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You mean him?

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    testing beta build !
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    One gun, three..... 😉
    The "Grease Gun."

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    thread closing moderator
    Mod Edit: Thread reopened. Anymore because dirty and inappropriate comments will get this thread closed for good. ~TRM

    Im going to start, only post 3 words to continue the story!

    The fat man...
    I just wanted to stop in, and say hello. Just skip over this post for the story, but I wanted to just post here again, and say that I'm very blown away that this thread has done so well, and has kept going! (I am the OP btw.) Stopped using XDA for about two years, back to stay now, and It, s a nice welcome back even to just flip through this thread :)
    Thank you beautiful community! Glad I could start up a fun thread for us all :)

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    The story so far...

    The fat man ran twenty miles round and round untill he fell and went to rehab for falling then got up and started to dance like a chimpanzee with a very very large pen in his left pocket, then went to mexico where he dated a rather nice banana in pinstripes who was suspiciously not what she wanted to eat!
    While that's happening far far away on a distant planet where the came back from the plastic beach getn blowed by a mexican-guy using a very large thread closing moderator who closed a very sticky situation.
    Get yourself into a mental rehab.
    Mcintyre was singing to an iphone then found XDA while browsing porn and did stuff with his tiny girl friends hand which was also another name for a transforming robot which has the power to transform and split into a HUGELY big piece of junk which is worthless, sell it quickly otherwise it will be an iPhone then your buggered, unless you dance to the biggest rom chef here whilst chugging some delicious apple juice which you made trying to forget about your Apple with a worm.
    Her big headache caused me aggro deep inside my thoughts about going to get some new super powers So I can fly to a place where stories end, but they don't and continue to be excruciatingly long when all i

    want is to...