Posts like this do nothing but aggravate other members and do not add anything to the topic or is helpful in ANY WAY.

    Anyways, lets carry on guys... and lets stop with the trolling/flaming members. It dosent do us any good to beat eachother up over the internet...
    Here is some info for those shipped via USPS

    I have a 22 digit "tracking number" from AT&T for my USPS shipment. There is no such thing!
    The only label with 22 digits is Delivery Confirmation for Priority Mail.
    So AT&T has boldly lied to us saying that we would get a "tracking number."

    Here is a link to the different formats of "extra services" from the Post Office. Scroll down about half way to find the table of label formats:]&varset(source)=sourceType:embedded

    This also answers the question about what type of shipping AT&T used: Priority Mail.

    Feel free to give some "Thanks" for this post please .. it took me quite a while to find it. :D
    One thing though; While we're all anxious to get our hands on an incredibly expensive nicety like this phablet, can we take a moment and just think about how TRULY lucky we are, and direct our thoughts to our fellow countrymen and countrywomen who are still suffering under the horrible conditions left by Hurricane Sandy? There's a horrible snowstorm and freezing cold weather with blizzard speed winds going on as we fret about our smartphones.



    Where the heck is my status update and shipment info?
    I'm going to do something nice for AT&T call center employees.... I'm going to tell people The Truth.

    Tomorrow is the 6th - which is the date that AT&T claimed that they EXPECT to send out the pre-orders.

    Even assuming AT&T ships out on the 6th as they currently "expect" to, there's a very high chance that the order status pages won't show that your order has shipped until sometime the morning of the 7th.

    If the order status page isn't updated, no one you'll be able to talk to at AT&T will be able to tell you any further information. They might make something up in order to get rid of your call, but they don't know. If they put you on hold to supposedly call the warehouse, you can safely assume that you're on hold while they take other customer calls. (You know they have performance metrics based on the number of calls they take, right?) They'll pick your call back up later and tell you whatever they think you want to hear.

    Don't panic. No matter what you say or do, that customer service rep can't make your order ship any faster, nor can they get any more factual information on your order. There's even a good chance that if they TRY to cancel the order, it won't matter. (I did that once and they shipped the phone anyway - along with another one I ordered to replace the one I cancelled.)

    It'll ship when it ships.
    BTW, if you are getting mixed messages from an order status page, try checking at the following link. Seems this one will give more up-to-date info:

    (someone else posted this link either in this thread or elsewhere. I forget who it is, but credit should go to them for it.)
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