Time to take picture (camera launch speed)

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RealLifeReview Dude
Nov 2, 2015
There! Something just happened! Did you take a picture of it? Rate this thread to express how fast the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE can go from "zero to picture". A higher rating indicates that launching the camera app and taking a photo is extremely fast such that you never miss an important moment, like when your cat attacks the couch again.

Then, drop a comment if you have anything to add!


Senior Member
Jan 16, 2010
it actually bothers me.. from clicking the capture to having the photo saved it takes a good 1 second.
This in turn translates in blurry , shaken, lost moments.
Try this: click the capture then drag your phone. The photo will be from while you drag your phone. I tried a lot of apps, all are consistent to this problem.


Apr 4, 2013
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
The app opens almost instantly. the main shooter is very fast and saves pics fast. the Tele lens is making you wait like 3 seconds! and the portrait is taking forever to take one photo you have to wait like 4 - 5 seconds to take another one.
The video is also **** cause of the dropped frames and its not even 60FPS!
Hope an update will fix all above