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Mar 25, 2020
feat. request - send feedback menu

Hi Jonno,
Would it be possible to integrate a 'Send Feedback' option into the menu? Perhaps -

Menu Listing Idea:
  • Help
    ○ TileIconifier Help
    ○ About TileIconifier
    ○ Div (e.g. '-----')
    ○ Donate
    ○ Send Feedback

Sharing as an idea, the time taken to find this thread to submit feedback discourages submission.

Thanks for this app, use ALL the time! :cool:
Jan 25, 2015
EdgeTile Creators still works.

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Feb 19, 2018
Satan's Kingdom, MA
Hopefully this is acceptable given the age of the thread and its last post. I spent a decent amount of time looking for a vector image of the tileiconifier icon to use with my dock and when I couldn't find one, I decided to just make one myself using the ones shared by the original creator, AdamDesrosiers. If this is not acceptable, please feel free to let me know. I am only sharing this here so that it might help someone else looking for a transparent icon to use with docks, tileiconifier, etc. Thank you very much to the creator of the app and the artist who created the icon.


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    Build small or medium tiles for almost any application in Windows 8.1 or 10 (Build 1511 / 10586+)!


    * Customisable Small and Medium tiles, with configuration remembered between uses


    * Dark and light skins

    * Picker to allow icons from EXE, DLL and ICO files


    * Ability to use most image file types (Including PNG/JPG/BMP/ICO)

    * Ability to create custom shortcuts to ANY file/folder on your machine, which allows you to have multiple shortcuts with different arguments to the same executable


    * Automatically populate Windows Store Apps


    * Automatically populates installed Steam games


    * Automatically populates Chrome Apps


    * Choose from a list of useful Explorer shortcuts


    *Change icon size and position with live preview of background colour and text overlay




    * Completely open source


    Please find the repository and latest releases here at my GitHub: https://github.com/Jonno12345/TileIconifier/releases


    None that I know of, but let me know as soon as you find something and I'll resolve it ASAP!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can you add Wide and Large tiles?

    Unfortunately these options are only available for Live tiles, not standard LNK files with a VisualManifest, which is how this utility works. Unless Microsoft add support for it, this feature cannot be added in the near future.

    Microsoft Office/Mozilla Firefox/Other shortcuts aren't working, can these be tiled?

    There is some mechanism I have yet to understand overriding these from being tiled. The easiest way to resolve this is to go to your shortcut within TileIconifier and click 'Quick Build Custom Shortcut'. This will create a second shortcut with the same parameters that can be tiled, which you will then find in your start menu under 'TileIconify'.

    How can I help?:

    The source is there if you wish to make any amendments (The code itself could probably use a lot of optimisation). Otherwise, suggestions for UI improvements or features would be great! I have now started adding translations, if you're able to assist with these it would be great!

    Please be aware that donations are absolutely not required. This software will always be free, open source and supported to the best of my ability. If you would like to support me with this and future aplications, please visit this link: https://www.paypal.me/Jonno12345

    Thank you!
    Latest update:

    - Added 'batch shortcut operations' to utilities. This allows you to change the background colours and foreground text settings of multiple shortcuts at once (Shortcut must have already been iconified previously). Backup/restore functionality will come soon...ish. (Reasonably tested, feedback greatly appreciated!)
    - A warning is now displayed for items with known incompatibility (currently known - Office, Chrome and Firefox).
    - Various speed improvements, less refreshing going on
    - Various bug fixes, hopefully a few less crashes going on for some odd use case
    - .jpeg extension now allowed as well as .jpg

    That's indeed pretty nice and awesome, @Jonno12345 :) Thanks for that.

    May I ask if it could be possible to add an icon scaling option to the tile?
    So it's customizable how big the Icon would be shown on the tile?

    But that's just a wish :D I'm glad about your tool as it is. Thanks again.
    Oh, and speaking about wishes, can you give TileIconifier a nice dark skin ^^

    Have just released version 2.1 - this now includes icon resizing and moving. Let me know if there are any problems :)



    Great utility!

    Thank you for this great tool, it is the best tile customizer that exist so far!:good::good::good:
    Mate I'm not a member or anything here, but I just wanted to say WELL DONE!! This is brilliant. Just what I was looking for. Simple to use and you don't have to DL third-party proxys that pop up as malware and virus'. Thanks so much. Only feedback would be that it would be neat if you could make the background a level of transparency like the Start Menu.

    Glad it's helpful to you :) I don't think transparency is possible unfortunately, a limitation of the start menu itself. If it ever becomes possible, rest assured I'll make sure it's available :).

    Fairly big change coming out soon, I've added the ability to resize and move the icon around before 'iconifying' it, as requested by someone here. I'm not sure how user friendly, intuitive, or buggy it is at the moment. Just need to polish it a little more, but it allows you to make icons more like this, should you wish:


    Note that the left one was enlarged and moved within the app, using the same icon as the right one (Some resolution was lost in the enlarging, which I just need to resolve first ;) ).